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Dirty Daphne

Hey Angels,

So ahem. Yesterday we may have veered off track a bit as I was talking more about the fantasy that I had and wanted to live out rather than the situation that was transpiring in front of us during that night in the club at the VIP section. 

Anyways what I had wanted to do was give everyone an indication of why I was so gung ho about Lana and I finding and settling on the right dude. Because you know if she’s not into the guy and we’re making out then that wrong guy cumming all over us is going to be weird and not cool you know? 

So it had to be a guy that she was into. Otherwise this whole thing is a bust you know?

The problem is that Lana is with this guy and I’m looking at him and I don’t really see him being strong enough to handle two of us you know? Like sometimes you get a vibe from a dude that he can’t handle you if you get crazy. Anyways I think he would blow his load in his pants if he saw Lana and I make out. And especially if he saw me in my silver thong that I’m wearing he’d go ballistic. I mean not too many dudes can take me in my silver thong, that’s just from experience. 

Anyways so thankfully Lana’s dude and my dude end up going outside to go get their friend because they needed to wave him in or something. He was having some problem with the bouncer. And so I’m like ok this is the best time because when they come back there will be three of them and we can both talk to the same guy and the other two will be able to talk to each other so one person won’t be left in the cold. 

But before I can move over to Lana I see her eyes go big. And I follow her eyes and land on…Daphne. 

Okay so you all know that Daphne is pretty kinky right? Well you don’t know how much. I look over and I see her making out with the guy on her left as the guy on her right is rubbing above her thigh. Like oh my god this is in public. I know we’re in a private booth but still its not entirely hidden from view. 

So the guy on her right is pawing her boobs and the guy on her left is nibbling her ear. 

“That was fast, Alexis,” Lana says to me with a wink. “You think she even got their names?”

I shake my head. 

I mean in my brain I’m focused on one thing. Getting Lana out of her clothes so some dude can cum on us as we make each other cum. But I forgot that Daphne is her own person and she’s as horny as us pretty much. 

Daphne flashes us an evil grin and I see her get up and walk away. The other two guys must have been told something because they immediately follow. 

Tomorrow she’s going to be the one posting. 

Speak soon!


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  1. Can’t wait to hear more go Daphne!!

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