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Tonight… It’s Coming!!!

If you’re on the newsletter, then:

  1. You got an exclusive coupon!!
  2. You know that I’m announcing the Cyber Week deals on the blog later tonight!!!
  3. You know that I’m talking more about some fabulous releases coming for Cyber Week here on the blog tonight, too!!!

Hope you’re ready for some AWESOME stuff babes!!!!

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Back to life… sorta?!

I think I caught something in Vegas.

And it’s not just the Angels – and Lana was drooling over her keyboard yesterday, trying to work, but definitely sick. 

A lot of people who were at the writing conference got sick. So, that’s not great. 

But at least after a full day of me mandating everyone rest, I think that we’re all starting the day off that much fresher and more ready to get up and go!

And with a really loud sneeze, I forgot what I was about to say on that topic. Lana insists that she’s fine and should work but I think she’s exhausted. I changed the wifi password at the apartment. She’ll probably murder me when she realizes that but at least it will keep her from doing too much haha.

So remember how I had no internet worth anything in Vegas?

I also sent Winebar a text and it never went to delivered, much less seen. So I make coffee this morning (I don’t feel up to going to Starbucks! That’s how little energy I have, jeez.) and I go back to look at that text and it has the red exclamation mark that means it didn’t go through.

I go to cancel it/delete it, whatever, because it involved me saying I was in Vegas and…lol…I’m not anymore.

Of course it goes through, and shockingly, I see the three dots!

I type back about how I’m back now and the reception was so bad.

The three dots go away and my heart sinks. Like, pre-coffee, this is a lot to handle.

But then he calls. I’m literally grinding coffee and hey a girl doesn’t want to be too desperate so I let it ring for a bit, get the grind finished, and then pick up.

He’s all, hey Lex, with that smooth voice that knows how to pull me in. 

But then we chat about the store. About how he’s been doing – he’s getting out of the bar business and he wants to be able to do something else. It’s nice to chat, but something weird is going on.

And I realize… he actually just wanted to talk to me. He’s not angling for anything. Whoa. Another world, you know?

I tell him it was good to hear from him, and he says the same. It’s all very congenial and adult and I’m proud of myself. 

I had mentioned that we got sick in Vegas, and by the time we got off the phone call, a door dasher has arrived with a lifetime supply of soup lol. I thank Winebar and tell him he could have come over himself with the soup. He’s all like, then you’d know I did it just to see you.

I pause for a moment to taste the words.

That’s true, I tell him… and I want to be like, and I want to see you. Although if I’m contagious, lol, that’s probably not the best thing. 

He tells me to get some rest.

I’m all, thanks, I will, and I hang up fast so as to not say anything else in my affected state.

But speaking of IT Guy, he texted me in Vegas and told me he’s got a new girlfriend. His words included, not anything serious, but if you saw her over, I didn’t want you to find out that way.

That’s sweet. 

Or maybe it is like, hey, I moved on. But I don’t think he’s really so wildly immature that he was trying something else. 

So I told Lana I’d do the grocery shopping and the cooking today because she’s obviously far sicker than I am. It was even more obvious she didn’t feel well when she didn’t protest. But since Winebar sent all this soup over, lol, I don’t have to. 

I’m gonna feed Lana and make sure she doesn’t attempt to work herself to death!

We all need to get better in time for Thanksgiving. I’m super excited for this year. Well, lol, I love Thanksgiving every year.

What’s your fave side dish? I know it’s so bad but I love mashed potatoes. Like I try not to eat carbs but I will honestly eat my weight in mashed potatoes LOL!!!

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Writer Conference. But Not Store Friendly!

