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Fourth of July, Part Two.

Ok so so so sorry for taking so long for the second half of the 4th of July story.

So after IT Guy and I wrapped up our stuff we were doing for the workday elements of the day we were like ok rooftop party!

And it was gorgeous ok the view from where we were at the Wharf in DC was like totally phenomenal.

Also I got very drunk that night and we like swam in that pool – clothed cuz like lol other people were there – and there’s something so fun about the water at night when the lights come on!!!

LOL so it did rain that night but it was kinda brief.

And Lana would have been proud of me, I only ate the veggies and not the more junkier bad stuff that they served.

After that party, IT Guy took me to this incredible restaurant, so gorgeous, at the Watergate Hotel called Occidental and we had a pretty good dinner but like more than anything it was one of those dinners you kinda never want to end?

Except for how we went back to our hotel and danced to the live music outside from our balcony.

When we got into bed that night, it was like nothing else.

I mean, we’ve been dirty.

Oh so dirty babes u know it.

But there was something like magical about it. I felt so connected to him. It was like that moment and each after it felt like cemented in my brain.

Our fourth was pretty magical and like the next day I told Lana that I was sorry she couldn’t make it but that I’d received an interesting text from a certain guy.

And the part that really creeps me out almost ok was she was like… winebar texted you?

I was like, no way, let me read this to you.

And that’s when my heart stopped.

“Please talk to me. Our place, Wednesday, 7pm?”

It was Winebar.

He did text me.

Like how the fuck did Lana magic that into happening?

AND WHY NOW! WHY? What does he want to say to me?

I gulped and shook my head and told her how Aiden said “I wanna try Lana on for more than fun, this isn’t a game, help me out Ms. Angel?”

Lana is back in town. Sooper late. She’s too tired for drinks and I can understand that.

We need to catch up but I realized in the back of my head there’s like a reason I haven’t touched a cocktail in a bit and I was like wait what.

So I thought that I was was going to get my period (I know lol sexy fun stuff) during the 4th and I didn’t. In fact it has been like 10 days now since I missed my period.
Angels… like that’s a long time, right?

Lana and I are going to curl up on the couch with some herbal tea.

I don’t even know what we talk about first…

19 thoughts on “Fourth of July, Part Two.

  1. I don’t know what to say…but I’ll try…
    Firstly….Winebar? After all this time??? WTF?
    Don’t keep it a secret from IT guy that he’s texted you.
    I don’t know how old you are, but how would you feel if you were pregnant? Do you want children? You need to do a test…and again, don’t keep it from IT guy.
    Sending you love and (((hugs))) and fingers crossed things work out the way you want them to. Xx

  2. You didn’t ask but here are my thoughts anyway.

    Just take deep breaths and focus on what you want. Let the bull**** float away.

    If you are really into IT guy tell him Winebar texted and text Winebar “ NO”. And don’t do it because you’re late but because of your feelings.

    If you truly still have “deep” feelings for Winebar and not just curiosity then tell IT guy and meet Winebar knowing you will lose IT guy.

    But you have to be true to what you feel in your heart.

    Positive thoughts sent your way.

  3. If you’re happy with IT Guy then why mess that up by going and talking to Winebar. It seems like he comes back around every few months just to mess with your head and your heart. If you go to him every time IT guy is going to assume Winebar will always have that hold on you.
    As for the other issue, could be the stress of your medical issues messing with your body. Only way to tell is a test. But just be happy Alexis, it seems like you’ve been pretty happy these past few months, don’t let that change!

  4. Alexis, Girl if you are happy with IT guy just block winebar, he has messed with you for too long and plays with your head. Stop and ask yourself why it’s every few months he pops back in? My guess is he’s in between other “friends” . He’s a serial dater.
    10 days huh.
    Take care of you! We love you.

    1. Stay away! WB is a spoiled child in an adult body who wants what he can’t have, once you respond he knows he’s in control yet again and if you actually consider seeing him he will revert back into his old self and ways. Know that you will permanently damage what u have w IT guy. Relax about your period you were sick for a while and maybe it messed with your cycle. Get a store text if you want , but know that you have to be like 6 weeks along for that to work – a blood test at the dr is way more reliable and can tell earlier. Good luck and from all that you’ve written about IT guy he really seems to be one of the good ones and always makes YOU the priority- that’s a special kind of guy you’ve got. 🤗

  5. Alexis,

    Tough love time, babe. There is absolutely no reason why any communication from Winebar should reach you. The day you told him about IT Guy and said it was over should have been the day you blocked and deleted him. The only reason NOT to have done so is because you enjoy the drama. You have a damn good, HEALTHY, adult relationship with IT Guy so be an adult and honor that. You know you love him so don’t self-storage. Put on your big girl thong, take a test, and apologize to your man for allowing yourself to STILL be tethered to drama. You deserve so much more than whatever bullshit Winebar has to offer.

