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Getting my halo

Hello, Angels!

Sophie Moore here!

Today’s my turn to post on the blog, and wow, do I have a lot of pressure on me to be as good as Alexis, Lana – Aiden!

Don’t mind me internally screaming over here, haha!!

Seriously though, I’m so grateful to be included on the Naughty Angel Publishing store, and now the blog as well.

I am really passionate about telling stories. I’ve been a big fan of all the authors here at the store for a long time, but when I wrote in to Alexis and told her I’d finished a book, would she publish me, I was pretty much thinking two things.

One, when will I stop freaking out! It was so exciting, finishing my first book and looking to get published with my favorite authors…

And two, that I would never, ever, get to be on the Naughty Angels.

But then Alexis emailed me back.

She was like WOW! You go, girl! Congrats on finishing your book. … 

Actually, I asked Alexis, and she told me that I could share what she wrote in her email.

And today I do want to share that with you, because I can’t believe that now I’m releasing my own series and I have books on this store!

I’m so grateful for all the comments, emails, and reviews that I see on the store because I know we’re a community of romance readers like no other.

Thank you all, Angels, for letting me write for you. 

Now here’s the email Alexis sent me that changed my life forever! 

From: Alexis Angel
Re: A Reverse Harem Romance Submission

Hey Sophie,

Wow! Congrats on finishing your first book.

It can be so difficult to write a book, and you have. I’m so proud of you girl!

So I want you to know that I’m really thrilled that you reached out to me. I can tell you really understand what we try to do at Naughty Angel Publishing – be a contemporary romance reader’s favorite place in the world. Disneyland with dicks sounds pretty bad, but really, we want a place where women can be the naughty angels they are. Dirty, filthy, free, and fun-loving, with stories they love to read. Authors who want to write stories for them.

And I read your book. It’s really good.

I’d be happy to add you into the communication group with our cover designer and our editors, and get your book ready to publish. I think Helping Hands is an amazing story. We haven’t done as much biker stuff, but I’d love to do more. I also know you mentioned you had more stories. Our readers do enjoy “insta-lust” and slow burn so both kinds of ideas are great.

I look forward to seeing you do so much more.

I’m truly humbled every day by the amazing Angels that have been loyal to me from the moment we “met” – they read my stories, follow my journey, and they are there for me whenever I need them. Imagine what it’s like to have a hundred thousand best friends.

That’s what it’s like being a Naughty Angel.

We have some amazing authors at the store.

And I want you to be one.

Consider this the invitation to get your halo dirty!

Will you be a Naughty Angel Author?

Hugs and kisses and lots of love

xo Alexis

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Romance for Romance Authors

Hey Angels,

So I think when Alexis said she was choosing not to pursue the seeking out of the love of her life, more than a little bit of that thought was inspired by her thinking she needed to help someone else find the love of theirs.

And that someone is me.

Now, hey, on more than one occasion, I’ve been called too cocky. As a contemporary romance author, particularly of alpha male insta-love romance, I was like, fuck yeah, that’s a compliment.

But I should know after writing enough books, when you meet the one, you have to straighten up and act right, as my Mom would say.

So I guess Alexis’s big master plan isn’t for me to find the love of my life… so much as win her.

It started out with flirtation with Lana. One interview on the blog. Now, I’m all eyes on Lana Angel?

And Alexis told me last night what she told everyone in the emails.

While Lana and I were out on a date Lana wasn’t calling a date.

While Lana was writing yesterday’s blog post and totally admitting that she’s into me (yeah, baby, Alexis doesn’t read other authors’ posts but I do). And that she’s not sure if I’m ready.

Alexis goes and writes in the email about how I haven’t been out with any other chick.

How I have all eyes on Lana.

At first I wanted to tease her. Lana’s right about that.

But then she started to become my friend. The person I loved writing with. The person I wanted to be able to talk to about anything. I really care about her and it made me think hard about what the last year or so has been like.

So I did what any romance author would do and started writing a series about it. So yeah, I’m working on that. And I’m working on a next series with Lana, too.

So, yeah, I’m going to blog here more frequently and I’ll be releasing my story in Angel Access soon… I hope I’m not the only one who reads it, Angels. I’m going to be honest. It’s going to be raw.

But most of all, it’s going to be the story of how two romance authors fall in love with each other.

You’ve read the blurbs, and you know what I’m about to say.

Lana Angel’s gonna be mine.

She’s my baby, she just doesn’t realize it yet.

