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Hey Angels!

I know its like a day after the weekend ended but whew I think we needed like a breather to get everything back in order before being able to write about it.

So Lana and I went out with Daphne on Friday night and our job was simple. Lana and I were going to find and guy and fuck him together and take turns using him to please ourselves. You know how you sometimes have a back scratcher to get hard to reach spots that you can’t scratch on your back yourself? We were going to use a guy to do that for sex.

So we get all slutted up like normal and I open a bottle of tequila and we do a couple shots and let me just say that when she wants to be nowadays Lana is totally able to be a party girl with the best of them. Like she was doing a shot like a champ. The only place she drew the line was where she was like no babe you’re not gonna Juul which I haven’t vaped in like such a long time so don’t worry I’m being good (except I’m being naughty in other ways haha).

Anyways so we get to this club and it’s pretty packed and so we go to the bar and I’m like counting the minutes and it takes like maybe 90 seconds till these four dudes invite us to their VIP table where they had a bottle of Grey Goose and another bottle of Crown Royal that they were drinking. So we go sit down and we’re talking and they’re talking and I try to give Lana the signal that we should both focus our efforts on this one blonde dude and Lana I think is trying to tell me that we should focus on his friend because before I know it we’ve both angled off and are talking to a guy individually.

So like I really don’t need any one on one time with a dude right now thank you very much. I’ve been through too much and I’m a battle scarred veteran in the game of love and I’m like no way. But also I don’t wanna break this guys heart. I honestly don’t care if we go home with the guy I’m talking to or the guy Lana is talking to as long as we go home with a guy but this guy will be heartbroken if he sees me stop talking to him and his friend walk away with two hot chicks on his arm you know? So I figure out what I’m gonna do and I decide the first thing to do is leave it on a cliffhanger when I write it on the blog haha which I just did.

Find out more tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “Dilemma

  1. I really love your blog, but your cliffhangers drive me crazy. I can’t wait til the next day to find out the end, only to have you sometimes cliffhanger again. But I will continue checking in every day..

  2. Lol. You’re so bad! Cliffhanger indeed. I avoid cliffies in books!

    Your driving us crazy with those cliffhanger ‘s! Hope you both had a great time!

  4. Haha leave it on a cliffhanger indeed!!!!
    Anyway….decisions decisions which one did u choose a, b or option c just do both all 4 of u together seems ok too 😘😘

  5. LOL…. you are bordering on being cruel with these cliffhangers. Oh well, you definitely keep our engines revved for more.

    Glad to hear you aren’t vaping, that stuff scares me worse than when I smoked eons ago.

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