Whoa. So to be clear, the writer conference was full of friendly and awesome people. lol, but I didn’t realized because, the last few times I went to Vegas, I didn’t have this issue… didn’t run into it…
But Vegas doesn’t give a fuck if you want wifi. It’s slower that shit and you’re never connecting to anything.
I couldn’t get emails out. Could barely get anything into Angel Access and then it wasn’t updated, and, see above, no emails!!!
Everyone who works on the damn store was AT the conference so it was like, well, fuck.
And when I got back, I’m really sorry I didn’t update sooner but I got so. little. sleep. See, I went to all these panels. I took notes. I met lots of awesome writers. Then, I stayed up all night to network and like hang out with the awesome writers…
And I got like zero sleep! About an hour or two every day.
All the smoking in Vegas – none of it by me, mind you, but I consumed a lot of nicorette, and then the constant busy nature of everything, and I was just totally exhausted.
I slept for 20 hours when we got back. I know Lana did, too, even though she’s making a sorta late lunch right now. I appreciate her making us salads right now because we lived on McDonalds!!!
We were SO SO SO busy!
Vivien and I, in a state of vodka and enthusiasm, even wrote some new stories while we were in Vegas. The editors are almost done with them and holy crap I’m excited for when the covers are done.
But the cover designer came with us, too, and we’re actually about to go to Starbucks. We need coffee in the woooooooorst way, babes!! Aiden came and basically woke us up earlier. He brought a first cup of coffee for everyone but I need more!
Cara’s all excited by the way because like there’s photoshop for iPad now. Anyone use it? She’s been talking about it non frigging stop and I’m just so excited for her too because she said covers will be faster and better, and she’s already fast and fantastic, so this may be magic.
I wanted to say all these amazing things about how much I loved meeting great writers, being inspired, etc. But right now I’m just mentally getting my brain back together. More this week.
But we have like SEVERAL books that are in Angel Access and we’ll start up with new releases again very soon. Aiden’s also going to post on the blog, a working excerpt of what he and Lana have been writing, a bully stepbrother dark story!!!
Look for the email today for all the links babes!
I missed you all so much Angels!!!

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Maintenance! and Winebar!

Hey Angels!

Paige Teller here. In addition to the writing I do, you may know that I handle the IT stuff as well. And lol no matter how you felt about IT Guy, he did a good job with a few things on the store.

But even he said I was better.

LOL! No choosing sides here but hey, I decided in light of this fact that I would add Winebar to Angel Access 😉

Also if the store is a little slow this week, we’re doing some maintenance. There shouldn’t be any time when the site is down at all but it is going a little slow because of a few things – one is because we have so many books lol and that’s only gonna get worse hahahaha and two is because we have some rather large images on the store that need resizing.

Three is that we get a lot of traffic.

When it all comes down to it, running a store is expensive, lol, but Alexis loves the store more than anything and all the authors here feel the same way. We’re all pitching in.

Would you mind, lovely Angels, helping out if you can, too?

If you’ve noticed ANYTHING that is broken – book not in Angel Access, weird symbols in the blurbs, pages that go slow, etc, like anything, please let me know.

And if there’s anything that you think makes the store less than amazing – like if there’s a category you wish we had or something, etc, let me know. Please load up the comments here and we’ll be bringing in to the next Angel Authors meeting!

Hope you’re having a great week Angels!

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Honoring Our Veterans

Today, you probably have the day off from work. Maybe you’re doing some shopping, or you’re having a cookout (chili time if it is cold) etc. Point is, today’s a day, in the United States, for remembrance and closeness to family members.

My father is a Veteran. My grandfathers are. It means so much to me to honor our service men and women.

I don’t have some plug here for any military romances. I just want to ask you to pray for our soldiers and their families today.

Remember those who gave everything.

Enjoy your long weekend.

Love you all, Angels!

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Alexis Angel is a Goddess

Ok, so Alexis doesn’t read other author’s blog posts. Lana told me so.

But just in case I had to throw that headline out there, because, hey she’s going to email everyone about this.

So, babes, last minute, I realized that I was going to be able to get into this big writing conference I wanted to, so I have been taking care of business for that, and the book I thought I was releasing today wasn’t ready.

Thing is, I told ya already that I’m going to be writing all-male POV. BUT… this one does have female POV because I wrote it before I made that decision. There’s a charming Irish alcoholic writer though, so it has that going for it.

Hope you enjoy Lucky Neighbor and I will see you next week.

I’m heading to Vegas!

I got a bunch of the other authors on the store tickets too for the big author conference we are going to.

So I smell some from Vegas blog posts coming.