But yeah, she’s not some random chick whose name I won’t remember in the morning. I don’t really do relationships so much. I can bring the charm.

But I want to like get a dog and an apartment and a happily ever after with Lana. You know, book shit?

Let me tell you about last night.

Last night, we spent the entire night talking about our series and getting to know each other.

At the end of the night, I took her back home, getting out of our Uber, and kissing her goodnight. 

Thing was that it was our first kiss. So I sat down to write that chapter and realized that I, a romance author, didn’t have words for how it felt to kiss Lana. 

I know I love her. Because the moments our lips touched, it was like I was alive for the first time. 

The scent of her hair made me keep my eyes closed a second longer to savor it. 

And when I opened my eyes, the sight of her made my heart beat so fucking hard I thought she could hear it.

Ok, so maybe I did have the words, but I’m just not to the chapter in my book yet.

But I asked her to write with me today and I’m about to head over with lunch. I know that when autumn comes, Lana loves a good soup.

So I got her some. But I realize that Lana likes to eat healthy and this is probably all processed and shit. Full of sodium and fat and all kinds of crap.

Hopefully she still likes it, I went to Boudin’s so it is good clam chowder and San Francisco sourdough (that’s where it started) and I thought, we shouldn’t go to a cafe in the middle of the city, I want to take her to Fisherman’s Wharf and we’ll sit out and look at the birds around the Wharf at the balcony of Boudin’s… and afterwards we can go to this campy but so SF bar, Gold Dust, and sing some karaoke, play some darts…

And Lana and I can stop being so fucking melodramatic and keep doing what works. Have fun. Write together. Enjoy it each other.

Falling in love is even better than it is in the books.

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Lana Angel, seeking soulmate(s)?!

Hey Angels,

Alexis is letting me touch the blog again. LOL! I promise no outbreaks of hysteria because I’m about to turn 30.

30 is not old.

I mean, Alexis is over 30 and she’s the most fabulous woman I’ve ever met. 

Anyhow, haha, I’m back at the blog because I realized something.

Forget threesomes with dumb Rando guys. Forget wanting to find the “One” and then being disappointed.

When I fell in love with writing, I loved dark romances first. And yeah I’m not one to not say, yes, I want a darker edge to the sex I enjoy! But that’s not what I ended up with.

Like, look at the first two books I wrote with Alexis.

There was our first “Abby” book – Woman of the House.

And there was our first “Dark” book – The Virgin Market.

What did both of these have in common?

Well, haha, first off, if you don’t know – Alexis and I met to write together. She belonged to a writer’s group and said she was interested in mentoring a newer author and giving back to the writing community.

I had joined and was friendly with a lot of people, but when Alexis said she was willing to mentor, a lot of people who definitely didn’t have the success that Alexis did turned up their noses.


Because we write romance.

But I admired Alexis so much. She wasn’t just my girl crush. She was my role model. 

I wanted to have amazing fans like the Angels – and now I’m an Angel myself because she and I decided to write together with two shared pen names.

First we wrote MMF as Abby Angel and dark romances – MF and MFM – with Dark Angel.
And then Dark Angel books took a very distinct turn.

See, Alexis wrote Sevensome after a looooong night she and I had talking over too many cosmos and not enough sleep even the night before.

By then, she was already my best friend.

And we had so much fun together.

She wrote her first reverse harem book and then we wrote Harem together.

It was magnificent.

That’s why “Dark Angel” ended up writing so many reverse harem books. I was positively obsessed with reverse harem.

And Angels I won’t lie to you. I loved the sex. It was amazing.

But more than anything, I didn’t want to have to choose. My heroines got to meet these amazing guys, and they got to have them all.

And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that – or the hot sex that comes with it.

And it got me thinking.

Why don’t I relax my one-woman, one-man philosophy?

I mean, I can’t just pick up a harem of guys at a bar. 

We call that something else, many things maybe, and probably none of them would be “safe life choices” no matter how validly hot it sounds LOL.

But what I mean is…

Why am I looking for the one?

I mean, I looked around at the people who work at Naughty Angel Publishing. The ones that were physically with us when we were having movie night. And the ones who live elsewhere but were there with us in spirit. 

And I knew I had something special. Who says your friends can’t be your soul mates in a way? I mean I’m so happy here. 

But I do want a wonderful relationship with a happily ever after. Don’t we all.

