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Daphne Vs. Daddy New in Angel Access…and date updates soon

OK Angels, sorry for the late post.

Full-length novel Daphne Vs. Daddy is now added into Angel Access. Something cool about this one? Alexis and I were on the phone for like three hours debating what was the hottest thing for one special scene…I’ll let you guess which one lol.

So the reason you’re hearing from us a little late is because Alexis, Natalie, and I have been on the phone with my mom all night. Major dating drama. More details soon and interviews are coming, but hey mommas always get their calls answered and this was a long one. So the Aiden, IT Guy, and Momma Angel date updates and interviews are coming very soon.

Happy Saturday Angels!

2 thoughts on “Daphne Vs. Daddy New in Angel Access…and date updates soon

  1. It is okay that mama comes first. My mom died August 10, 1998 in front of me in my dad’s arms. I wish she was still here to this day.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss <3

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