If you’re into that sorta thing, baby.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Breaking News! Guess I’m not over Winebar, lol.

Go ahead, raise your hand if you’re surprised. lol. no hands?

​Yo, my Angels! Guess I’m just in a silly mood today.

But it is a good mood!

Daphne & Liz have been, like, all evil cackling this morning because there are only THREE more episodes left in One Love to Give… yeah!!! 

It was their take on the classic soap operas and romances they grew up reading/stole from their mom’s bookshelves. 

Except it will have a definite ending, you know, because they need to be able to keep their readers from going crazy. 

No amnesia storylines just yet, please. (And if that’s in the final episodes LOL it better be good. But I’m sure it’s not… RIGHT??? oh god…)

Anyhow, episode eight is live today. 

It’s twice as long as the other episodes but, hey, I just finished reading it. And, yeah, I’m so glad it was. Loved it!!!

Check it out – $1.99 for sale or FREE in Angel Access, it’s below.

But also.


He’s been on my mind. I guess, and lol revel at the immaturity here, but I’ve got a deeper point. Ya see, he’s been on my mind for the obvious reasons (I’m just totally not over him nor do I really want to be at this point). But also because… the store is so harmonious and things are coming together so well…

I miss the fire.

Now, I totally don’t want to start fighting with the authors. lol. I don’t want to fight with Winebar ever.

But I was re-reading this review on Boardroom Bride and I was just like. Yeah. 


Yet another great read from Alexis. I could really feel the WineBar/Alexis aspect in this book – whether this was intentional or not – from reading Alexis’ NL’s.
Two very strong characters in their own right being in direct competition with each other.
They have to deal with the shady corporations behind their businesses and are made to do some unbelievable things to keep investors happy.
However some of the things they come up with aren’t that much of a stretch considering the undeniable chemistry Elsa and Tanner have towards each other.
They were once an unstoppable force in business and in the bedroom but a shady business partner put an end to all manner of their relationships.
One minute they’re at each other’s throats but are then forced together (by the big-wigs), and they’re passion ignites once again.
Convincing everyone of their recent reconciliation proves harder than they thought with a pushy reporter who is going to take a little more to convince, even after seeing a steamy sex tape.
Love the attraction that Elsa and Tanner have and the caring and compassionate nature towards each other even when neither one expected it from the other.
The story is very realistic with the bickering and the making up and the worry or concern for each other’s feelings.
The characters were very believable and I enjoyed it so much I didn’t want it to end.

The book is on sale for $2.99 for a limited time to celebrate my inability to move on from my ex! lol! Click the teaser to grab this hottie.

Buy for for $1.99 or read FREE in Angel Access!

This time, it’s personal.
Really, because it isn’t just relationship danger.
It’s not just mama drama.
Now, Nana’s on the line…

The course of true love just couldn’t run smooth for Eric and Dana.
His too perfect is too close for comfort.
The rags to riches, he’s gotta learn to be normal stuff?
Sure, that was hard.

But everything’s on the line now.
Will they seek comfort in each other?

Make it through everything?

Or was the juice never worth the squeeze?

Rich, broke, whatever, this is still a billionaire romance.
So of course, it had to come down to a ball.
So which will it be? Soon Eric and Dana will realize…
If they’re living in a fairytale, or a nightmare.

Buy for for $1.99 or read FREE in Angel Access!

In case ya missed them, here’s the other books in the series. 

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Secret Baby Peek

Helllooooo Angels!

I love secret baby romance so much. The raw emotion pulls me in like nothing else. When Natalie and I were writing, this chapter had us holding each other from all the emotion.

Touchdown, Baby is available now, free in Angel Access, and is on sale for just $2.99 for a limited time! Grab it before it goes up to $4.99, or get it free if you’re an Angel Access member 🙂

Hope you like this chapter below – chapter 6!


I’m still shaking. It’s even worse than I thought it would be, trying to pretend that I don’t know Brady for who he is—the man who basically killed my sister. The man who brought a huge blessing to my family with Liam’s birth but a huge curse when Lucy died.

How the hell can I keep this up?

