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Day 1 Of Lana Moving In

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And Lana just released a series.
I mean yes, I am totally happy for her. But she is always like ‘Alexis you need to write’ and I’m like ya ya I’ll get to it because I do my best writing when I’m not thinking of writing but it just comes to me you know?
Anyways, so Lana moves in yesterday and then the next day she’s like okay I got this back from the editor and I’m ready to release it now and I’m like oh fuck, because I thought I was gonna get my release out before her. But she beat me.

I mean its not a big deal. But there’s some professional rivalry there. But it’s friendly. Like being a sister. Lana is basically the sister I never had. She’s also my size (slightly bigger) so we can share clothes too.

Oh…and tomorrow night …or I guess in a few hours I’m gonna take her out drinking to celebrate a good move. We’re gonna meet some of my friends and I’m gonna get Lana to let her hair down a bit. All that cooking and cleaning she used to do with Mr. Loser needs to be let go for some dancing and grinding on random dudes lol.

Anyways, so Lana released a series and I’m like wait I was gonna release before you and she’s like well you should write more because we have angels that want stories and I’m like I write pretty fast but she’s like no you get distracted by Buzzfeed.

Also…a lot of you wanna know what happened to the dog. Yeah, that’s a story. I’ll tell it later. Because it’s a post by itself.

I think it’s time for a press conference this week. I may have to schedule it for Wednesday morning because a lot of questions are piling up that I’m getting emails for.

If you have questions, plz feel free to email me at and I’ll address them on my next press conference babes.

Oh. I fucked IT Guy after Lana moved in but she doesn’t know. Well I guess she does now. I’ll drop the deets about it later yo.

Love you angels I’ll post again tomorrow I’m just going to bed now. Check out the new freebie and check out Lana’s series on the main store page babes! You will love it. Its super fucking dirty. I know because I read through it when she was being responsible and making dinner and I was supposed to write and instead I was snooping. Maybe she has a point after all. Whatever. She’s my best friend. I can snoop.


5 thoughts on “Day 1 Of Lana Moving In

  1. I can’t wait to hear about the dog and IT guy.

  2. Oh oh! What happened to doggy Winebar?

  3. I can tell that you two are gonna keep our jets firing. I love the blog, and look forward to it every day. I got all five books in Lana’s new series and I’m looking forward to your next release. Poor little pooch, can’t wait to hear the story behind him leaving you.

    Love and hugs,

  4. OMG… Where’s this Press Conference gonna be?!
    Sure don’t wanna miss out on that!! Pass along the DEETS… Toot Sweet!
    Questions, QUESTIONS… Where to Start?!
    Definitely, Doggie WineBar tears at my heart!
    What Happened with The Professor after the “Schnoz Incident”… Sooo very funny, & I hope that Tale makes it into a story, but I gotta say… I need a resolution to cap it off & put it away!!
    So, how was IT Guy, & is he going to be an ongoing thing, or as they say… Was it just a Fling!
    I thought it was interesting all 3 of your Interested Men showed up to unload on moving day… I was thinking, hoping, voting for a bit of N@$T¥ Menage to kick of your N@UGHT¥ F/U WineBar Salute!! Alas… a TASTE of IT Guy is still a Start
    ! LOL
    I have dozens MORE, but I’ll limit myself! Affterall, nobody likes a Runaway Train!
    Happy Late B-Day & Good Luck on the MOVE!

  5. Yeah what happen the poor dog??? Glad you were there for Lana…good friends are GREAT.

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