Ok so so so sorry for taking so long for the second half of the 4th of July story.

So after IT Guy and I wrapped up our stuff we were doing for the workday elements of the day we were like ok rooftop party!

And it was gorgeous ok the view from where we were at the Wharf in DC was like totally phenomenal.

Also I got very drunk that night and we like swam in that pool – clothed cuz like lol other people were there – and there’s something so fun about the water at night when the lights come on!!!

LOL so it did rain that night but it was kinda brief.

And Lana would have been proud of me, I only ate the veggies and not the more junkier bad stuff that they served.

After that party, IT Guy took me to this incredible restaurant, so gorgeous, at the Watergate Hotel called Occidental and we had a pretty good dinner but like more than anything it was one of those dinners you kinda never want to end?

Except for how we went back to our hotel and danced to the live music outside from our balcony.

When we got into bed that night, it was like nothing else.

I mean, we’ve been dirty.

Oh so dirty babes u know it.

But there was something like magical about it. I felt so connected to him. It was like that moment and each after it felt like cemented in my brain.

Our fourth was pretty magical and like the next day I told Lana that I was sorry she couldn’t make it but that I’d received an interesting text from a certain guy.

And the part that really creeps me out almost ok was she was like… winebar texted you?

I was like, no way, let me read this to you.

And that’s when my heart stopped.

“Please talk to me. Our place, Wednesday, 7pm?”

It was Winebar.

He did text me.

Like how the fuck did Lana magic that into happening?

AND WHY NOW! WHY? What does he want to say to me?

I gulped and shook my head and told her how Aiden said “I wanna try Lana on for more than fun, this isn’t a game, help me out Ms. Angel?”

Lana is back in town. Sooper late. She’s too tired for drinks and I can understand that.

We need to catch up but I realized in the back of my head there’s like a reason I haven’t touched a cocktail in a bit and I was like wait what.

So I thought that I was was going to get my period (I know lol sexy fun stuff) during the 4th and I didn’t. In fact it has been like 10 days now since I missed my period.
Angels… like that’s a long time, right?

Lana and I are going to curl up on the couch with some herbal tea.

I don’t even know what we talk about first…