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C’mon, Ask Lana Anything!

Hey Angels,

It’s Alexis. AKA Tour Guide Barbie.

LOL sorry I was visiting family and my little niece wanted to watch Toy Story movies over and over again so that part’s like stuck in my head.

Hopefully you know what I’m talking about or I just sound crazy???

Well, yesterday’s interview was full of heat!

Today I bring you as requested an author interview and an IT Guy Update k! So he’s on a work trip this week. We’ve been going out even if just for coffee during the week, then drinks and dinner on the weekends.

Yesterday we went to this big strawberry festival. It was a few hours out of the way and he suggested we take the train. Let life slow down, he said.


So first off it was beautiful. There’s so many farms in the valley and we got to look at them all as we headed to the strawberry festival and it was magical. My fingers are still pink from eating so many and last night we said good night, he flew out early in the morning…

He’ll be back in a few weeks but yeah Angels I haven’t even thought of another man in a long ass time tbh and I’m happy. Lana and I are about to go grab a late lunch after I finish up this interview and I have to say I’m happier than ever.

Also lol I’m getting Aiden a copy of Lana and Liz’s new release today because its diiiiirty hot.

So without further ado, takes interviewee is…


Lana Angel.

Lana, c’mere.


Alexis Angel: So, Lana, it seems like only a little while since you and I started writing together, huh?

Lana Angel: Totally, and now we’re like pen name married. Haha!

Alexis: Yeah. We get some emails about that…

Lana: Yes we do.

Alexis: So you’ve been writing for a long time, right?

Lana: Yeah, I really have. I mean before this big change in my life, I basically read and wrote all the time. I didn’t do too much else really!

Alexis: Now I have moved you to California and our lives are so different huh?

Lana: You can definitely say that! I’m so happy to be dating, writing, traveling – my whole world changed. But you know what the best part is?

Alexis: Hmm, out of all of those?

Lana: No, its more than that. I’ll tell you. It’s having my best friend in the whole world to support me.

Alexis: Oh my god Lana I love you so much!

Lana:  Alexis, I’d be lost without you. I love you babe!

Alexis: Well, how would you say this has all affected your writing?

Lana: Well, there’s a lot. Like I used to mostly write dark or BDSM stuff.

Alexis: Like today’s book, Rough Edit?

Lana: Yep! But since then I’ve learned that I like romantic comedy.

Alexis: You are totally a natural. I know you like it dark and twisty but you’re so funny.

Lana: Thank you! I never thought I could write funny but you and I gave it a try. We also wrote some incredible stuff in reverse harem.

Alexis: Yes, you taught me that even two dudes isn’t always enough.

Lana: Hahahhahaaaaa! Right?

Alexis: But you had more to say, sorry.

Lana: No worries. I was going to say that my writing has become so much better (I think) at doing what I always wanted to do. Show that two (or more) people absolutely belong together.

Alexis: You remember what they said on Sex and the City about being soulmates?

Lana: Yes, the girls thought that maybe they were each others’.

Alexis: that! I think that you and I belong together babe and men come and go, maybe some will stay… but our friendship has been what got me through so much. And it is how we have the store. How we met so many authors – Callie got her writing career started here! She’s only published with us.

Lana: Yes, I love the Naughty Angel store so much. The Angels mean the world to me.

Alexis: I love our Angels. Let’s see what questions they have in the comments.

Lana: And also remind everyone that Fiona Vs. Football Player has been added to Angel Access today!

Alexis: So when are you and Aiden going to do a long, hard, co-write???

Lana: Wow so I thought this interview was over.

Alexis: Are you guys going out tonight?

Lana: Uhm… if he asks I’d say yes? I do have a new release to celebrate.

Aiden Forbes: Hey Lana.

Lana: Holy Christ how long have you been in the other room?

Aiden: Long enough to hope that you two were going to start cuddling or something.

Lana: Ha, freakin’ ha. So should we write a book together?

Aiden: My mighty pen is yours.

Lana: Hahahahhaa OK we’re going out tonight.

Alexis: The secret to winning Lana over is silliness and a sense of humor, as you can see Angels. Let’s see your questions.

3 thoughts on “C’mon, Ask Lana Anything!

  1. So if Lana and Aiden are going to write together which will it be? Dark or funny or maybe a little of both?

  2. First, let me say that I absolutely love how both of you have bounced back from horrible relationships to be better writers and I love your friendship. That’s what it’s all about.

    Lana, you are one of my favorite not matter what you write and I will continue to stay up-to-date on all of the releases from all of you. I have been, and probably will be for a while, out of touch due to the illness of my Mom and my youngest sister but I try my best to keep up.

    Wishing all of you happiness and great success.

    1. Thank you so much Ramona for your unending support, you are such an Angel.

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