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Check Dirty Lil’ Angels!!!

OMG Babes!

So today is my day to post on the blog and I wanna just say something real quick. We have a section in Dirty Lil’ Angels where we ask people to give us their opinions and thoughts on what would make the store and forum better.

So yesterday we got a suggestion from a member (you know who you are and it’s awesome) asking why we can’t do takeovers. And the fact of the matter is that we totally can and it’s a fantastic idea. Everyone here is excited! Daphne and Natalie are like omg yes! Lana and me are like jumping up and down. We also have two new authors but they’re secret till their books are ready and they’re like omg yes!

So we’re gonna do takeovers! It’s gonna start on Friday and be from like 7 pm EST for an hour. The best part about DLA takeovers I think is that we can do them in real time too. So it’ll actually be like a party because its either gonna be in a post or in the big chat room so we can even all listen to music that’s the same and have fun with games and prizes and giveaways and all be on the same page together!

I’m so excited because it means that our store transcends from being just a store…to a community of Angels.

If you haven’t joined DLA yet, go do so.

I think the lineup will be like a new author every week and then we’ll obviously cycle through as needed but it gives people the chance to interact more and have more contact with all the authors.

I am so excited about this. Sure I have stories of IT Guy and Gym Dudes who are back in my life now that my flu is gone. So I also had some great responses for my sinus infection.

Here are some responses I got:

Amanda writes:

In regards to your sinus headache try a room humidifier to put moisture back into the room. It may or may not work but I would try. I sleep with one every night and it helps mine some

Chelsea writes:

If you can, try taking Sudafed for your sinus issues! I swear by it!

Jeanne writes:

I use Doterra peppermint oil for my sinus headaches. I buy the roll on and roll it on my temples, across my forehead, and across the back of my head at the bottom of the skull where the sinus points are back there. It works better than any over the counter medicine I have ever used!

Maria says:

Regarding your sinus congestion, use saline nasal spray (3 times each nostril), blow your nose, then one spray of Flonase in each nostril. It’s not a steroid but you can only use Flonase once per day and you can get it over the counter. You can use the saline nasal spray as much as you need to to keep your sinuses clear and not dry.

Ramona says:

You could always try having a humidifier in your room to see if that helps, it helps me with my sinuses during the winter when everyone else needs the heat.

These are just a few of the comments. Thank you so much for all your comments!


Check out DLA!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Check Dirty Lil’ Angels!!!

  1. Since you are finally well again and IT guy seems to be ok with you seeing other men….you’ve accomplished a menage with Gym Dudes, I think you should think about putting them all together and being “airtight”

  2. The take over sounds great. I will join if it is this Friday for the first one. I work retail so I do not have set hours to work and I work weekends unless I need the weekend off. Most Saturdays I have to be to work early so I am in bed sleeping by 8:00 p.m. Michigan time. I have sleep apena and other medical conditions that make me tired.

  3. A humidifier is excellent. It also helps dry skin and static-y winter hair. All caused by dry cold winter air temps and too dry home heating here in the northeastern U.S. It will also help with sinuses. Good luck and feel better.

  4. 1. Definitely get a humidifier. Although the worst humidifier side effect possible is much-too-curly hair, it still beats sinus headaches.
    2. Use the original Toll House cookie recipe on the back of a bag of chocolate chips (Hershey’s?). Just be sure to use real butter, not margarine, and real vanilla extract, not imitation. It makes such a big difference that my relatives show up early and actually fight over who can grab the most CC Cookies when I bake them.

  5. Wow, it’s a shame that every author who Amazon screwed over doesn’t join ya’ll and then, who needs Amazon anymore 🙂 Love the idea of the takeovers like we had on FB, ya’ll just keep making this better every day.

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