So I got to thinking as the only shaking that was happening was earthquake related. I need to relax some and probably have a good time with a good-lookin’ guy… 

And in the last 24 hours we’ve had 3 earthquakes. One of those was after I called Aiden and he came over to pick me up.

We thanked our lucky stars that we were ok and the earthquakes weren’t too bad, and I told him I wanted to have a drink with him tonight.

I told him my theory about how maybe trying to find one guy was impossible. He laughed and said, “Baby, I could be enough man for you.”

Ok so there’s totally possibility there. Truth is that through the hardships we’ve had with lack of water, lack of power, and even lack of coffee or inspiration, he’s shown up. I looked at myself in the mirror before we walked out the door and because of how it was positioned, he was standing behind me. Like it almost looked like a book cover and my brain got all mushy inside.

Lord. I started this blog post in the Uber on the way to the first bar we’re going to tonight (he says we should try out a few and talk about our next book) thinking I was going to be talking about how maybe I shouldn’t pressure one man to be my everything. Like maybe I should date a few.

But the way he’s looking at me right now, well, fuck. 

I wanted to write this whole, different men can be different things to you blog post but mostly I guess what I’m saying is that I need to go out and live a little.

So Aiden and I are talking about our next book, tonight, right?

Yeah. Discussing a potential series we want to write together.

But that’s the thing.

We’ve been writing a lot of stuff together.
He’s been around when I’ve needed him.

Maybe Mr. Charming Bad Boy is worth getting to know better.

Maybe now that he’s relented on teasing me when I’m trying to sleep with him, because he said he wanted to make sure we had a good working relationship, maybe I’m ready for him to tease me again.

But more than anything, he’s the first person I’ve wanted to know more.

And someone who sees me for who I am.

… So, crap. Am I asking?
I’m totally asking.

Can Lana Angel date Aiden Forbes?

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Bringing it all together

Ok Angels so I’ve kept you hanging long enough and now its time to finish this story…I think. I mean as Alexis Angel cliffhangers go, this one isn’t as bad as the time I was telling you guys something else and then I totally forgot and moved on to something and then only got back to it like three weeks later. 

Anyways so Natalie and I look at each other and we look at Lana and Natalie actually was like aww babe if you want us to stay because you want us to watch out for you, sure we’ll stay. 

And Lana gets this really nasty look on her face and she’s like hell no I don’t need you to watch out for me, I want you to watch and enjoy Natalie. 

And Anya is like oooh not so innocent I as I thought. 

And the dude who is about to get seriously lucky is like…

“Uhmm, listen ladies,”

And we all turn to him. I mean seriously we kinda all forgot about him because we were more involved with who was gonna have sex with who and who was staying and who was leaving and like I was thinking like is it rude to check my phone while they’re doing it or do I have to sit and watch the whole thing? I mean even good movies at the theater I check my phone – I know you’re not supposed to do that but I can’t help it I have a store and I wanna see what people say and do so sue me lol.

Anyways we turn to the guy and he’s like, “Can it just be me and Anya? I’m a bit intimidated with like all these hot girls and two of them are gonna keep their clothes on and watch me.”

What the fuck?

Like this dude if he played his cards right could probably have fucked all of us? Well…not me because I’m on a celibacy kick and I’m not vaping either and I’m weaning myself off Nicorette lozenges too. So today I’ve been putting Ice Breakers in my mouth because they have the same minty flavor and I don’t need the nicotine as much. Also caffeine. I’ve been drinking Trenta Ice White Teas that are unsweetened and lite on the ice from Starbucks. I drink like two of those a day. 

Anyways Natalie is like feeling really bad and she’s like oh no Mr. Rando. We don’t want to intimidate you. Anya needs to get laid and we wanna make sure Lana has a threesome. 

Rando is like, “Yeah, no you’re gonna sit there with your clothes on and look at us.”

Natalie is like “Do you want us to like just wear our underwear or get naked?”

Rando is like “No! I’m super intimidated because I’m a pussy!”

Ok, well he didn’t exactly say that but I’m paraphrasing. 

So then Anya is like “Ok get out of my house because I totally don’t wanna have sex with you now. What about you Lana do you wanna have sex with him?”

Lana shakes her head and the decision is final. Rando leaves, totally confused. 

And what do we do?

We watch Love Actually because we had been talking about the movie all night. And then we go to sleep and the next day the power is back so I tell the Angels I’m going to blog about it and then I start writing. 