I slump down in my desk chair then lean forward to set all my photos upright again. Did he see the resemblance…that Liam is his Mini Me? Probably not.

Somehow, I don’t think his powers of perception are all that finely honed.

I run my fingertip down the photo of me and Lucy at graduation. Thank God he didn’t see that one. I’d need to be more careful.

For a moment I let myself think about what would happen if Brady knew he was Liam’s dad. It could make life pretty easy for Liam—a dad who was a pro football player could give him anything he wanted.

But I promised Lucy.

I touch her face, so carefree and laughing in the photo. “I miss you, Lucy,” I say. “And I’ll keep my promise not to tell Brady about Liam.” Then I giggle. “Although I guess I have to admit, I can see just a little of what you saw in him.”

I find myself thinking about Brady’s eyes, his muscles, and how my skin tingled just from brushing my arm against him. I shake my head.

Stop right there, Izzie, I think to myself. He broke Lucy’s heart, even if he never knew it. He’s bad news.

I sit back in my chair again, swiveling to look out the window and thinking about Lucy. She’d been so happy. I remember the day she told me about Brady Thomas for the first time.

“He’s amazing, Izz,” she told me that day as we sat in Brew Baker’s Café, just off campus. Her eyes had that dreamy look they always got when Lucy was in love, but somehow, this time, they sparkled even more. “Would you believe he’s an orphan like us?”

“That’s a big coincidence,” I said carefully, sipping my mocha. Lucy was always falling madly in love, then falling out of it with a thud a few weeks or months later.

“He was raised by his aunt and uncle,” Lucy continued, then frowned. “But they didn’t treat him so great, not like us with Gigi and Pappy. We were so lucky…” Her voice trailed off.

We both thought about our grandparents—about how warm and loving they’d been, even when they suddenly found themselves with two kids to raise just when they should’ve been thinking about enjoying themselves.

“Anyway,” Lucy continued, “he loves football. No, he, like, lives for football. He’s an amazing player, and he thinks it’ll be his ticket out of his old life.”

Football. Well, at least that was good. Although Lucy had a weakness for football players in general.

Lucy gazed into her mug with a little secretive smile. “I’m totally in love with him,” she confessed. As if this was something new and different.

“C’mon, Luce,” I said, unable to help myself. “If I had a buck for every time I’ve heard you say that, I’d be friggin’ rich.”

“It’s different this time,” she said quietly. “Really different. Real love.” Then she giggled again. “I’ve pretty much been living in his room.”

“Oh my God, Lucy, you’ve been having sex?” I said in a mock-horrified voice.

Heads turned to look at us, and Lucy turned bright red. But then we both collapsed into giggles.

“Well, I hope he’s good,” I said, and Lucy quirked her eyebrow and grinned.

I shake my head, gazing at the photo of Liam on my desk. My mind drifts, moving forward to a month later as Lucy’s sitting on her dorm room bed, wringing her hands, her face anxious.

“Look at it for me, Izzie,” she said, handing me the stick from the home pregnancy test. I take it from her with finicky fingertips—ewww—and look.

“How does this thing work?” I say, twisting the plastic stick.

“A plus or a minus. Plus yes. Minus, no.”

I peer in the little window, then look up and meet Lucy’s eyes. “Plus.”

Lucy slumped onto the bed. “That’s that, then.” She sighed. “Happy Mother’s Day, right?”

I stood there awkwardly, still holding the stick. Then I carefully dropped it into her wastebasket and rubbed my fingers against my jeans. “That’s…what? What’re you gonna do, Luce?”

“I’m keeping the baby,” she said, as if surprised I’d even ask. “Of course. Maybe Brady and I can move in together for real. I can get a job…I’ll have to drop out of school, but who cares?”

She probably wouldn’t. Lucy had never been all that crazy about school, and I thought she’d gone to college just for something to do. And to watch football games.

Lucy was smiling now, hugging herself, forgotten tears drying on her cheeks. “Our own place, maybe one of those campus apartments for married students…” She laughed with delight. “Married…”

I went over and hugged her. She was so happy that it was infectious.

Suddenly I sit up in my chair, thumping my feet angrily onto the floor under my desk. She was happy. And stupid.