    1. Self-sabotage not self-storage. Damn autocorrect.

      1. Tell IT guy everything. Take the test and if it comes out you are you will both need to decide what to do going forward. As for Wine bar ignore his ass. He did that and more to you. Don’t forgot what an asshat he was. Good luck babe.

  6. Honestly Alexis, I agree with everyone. If your truly happy with IT Guy, BLOCK Winebar! He pops in every few months and messes with your head. Tell IT Guy he texted you, be honest with him, but dont mess up the good thing you have with IT Guy, for someone who only plays games with you.
    10 days? It could be from stress, but the only way to really know for sure is to take a test. If it turns out you are, please know your not alone! I was in (kind of) the same position not too long ago.

    1. I agree with everyone. If your happy with It guy block wine bar. He’s been messing with your head and dragging you along for his pleasure. If you truly need to see what wine bar wants tell It guy. Be honest. Heck invite him along and tell wine bar you only talk to him with It guy there and see what he has to say to that!

  7. Alexis,
    Please, please let IT guy know Winebar texted you. I can tell you and IT guy totally have a magical connection. Don’t let that go. IT guy loves you. You love him. I am in the middle of a separation and eventual divorce after 19 years. Looking back he was a “Winebar”. When he found someone else, who happened to be my best friend, he became this awful nasty jerk. I don’t want that for you sweetie. I am almost 59 years old and finally working on me.
    I dream about an IT guy in my life.

  8. Winebar had is chance with you… several times in fact. It’s time to block his number. There is no reason you still should have it, unless you still have feelings for him. Don’t lead IT Guy on if you still want a relationship with Winebar. And tell IT Guy everything… the text from Winebar, your period being late, all of it. Since you’ve been with IT Guy, you’ve been happy and he’s been there for you through everything. Can you say the same for Winebar?

  9. Umm… antibiotics interfere with birth control.

  10. You will be nervous until you find out why you are late with your period. Find out. It could be stress, but take a test to be sure. You will feel better. WTF is Winebar texting you? Tell IT guy. He may get suspisicous if you keep Winebar texts from him.

  11. Ok, so I agree with Gina and everyone else about Winebar, he is a serial dater and probably between hook ups and so not worth your time. If he really wanted you back when you told him about IT Guy he would have tried to do everything he could to show you how he felt but he didn’t. IT Guy on the other hand has done everything to show you how much he does love you. You said DC was magical, you don’t throw that away, because if you see Winebar you will be. Tell IT Guy he texted, take the test and tell IT Guy as well. Bph is right about antibiotics they mess with birth control, but I’ve been two weeks late and still wasn’t pregnant even though we were trying. Stress is also a factor for being late. You have been so happy with IT Guy, remember how he makes you feel and he puts you first. I remember when someone was sick he was right there with Lana for you. You don’t need us to tell you on this one, your heart knows, don’t let stress get in the way.

  12. You should be totally honest with IT about the text from Wine bar and the fact you are late. However, I would be willing to bet he already knows you are late. He pays close attention to you. He cares for you deeply. Follow your heart ad don’t be fooled by false promises. I think W/o beat just wants to see if he can pull you back in again. Is a brief encounter worth losing IT ? Only you know the answer. Hugs.

  13. I agree with most of the comments – talk to ITGuy, tell him everything. Winebar is trouble and looking for a booty call. Ignore him, he isn’t worthy of your time or worry. And quite frankly – the way he has treated you, he doesn’t even deserve a reply. Good luck. And know we love you no matter what

  14. I thought you were going to block Winebar’s number before. You might want to, but in the meantime, let IT Guy know that Winebar contacted you. Tell Winebar to get lost before he messes up your future with IT Guy. Best wishes with your test, but most likely it is Congratulations.

  15. Before talking to IT Guy, ask yourself why you did not block wb months ago. Is his kind of treatment what you think you deserve? IT Guy deserves that much honesty.

    In your heart and in your mind, you know wb offers you nothing except misery. Even if there was no IT Guy in your life, wb offers you nothing. If you were writing this as a novel, would you create a female character who accepted that kind of treatment? The TSTL heroine who won’t reach for the good things in front of her because she’s still holding on to the bad stuff from her past?

    wb is mud on new suede shoes. He is athlete’s foot fungus. He is coffee spilled on a white silk shirt. He is a mistake you made. Adults admit their mistakes and learn not to repeat them.

    Think. Talk to IT Guy. Go pee on the stick. Focus on the future, not the past.

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