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Coupons for the Angels!

Hey Angels,

It’s Vivien Vale – sorry I’ve been all quiet but lol is it bad to admit that other than writing, I haven’t really been up to much?! Well, it’s the truth!!!

So I added Hard & Fast into Angel Access today – so it is free if you’re a subscriber – but if you’re not, for a limited time, you can use coupon code dollaroffhardfast to get a dollar off the price, so that you’re getting a deal, too.

Hope you’re having a Happy Friday! You know Happy Hour starts at Naughty Angel Publishing pretttttty soon, hard and fast, so I’m off to do something interesting so that I can tell you about it. lol. What are your weekend plans?

xo Viv

1 thought on “Coupons for the Angels!

  1. Thanks for the book Viv, I love Angel Access and y’all do for us with that program, it means a lot.

    Well, keep up the fantastic writing but remember to give yourself plenty of breaks so we don’t burn you out.

    Have a great weekend.

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