But the last three days I’ve been telling you this, something crazy has been happening. It’s not the earthquake or the big fire, but I’ll tell you tomorrow!

Talk to you soon!

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Ok ok so I’ve kept you in suspense for long enough I guess so I should finish the story. 

So Lana looks at Anya like oh my god what the hell and is like just standing there. 

I’m like so excited because Lana is gonna be in a threesome and I’m like jumping up and down. 

Right so don’t get me wrong because I know we got some comments like oh Alexis wasn’t asked hmmm. But it’s okay. I’m enjoying my time of like being a nun and not having sex. I’d rather like impart advice to less slutty friends. I’m like the Elder Stateswoman of the United States of Sluttica or something lol. 

Anyways so I’m like “Go Lana go go go do it”

And Anya is like come join us and she takes Rando and takes her to her room. And Lana is like uhm why me? Don’t you wanna fuck like Natalie or Alexis instead and Anya is like a player because you know what she says?

She’s like, “No, you have that innocent look to you. It’ll be fun to corrupt you” 

I’m like super excited here. 

But first, Lana? Innocent? Oh please. If she only knew lol. 

Anyways so me and Natalie are pushing Lana to the door and Lana is like ok I’m not sure about this. 

And we’re like no you can do it. Don’t you think Anya is pretty? 

And she’s like yeah she’s okay but my first time with a girl is like this? Are you guys gonna sit and watch or something?

And Natalie is like no of course not and I’m like no we’ll just listen from this side of the door you know, like we’ll totally respect your privacy and all. 

And Lana is like gee thanks guys. 

So finally she’s like okay let me finish this glass of wine and I’m going in. 

The thing is like Anya and Rando have already started going at it and the door is still open. 

So haha we get to the door to the bedroom and see Rando has already taken his shirt off and is like licking and kissing Anya and she has his hand in his pants and she’s getting him ready. 

Then Anya turns to us and is like Alexis and Natalie do you want to watch?

And I’m like wow this is so insane. What kind of porno did I step into. 

Like Anya was always sort of a wild child but she got married while in college and this is her first time in the world so I guess she’s making up for lost time. 

So we just stand there, and it’s not Lana who doesn’t know what to do but now me and Natalie are standing there going like okay this is pretty hot but can we really do this?

Like if I’m like no its cool we’ll go outside and watch Westworld while you’re in here would Lana or Anya be offended? I mean I don’t really care about Rando’s ego but I don’t wanna hurt my friends feelings. 

Also, like if we stay and watch will that mean that Lana gets all self conscious?

So then Lana turns to us and is like yeah Alexis and Natalie, I’ll be a lot more comfortable if you stay and watch. 

So I look at Natalie and I say to her, “We’ll have to continue this story tomorrow”

haha that’s not what I said. But stay tuned to hear what we ended up doing. More to come tomorrow!

What would you do in this situation, Angels?

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To Lana or Not To Do Lana lol

Hey Angels!

Ok so the electricity outage last week really wasn’t THAT bad. In fact I think based on when we woke up we only didn’t have power for like one day so that was great.

But you’re not going to believe this but tomorrow from 9 am to 2 pm we won’t be having any water.

I’m like thinking seriously, what kind of third world country am I living in you know? Because I thought this was California.

Anyways, so Lana and I and Natalie got away for the weekend to escape the power outage so we went down to visit my sorority sister from college. She just recently got divorced and her name was Anya and we thought it would be a good thing to cheer her up over the weekend and stuff.

So Anya reads from the store (Hey Anya!) and so when we got there we thought you know we’ll get some drinks, I’ll use my Nicorette lozenges instead of vaping, and scope out some guys and just generally have a good time.

Lana was even like oh look Alexis, you can teach her to be all slutty so she has fun and gets the divorce out of her system so I was like yeah lets do that.

So we get there and we all hang out for a bit and then we go get our nails done and then Lana was like oh my god they have a huge Michael’s and we figured why not do some crafts.

Except I’m really horrible at crafts but Anya was like all over that stuff and Lana and Anya built this crazy looking wreath. Natalie got into it too and I even managed to have some fun.

And then Anya is like lets go out and I’m like ok now we’re talking and this is more sorta my vibe. So we went out dancing and I was having drinks and sucking down Nicorette lozenges because I’ve been vape free for like a few days now – the first day is like really the hardest ever. I don’t know anything that’s harder than not vaping on the first day. But I went out for a run each day after that and I feel good.