Before she even tells him about the baby, Brady tells her that he’s transferring to another school, where he can have a better chance to play.

And it’s pretty clear that it’s not an arrangement for a guy with a wife and a kid on the way, and it’s also clear that he wants to break up with her, so Lucy decides to be noble and doesn’t even tell him she’s pregnant.

“I can’t,” I remember her telling me as we sat on our grandparents’ porch. “If I tell him, he won’t go, and he’ll ruin his chances for a pro career. This is his big break.”

“But, Lucy, it’s his baby,” I argue helplessly, angrily pushing my toes against the worn, splintery porch floor to make the swing move back and forth. The chains holding it up creak in protest. “You at least need to give him the chance to decide.”

“No.” Lucy was adamant. She had the steely, stubborn look in her eyes that meant there was no changing her mind. “He wants to break up with me anyway. I can tell.” Her resolve wavered for a moment, but I watched her take a deep breath, her mouth firm. “It’s better for everyone. I’ll tell him someday, when he’s gone pro.”

What if that day doesn’t come? How will you survive? I thought, but I just couldn’t say anything to her. “So what’re you going to do?”

Lucy gazed around at the porch, the familiar fields, and the yard. “I’ll live here, I guess. I can help Gigi and Pappy. And Gigi will love having a baby in the house again.”

I tipped my head back and focused on the beaded board of the porch ceiling, its paint flaking off. I wasn’t so sure that Gigi would be all that thrilled. “I’ll help you, too,” I finally offered, and Lucy gave me a smile and a sideways hug.

“Everything will be fine,” she reassured me. “And eventually I’ll be a family with Brady and the baby. And you, too, of course,” she added.

I get up from my desk, unable to sit still, bombarded by memories I don’t want to have. How happy she was when the baby, when tiny little Liam, was born, already the spitting image of his dad.

True to Lucy’s word, Brady had gone off to another school and then to a pro career without ever having a clue that he was a baby daddy.

But just two short weeks after Liam was born, I sat next to Lucy in the hospital as she was dying.

Puerperal infection. That’s what Lucy died of. A stupid infection picked up in the hospital, probably because she’d had to have a C-section.

She was fine when she and Liam came home, but then she lost her appetite, she always had the chills, and she complained of a headache. When she started running a fever, Gigi forced her to go to the doctor. But it was too late.

“You’ve got to promise me something, Izzie,” Lucy had said faintly that day in the hospital. She was ghostly pale against her pillow. “If…if I’m not around…”

“You’re going to be fine!” I insisted, almost angrily, as I clutched her hand, but she shook her head.

“Whatever happens,” she said, struggling, “you have to promise not to tell Brady about Liam.”

“Why, Lucy? Why?” I asked, feeling like my heart was already being torn in half. “Liam is his son, and Liam will need him. No matter what.”

Lucy closed her eyes briefly. “No!” she whispered. “There’s no reason now. Liam’s better off with you and Gigi and Pappy. Promise me that you’ll take care of him, of my beautiful boy, and that you won’t tell Brady. Ever.”

I was only sixteen. How could I promise to take care of a baby? But Lucy was my sister, the dearest person to me in the whole world, and I’d do anything she asked.

“I promise,” I said, kissing her. “I’ll always take care of Liam. And I won’t tell Brady.”

“Thank you, Izzie,” Lucy whispered again. I sat there, holding her hand, until she died a few hours later.

I dash my hand angrily across my eyes, wiping away tears. That moment eight years ago still as vivid as when it happened.

God fucking dammit. I promised Lucy. I promised.

And I’d keep my promise. I have a good job, and I can take good care of Liam.

And as far as I’m concerned, Brady Thomas is nothing. Zero. Zilch.

He’s just another muscled, meaty football player. I’ll try to get him to put something in his mouth besides junk food, which is my job, but that’s it.

He caused my sister’s death, even if he never knew it, and I’d be happy if I never had to see him again.

Keep Reading! Touchdown, Baby is available now, free in Angel Access, and is on sale for just $2.99 for a limited time! Grab it before it goes up to $4.99, or get it free if you’re an Angel Access member 🙂