Ok so things have been a little wild and we’re sorry about that. Interviews are coming soon.

So I think Lana told you that the big DC trip is coming soon? All week we’re getting ready for that of course. But there was one more thing.

So Lana’s mom turned 52 last year. She’s coming up on 53.

She’s been married… twice. Those were some rough divorces.

Honestly it’s all so sad. I know that Lana was really disheartened too and like with her own divorce? It was scary.

I mean we’re big girls who love their moms. We don’t even mind how we turn into them (like how we’re doing a 30 minute meals contest on the blog soon lol like that’s definitely something our moms would approve of). But getting divorced was sooper hard for Lana to deal with but she got through it.

Of course her mom was like hey I’ve done this twice.

So Lana’s mom called her two days ago and she was like, I am so lonely.

So fucking lonely were her exact words.

She never asks for anything but she asked me and Lana to fly out and keep her company because she was having a rough time.

Well so much as she was upset on the phone and I said we should come see you, she said yes, and Lana’s on Kayak booking a flight ASAP.

Mom’s totally come first. Shout out to lovely Margaret, so sorry to hear your Mom’s birthday is coming up and she’s not with you. I can’t even imagine.

So Lana’s mom needed some serious cheering up. While she wanted to eat icing and talk when we got there I told her, ok no icing we’re going to a bar.

Lol seriously though!

So before I forget haha because it is a wild story, Kim Vs. Stepbrother has been added to Angel Access!

K so we get there and we all fix our hair and makeup and put on new outfits.

Lana’s like, omg my mom would never listen to me but she listens to you, what twilight zone shit is this?

Haha I’m Alexis Angel, I’m magic right?

So Lana’s mom, her name is Pam, is like ok so I asked a guy out at work. I thought no biggie this will be great. We’ve both flirted.

And he proceeds to tell me how he’s actually in love with this girl that he saw sleeping outside of the bank where they work.

So what the hell is going on right?

Pam is like what the fucking hell is going on. He proceeds to talk about how she’s a junkie but really wants to take care of her kids. Lana’s mom is so pissed, she’s like seriously, the last man on earth is gonna pick his hand over me!!! WTFFFFF!!!

So yeah we did lots of drinking and she’s showing us how she tried Match. Tinder. Lana couldn’t convince her to try Bumble. I was like meet men in bars, we’ll help you out.

But like I realize Lana’s mom has a totally great point.

She can’t date anyone else at work. She doesn’t have a bunch of hot guys beating down her door.

So how do you meet guys and date after 50? Like Pam said she’s not looking to just hook up so that’s why the apps fucking blow. Lol that’s how she said it too bc she’s hilarious like that.

But really Angels can we help her out? I hate to see Lana’s mom so discouraged, and I know that going to bars every night isn’t her idea of fun. Like she went with us and we had fun but bars aren’t where everyone meets their soulmate.

Can you offer some advice?

Thanks Angels!