Anyways we’re dancing and Anya starts talking to this guy and he’s nice and he and Anya are all over each other. So she invites him back to her place.

I’m like okay that’s awesome she’s going to get some.

So we get to her place and open up a bottle of wine and I stopped at CVS for some Nicorette mini lozenges (because this blog post might actually be about how I’m taking Nicorette lol) and Anya and this guy are getting handsy in the living room and I don’t really have a problem with it but I’m like ok it might be uncomfortable so I dunno what to do.

And then Anya like turns around and is like I wanna do it with Rando (That’s the name I’m giving him) and I’m like yeah ok you go girl.

But then she looks over to Lana and is like “Do you want to join us?”

And I’m like oh my god.

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Welcome to hell?

Howdy Angels!

I am so sorry we’ve been quiet for a week. So like summer turned to fall somehow and the temperature dropped and it went back up and went back down and no one knew what to do and like I got sick with a cold that turned into a flu and then Lana got sick from me. 

Honestly Angels…Lana is telling me that I got sick because I was vaping but I quit that but she says its still affecting me. I dunno how much I believe her but I was coughing pretty bad and that’s when all those news reports came in that said people were going to the hospital for vaping related illnesses. 

I mean I know why I used to smoke – it helped me not eat and helped me deal with stress. And then when I had to quit smoking because it wasn’t sexy anymore I started vaping. Its so not sexy I know that and I know that its totally not like the whole Alexis thing but you know I’m not always like perfect so there are bad habits I have too and this is one of them. 

Anyways I think other than that there are no real bad habits (thats what I think most of the time). Anyways try having the flu and shivers and chills all over again like April and be jonesing for nicotine and you’ll feel pretty terrible. 

On top of all that we get a note today that our power is going to be shut off tomorrow for a week because of wildfires in California or something. 

Lana is all like ok we need to go get water or fresh water and I go to the store and I get water but I also get lots and lots of vodka and cranberry juice and Lana is like omg also get like all the canned food you can get. Then she asks me “Hey Alexis do you have a can opener?”

I look at her all puzzled. 

“Lana I’m not dating for the time being,” I tell her. 

“No you slut, I’m talking about the appliance so we can do it ourselves.”

Oh. Right. I don’t even have a can opener. 

Lately the last year or so I’ve used the oven to store shoes and stuff lol. I actually remember when I used to cook and bake and do stuff recently but being a store owner makes you busy. Having the flu also takes away from cooking you know?

So I guess the power outage is happening tonight. Lana and I will just go to a Starbucks and sit there probably with Natalie but like when it comes time to eat I guess we’ll just bang some cans against a rock or something till we can get food out and then eat that? Who knows. I mean In-N-Out better have a backup generator is all I’m saying. 

Anyways Angels, stay safe out there. 

Hugs and Kisses and lots of love


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Aiden and I…

Aiden and I have been writing some very dirty books together.

And Angels?

I hope you’re enjoying them. There’s heat and passion and fire on the pages on your kindle if you have because.


I need a cold shower after a writing session with that man.

We decided that it was a good idea to write together but not date.

He’s charming and determined to keep me charmed, but now he does it on the page.

Today I didn’t think would be any different. He came over with a Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte today because he knows I love them but try never to indulge.

“Let’s celebrate putting our new book in Angel Access so that even more of our readers will be able to grab it,” he said.

I was hyper aware of the word grab in there.

The hot coffee made me all warm inside.

And I realized.

I am lonely.

I’m writing romance as much as I can now because… well, I’m lonely. I wanted to make it work with my ex, but it so didn’t.

And I know 30 isn’t old. But I’ll be 30 this year and I wanted to be married and have kids before now.

Not to be all depressing. I blame my period! I blame the pressures of society on a woman turning 30!

And most of all, I wish I wasn’t like, venting, Angels.

I need to join the Alexis Angel movement for empowered women who don’t need a damn man.

But I spend more nights turning in with my keyboard than with a man. I just feel… not too great about it right now.

It’s not like I should jump onto Aiden because I’m attracted to him. He’s a bad boy, consummate lover of women and not who I should just saddle up to when we work together (Sorry Aiden) and like I don’t want to screw things up.

So I’ve decided that I need to treat this the way I’d treat anything.

Figure out a plan and enact it.

If I want a husband, well, I need to figure out what kind of man I want and do what it takes to find that kind of man!

So if you were going to describe your perfect man, what would you want?

