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Dirty Dilemma

Hey there Angels,

Thank you so much for your comments and emails about the issue with Jock. So this is a rough situation to be honest because the biggest thing in my brain is that he’s so young and virile. And sexy as all hell.

The other day Joyce and I were on the balcony and we were watching Community and Jock work out and I was watching him do crunches and by the time I was done, my panties were wet haha. We were having margaritas and even Joyce was like “Okay that man wants to go swimming with you? Have you said yes to him yet?”

Now here’s the other thing about Joyce and her husband. Those two have like the kinkiest sex ever. I don’t know if you have a place like this in your town or city but Joyce and her husband go to the Power Exchange. A lot.

What is the Power Exchange?

It’s like a sex club where you can go. Girls can go on their own or guys can go but they also have couples night where you can go. You can watch other people have sex or join in the fun. I’ve never had the nerve to go on my own and sure Alexis has mentioned it a few times but then again sometimes we sort of create the Power Exchange in her living room haha.

Anyways, Joyce is pretty free and now that we had the talk about Jock and her sons I’m a lot more free around her. So I tell her I’m just not sure. And part of the reason is what Wendy was talking about too. Because if I go out with Jock and then he goes and tells Community then something might happen where they feel left out.

But then again, I mean, I’m not a community well. People don’t have a right to drink from me. So maybe I should do it.

But Joyce says “If you don’t hurry up and jump on that man, then I may start asking Brent if we can!”

Brent is her husband.

Okay so wait one second. Did Joyce just say to me that she would be okay fucking her son’s friend with her husband?

Isn’t that like a hundred times more drama than the hot neighbor (if I do say so myself haha) fucking her sons friend? I mean is Jock going to wet his whistle in one of us? Because if Joyce is going to do it then hell yes I’ll do it. I’ll suck Jock’s dick as Community puts his inside of me and his brother puts it in my ass if Joyce doesn’t care.

I’ve been holding back all this time out of a desire to be a good friend and not think with my pussy like Alexis does (joking! Or am I? haha)

So you see the issue that I’m facing?

What are your thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Dirty Dilemma

  1. If it doesn’t hurt anyone else, why not? He asked, you can say yes. And if Community and his brother want to join, or complain, we’ll ok.

  2. Just go for it already….so we can all live through you! Haha

  3. Things that make you go huuummm. If Joyce wants to hop on Jock with Pop then you have the green light to get your fill!!!
    Maybe, they’ll ask YOU to join them?? 🤔

  4. Just remember, this guy is young, and has a heart as well as a dick. If he thought to ask you to go swimming, he might not realize you’re only in it for the fun.
    Be extremely up front about that (no pun intended… Well, maybe… (

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