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Christmas is over!

But the holidays continue lol!

So Lana came home with me for Christmas this year and she’s like “omg I have to write a post about this when we get back, the world deserves to know” and I’m like ok ya whatever babe. But seriously, the four of us are back to work (Nat and Daph too) and we’ve started making some changes.

You can add books to your cart right from the page now instead of having to go to the product page and then adding to cart and then go back to the store. Also we’ve started creating series pages and soon you’ll be able to just whiz through checkout really quickly so it will save you time.

We’ve written a whole bunch more on the Urban Cowgirl and now Daphne is just updating it as we speak. Some very interesting possibilities coming into play here lol.

Series pages are now created and more are happening soon. Its under the Buy Books tab. Speaking of Buy Books, I wanna change the name. To something like the bookstore or Book Shop or something. What do you guys think?

And before you’re like oh okay whatever Alexis is too busy to listen to me, I wanna thank Laura, and Ramona, and Marie and Jenna and Marta who all suggested changes to the site that we incorporated. Like Featured Deals on the same page. Ashley S. I’m talking about you too. You wanted to see all the new releases to date in a section and we have that now on the store page. And we have more comments on DLA that we’re incorporating.

Because this is your store just as much as its ours. This is your home. A place to run wild and be dirty. A place to get as nasty as you want if that’s your thing lol. So your comments are what makes this great.

Oh, and I keep pushing back talking about Gym Dudes because the major piece of the puzzle hasn’t been as easy to do with the holidays. But I am meeting both for drinks again tomorrow so hopefully something happens. I have a tingle in my pussy that tells me I’m on to some magic here. I dunno. I’ll post more in DLA.

Check out the featured deal from Natalie today. The first book she ever wrote. It’s pretty awesome. Bad boy chef. He can eat me all he wants lol.

Alright angels, talk to you soon!

11 thoughts on “Christmas is over!

  1. So….Winebar was supposed to get into town on December 20th….have you heard from him at all? Does he know you know about the skank?


  3. The idea of changing Buy Books to the bookstore is great and I love the idea that checking out is going to be much easier. Good luck with the Gym Brothers 🙂

  4. I would be fine with either Bookstore or Book Shop.


  5. I’m loving the site, but would suggest putting prices below each book as well as putting them all together. Like the Xmas books… I think I’ve got 3 of them, but am not sure if that’s all in the series (or standalones?) & that’s not a tab to hit.
    Love everyone! ?

  6. I have the same question. What happened with the talk with WineBar? Is he even in the picture or he is truly in the past?

  7. What about instead of Book Shop or Book Store is Naughty Pages too long?

    Happy Holidays to all!

  8. I was wondering the same thing as Diane and Mary about Winebar. Did he come into town and did he contact you?

  9. I like the idea of Renaming the store & Checkout too. How about…

    Naughty Li’l Bookshop
    Naughty Angel’s Checkout

  10. can you bring back the blogs listing on the right when you read a blog, so you can go direct to the next one without having to go back to blogs and scrolling. i tend to read blogs in bulk as a catch up.

    also on the freebies page can you have a link to the rest of the series so can buy as a set

    thank you for reading

  11. Call your store the book rack
    Representing books and Racks(tits)

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