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Check out this cover

So two more Max Bid books are added to AngelAccess today!

But first, tell me what you think of our next book which is coming out!

The first book of the new era.

4 thoughts on “Check out this cover

  1. I ❤️It!! It’s sexy sweet. When I think of Brides, that’s how I picture them. Sexy sweet 🍬

    1. Beautiful!

  2. I love the way the cover models are looking at each other! I do have to say that it looks almost identical to Madison Faye’s “Reclaiming His Wife” except the female cover model and the positions are different. The title is oddly similar, the flowers underneath the title and the pink glitter border is exactly the same as her novel.

  3. Great cover. The way the models look at each other makes you think they’re in love and very happy together.

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