For me, I think a sense of humor means the most to me. I want someone who gets me, makes me laugh, and at the end of the day I can just curl up with.

Sorry for how random today’s post is. I needed to vent and Alexis said, absolutely, but then I was so unhappy with this blog post I almost deleted it like four times.

But I feel like I can’t be the only one who thinks this way! And I want to take action, and be a strong Angel, too, so I’m re-activating my Bumble app and I’m thinking hard on making my future everything I want it to be.

Love you Angels!!

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Strong Angel

Hey Angels!

So today is a bit serious but not really that serious because since I’m getting my head back in the game I decided to sit down and talk to you Angels about something that’s been bothering me for a while.

So let me just start by saying that Dirty Lil’ Angels and our store and everything we do is all about having and celebrating strong women. That doesn’t mean we like hate men haha because I really love men but what it means is that we celebrate anyone and anything that is able to be strong and independent and carefree.

I don’t want anyone – and that means anyone at all – to feel excluded or left out by what they believe in from participating in forums or the store. You should never feel like just because you disagree with someone or that you hold a differing viewpoint that we don’t want you here.

It seems like everyone everywhere everyday right now is talking about how different we all are and how far apart and divided we’ve become. All I have to say is that if we don’t build and create things that we can all enjoy in then that problem only gets worse. I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with people believing and doing their own thing. Like how boring would it be if we all thought and believed the same thing you know?

But lately it seems to be a flick of the switch instead of dimmer in terms of what things are. So its either oh you’re with us or against us and you know what? If you believe that that’s okay too because everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Here’s what I believe.

I believe that for far too long women have been told what to believe and what to do and that women  finally have the power to now speak for ourselves if they choose. If they choose to give that power over to someone else like a man in their lives then that’s their decision but they made it because people before them fought and died so that they could make that decision.

People should be free to express themselves – even if that means they choose to not express themselves because in the end that’s their decision and their right. We shouldn’t have to agree with what everyone else around us always says and if we don’t agree that’s fine too. We can all be Angels.

I know people must be like what the fuck where did that come from but I was drinking the other night with Natalie and Lana and I just thought about that and figured I wanted to share it with the Angels and it took me some time to put it all on paper.

Go out in the world. Be strong. Be free. But if you want to be something else, that’s your choice too. You have the choice. Grab it.

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Sweet Caroline

Alright Angels. 

The Avenging Alexis Angel is back!

I’m dressed so slutty and with enough makeup done just right that I could totally make any dude want to do me for the night. 

That was the plan last night as I went out with Lana and Natalie. 

Although to be fair, Natalie was like okay lets go and Lana was like no I want to stay at home and watch Black Mirror but I was like no we are going to go out. 

So we go out and then we’re like oh wait we’re hungry. And because we’re close to La Taqueria I’m like okay we need to get burritos. 

Lana is like okay be careful because you don’t want to eat too much if you’re going to be dancing. 

And I’m like no Lana I’m going to be fucking haha. 

Lana just rolls her eyes and is like okay whatever. 

So we get our burritos all dressed to kill and then what happens?

I spill salsa on my boobs. I scream and then like the sauce in the burrito kind of drips out too. 

So I’m like trying to clean it up but this time I’m like wearing my panties so I dunno what to do. If you’re scratching your head at what I just said then just think back to when IT Guy and I were in DC and I spilled and he used my panties I gave him to help me wipe off the stain. 

Anyways so now I have this big stain on my chest and I can’t go out clubbing so what does Natalie and Lana say?

Lana is like ok well I guess we need to go home and work on our books. 

Natalie is like hell no lets go to a dive bar where they don’t care what we wear. 

So its off to a dive bar we go. Really dive place in North Beach and we get some drinks. This is the kind of place you put cash on the table and drink silently. A bunch of old grizzled men are sitting around quietly drinking and contemplating their lives and we’re in the corner giggling and being loud and being silly. I’m like okay no one is going to hit on me here but I do get some stares from people. So does Lana and Natalie. But I mean these guys were in their 60s and looking like they’d given up on life until they saw us. 

So after a few drinks I call some more friends over and they’re like what the hell. What are you doing there? But they eventually came over and we started talking to the people at the bar and by the end of the night we’re all going Sweet Caroline duh duh duh and you know what? I didn’t need to get hit on or laid to have a good night. 

It was a good night with girls. 

And that’s an amazing thing. 

I love life. 

Alexis Angel is back and she’s done feeling sorry for herself. 

Watch out world