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Don’t You Want To Know The Other Side?

Hey babes!

So Liz and I have been celebrating our new release because it was sooo much fun to write, and I can’t wait to put out another one with her soon. Like I’m drunk now haha so I am going to go ahead and tell you that we’re working on what I’d call a spanking good trilogy and haha you know what I mean???

Hope you’re having a happy Friday!

We are.

I really wanted to put something fun into Angel Access today, so even though The Other Side collection is normally $4.99, now you can get it for free in Angel Access.

And speaking of secrets, did you know that The Other Side has a sneak preview of a new series coming soon?

It’s not just any series… it’s maybe one of the dirtiest, most forbidden things I’ve ever written. Paige and I are working with the editor to get it ready.

So many great things are coming Angels <333

Have a great weekend!