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Do you like it rough?

Okay haha Angels. I know, super dirty title.

I also know that, eep, you still wanna check out Gage’s blog post earlier if you’re looking to see a hint at a new series coming AND you want to see the new series released today…

But Liz and I just got the cover for an amazing book we worked on together and I have to share it with you.

Is it too dirty? Well, maybe. The thing is that the book is kinda… stalkery and I mean that in the best way possible.

So recently FB had me update my relationship status. I went with… it’s complicated because well that’s the truth.

See, there’s this amazing bookstore in SF where the Angel pad is right haha and I noticed on more than one occasion this very cute guy was kinda watching me.

When I told Liz about it, then it inspired me to go ahead and write a dirty, romantic, wild sorta store. Liz and I both love writing darker stories but I think everyone can agree calling a man daddy and letting him put it your forbidden no no zone is fun to read about? Whether or not you’d do it?

Or maybe you’re like me. You’ve just sent a text to Mr. Bookstore Stalker.

Let me backtrack, I’m giddy with excitement lol

I saw him looking at me the other day again and I walked up to him and said, “Would you ever take your mom on a date?”

He’s like… “Uhm what?”

I replied, “What would your mother have to say about how you’ve been watching me?”

Then his lips curved into a positively filthy, sexy grin. “Oh I’d never talk to my mother about what I think we should do.”

I smiled and said, “Here’s my number.”

And to celebrate our new release, Liv says I should text Mr. Bookstore Stalker.

Should I?

Should we do the sorts of things that the stalkery flirtation inspired in this book? LOL let me know Angels and check out our new book <3

And don’t forget to read Gage’s post today too :)) New series! New book in Angel Access!

Happy Humpday 😉

7 thoughts on “Do you like it rough?

  1. Hell yes

    1. By all means Lana.

    2. Go for it Lana x

  2. By all means Lana

  3. You never know until you try, right?
    This stalkerish stuff used to be called admiration… Or maybe just Lust… But still, why not give it a try? (unless you get bad vibes, of course!)

  4. You better already have a date scheduled!

    1. I say go get it girl!!!

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