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Excerpt From Double Gamed: A Filthy Dirty MFM Romantic Comedy

I know I should never have agreed to their little deal in the first place. That’s a given.

But the part where they said, hey, we’ll be over tonight…and I didn’t immediately say ‘no’…well, that was just bad on me.

Except I am learning that being bad feels so, so good…

And can you blame me?

I have no shame.

I answer the door in nothing but a lacy red thong and heels. There’s nothing but fucking on my mind right now.

As soon as I answer and I see their perfect physiques in front of me, and I see the tents in their pants that I know are for me, I’m like ‘fuck it’ to every last thought or reason for sanity that I thought might be worth it.

“Boys?” I say silkily as they push inside.

They just walk in.

Steve picks me, like immediately pulls me against him and Garrett gets behind me, rubbing his fingers over the fabric of my thong.

I shiver at the touch.

“What kind of slut just opens her door in this?” Garrett laughs.

Steve grazes his teeth over my neck and squeezes my tit. “The kind that wants to get fucked. Hard.”

“Guilty as charged, boys,” I say with a little giggle.

“Having you once wasn’t enough,” Steve says.

“We behaved tonight, you now, Lola,” Garrett adds.

I giggle again. “Oh, did you?” I say, wiggling my ass.

Steve pulls my thong to the side, then runs his finger over the seam of my ass. “Yes, we did.”

“If we’re going to be good, then you’re going to be bad,” Garrett growls.”Now get on your knees.”

Garrett closes my front door and then comes back to pull his cock out. “Suck it,” he commands.

Obeying, I get down on my knees.


I feel a firm swat on my ass and I realize that Steve spanked me.

I moan, and once my mouth is open, Steve shoves his cock into my mouth, enough to cover my tongue with the taste of him.

My mouth closes around his cock, and I feel a warm, wet tongue start to trace my pussy lips.

Shivering, I try to focus on sucking cock. But that’s when Garrett starts sucking my clit.

It’s pretty hard to focus on anything else, but Steve has just the right idea of how to help me out.

He grabs my hair and uses it as a handle to fuck my face, hard, like they fucked my holes last night.

It feels so fucking deliciously naughty, having them both in my holes like this. I moan, a humming sensation around Steve’s cock.

Garrett thrusts his thumb into my pussy hooking it so that he strokes my G-spot so perfectly. I turn into a whimpering little whore, begging by wiggling my ass, clenching my pussy, and slurping cock.

I can honestly say that never in my life have I slurped a cock. Not until Garrett and Steve.

Steve growls, “I’m about to come, fuck,” he says, pulling his dick out of my mouth. “Fuck, you’re like a cock sucking demon,” he says, rubbing his thumb along my jawline.

Garrett pulls his thumb from my pussy and his mouth is now hovering over my clit.

I don’t feel any shame, but for some reason, I get this pang of…jealousy?

“I’m sure you two have fucked the most gorgeous women who have done plenty of heinous stuff with you. This probably seems very tame,” I say with a sigh.

Wait, why the fuck do I care?

I wish I hadn’t said it.

But Garrett pulls me up into his arms, and Steve gets behind me. They encircle me.

“Baby,” Steve says.

“Seriously, Lola,” Garett says.

They both start licking me and it feels so good that my feelings of worry and jealousy start to subside. Fuck, I love when they share me.

“The truth is,” Steve starts while he nibbles on my neck and licks me in these languid strokes that make me shiver.

I’m trapped between so it just presses me against them more.

“Yeah,” Garrett finishes,”we’ve been with a lot of women. But none of them are sexy or as dirty as you, and that’s the fucking truth,” he says.

Steve laughs. “That’s 100 percent the truth,” he agrees.

“Really?” I start to wonder.

And then both of them shove their cocks into me at ounce.

There’s no fucking way I could form a sentence. Form a thought. Not when 24 inches of manmeat airtight locks both my holes up like that.

I cry out in an absolute frenzy of lust.

I’m trapped between them, pressed between their bodies as they slam into me. The sensation of being so full is more than I handle, almost, it has my pleasure bubbling to the surface with taking over my mind.

They both start to pipe their hot cum inside of me. If they told me they were coming, I didn’t hear it because I was too pussy having an out of body experience, like, in my body. With them in me. Fuck, it feels so good my eyes roll back in their orbits and that’s when I feel it.

I’m going to come. And I mean I am going to gush so much cum like never before. A heat pools inside of me that is ready to burst and I just need to give into the pressure.

That’s when Garrett and Steve, still shooting me full of their cum, start to pump even harder. Thrust faster.

My clit is getting stimulated. My pussy is stuffed, my ass is stuffed, and that loud moaning sound like a whore’s making a year’s salary in one bang? Fuck, that sound is me. I let go and give in to every sensation and cry out, “I’m coming,” and they both, still coming, pull out.

It happens so fast.

They pull out.

They lay me on the sofa (how did they get me to the living room so fast?) and they spray their cum all over me…while I gush so much cum. Seriously, there’s a fountain of lust all over my tits and pussy.

And then they start scooping it up and making me suck their fingers.

There’s something incredible about giving into my lust like this. Being an object of sex for them.

“You’re a class act, Lola,” Garrett says, bringing his cock to my mouth.

“You are,” Steve says, bringing his cock to my mouth too. “But also a perfect filthy little whore,” he says.

I open wide and suck both their cocks, licking them clean.

When I’ve done a good job with my tongue, I laugh, still heavy into the afterglow. “Now, this,” I say and point at them, “this is a much better way to clean up your messes.”

They laugh and I grab them some beers.

We end up talking some that night and then I call their driver for them. They were pretty drunk when the driver dropped them off.

So, yeah, maybe I lost my sanity.

But deliciously enough? I think I lost my innocence, too.



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