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Ok ok so I’ve kept you in suspense for long enough I guess so I should finish the story. 

So Lana looks at Anya like oh my god what the hell and is like just standing there. 

I’m like so excited because Lana is gonna be in a threesome and I’m like jumping up and down. 

Right so don’t get me wrong because I know we got some comments like oh Alexis wasn’t asked hmmm. But it’s okay. I’m enjoying my time of like being a nun and not having sex. I’d rather like impart advice to less slutty friends. I’m like the Elder Stateswoman of the United States of Sluttica or something lol. 

Anyways so I’m like “Go Lana go go go do it”

And Anya is like come join us and she takes Rando and takes her to her room. And Lana is like uhm why me? Don’t you wanna fuck like Natalie or Alexis instead and Anya is like a player because you know what she says?

She’s like, “No, you have that innocent look to you. It’ll be fun to corrupt you” 

I’m like super excited here. 

But first, Lana? Innocent? Oh please. If she only knew lol. 

Anyways so me and Natalie are pushing Lana to the door and Lana is like ok I’m not sure about this. 

And we’re like no you can do it. Don’t you think Anya is pretty? 

And she’s like yeah she’s okay but my first time with a girl is like this? Are you guys gonna sit and watch or something?

And Natalie is like no of course not and I’m like no we’ll just listen from this side of the door you know, like we’ll totally respect your privacy and all. 

And Lana is like gee thanks guys. 

So finally she’s like okay let me finish this glass of wine and I’m going in. 

The thing is like Anya and Rando have already started going at it and the door is still open. 

So haha we get to the door to the bedroom and see Rando has already taken his shirt off and is like licking and kissing Anya and she has his hand in his pants and she’s getting him ready. 

Then Anya turns to us and is like Alexis and Natalie do you want to watch?

And I’m like wow this is so insane. What kind of porno did I step into. 

Like Anya was always sort of a wild child but she got married while in college and this is her first time in the world so I guess she’s making up for lost time. 

So we just stand there, and it’s not Lana who doesn’t know what to do but now me and Natalie are standing there going like okay this is pretty hot but can we really do this?

Like if I’m like no its cool we’ll go outside and watch Westworld while you’re in here would Lana or Anya be offended? I mean I don’t really care about Rando’s ego but I don’t wanna hurt my friends feelings. 

Also, like if we stay and watch will that mean that Lana gets all self conscious?

So then Lana turns to us and is like yeah Alexis and Natalie, I’ll be a lot more comfortable if you stay and watch. 

So I look at Natalie and I say to her, “We’ll have to continue this story tomorrow”

haha that’s not what I said. But stay tuned to hear what we ended up doing. More to come tomorrow!

What would you do in this situation, Angels?

2 thoughts on “Choices….

  1. I’ve never purposefully watched people have sex, but I have accidentally seen it a lot.
    If my friend asked me to stay with her, I would, especially if she didn’t know the people involved.

  2. Wow, can’t wait to hear the next part to this story 🙂 Hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

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