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Attention: New Release… NL Down

EDIT: Shortly after posting this, some Angels received their emails! We have a temporary fix in place and it looks like we’ll have everything squared away no later than next weekend. If you still haven’t gotten an email, we’ll check in with you next weekend to be sure. Thanks for your patience, Angels!

Hey Angels,

So for far too long there’s been an issue with the email newsletters AND because there were some internal updates on the store, we were unable to post on the blog. It was a shitstorm and I’m sorry for the radio silence.

There’s a new release – and it’s free in Angel Access! Check out Forbidden Lover from Aiden Forbes!

Paige and I are working hard to get everything fixed with the newsletter and make sure all the store updates are good.

I miss you Angels!

Stay safe, stay happy, stay gorgeous!

xoxo Alexis

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Reverse Harem Romance Coming Soon!

Hey Angels!

Wanted to tease a book that’s coming soon!

I’m a stripper… but I don’t do that.
I don’t sell myself. At best, I’m renting a view.
Until my father’s gambling debts are too high.
I can’t let anything happen to my family.
Even if it means selling my body.

Enter three filthy billionaires who want a private dance.
I know they’ll want more. And I’ll have to give it to them.

Dirty, sexy twins and their demanding boss all control me now.
My body is theirs. I dance for them. First their eyes take me in.
Then, their hands are all over my body. They’re going to devour me.

More than anything… I crave them. I want them to own me completely.

Can I save my soul? Or will I surrender it to these three alpha billionaires.

** This is a standalone reverse harem story. It contains steamy scenes and of course a happily ever after. **

coming soon!!!

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Quaran-dating Aiden!!

I’ve done a lot of reading about dating during the pandemic. I mean the stuff where no one meets up and everyone’s on Facetime or Zoom, because I’m staying at home. There were a lot of experiences out there about people who are meeting new people. 

What I didn’t see a lot of was people who had already met someone and kept dating them after the pandemic started. Which is what is happening with Aiden and I.

Now, at first, I thought continuing our relationship was going to be … overly focused on sex. And, haha, Alexis does like to joke a lot about how Aiden and I are “heavy sweating and long distance petting” but when lockdown became a thing that wasn’t just two weeks… Aiden asked me something that really blew my mind.

He asked me if I wanted to skip over having phone/facetime/text sexytimes. Basically if I wanted to keep our conversations from devolving into lust every time because that’s something I think we were both afraid of. In fact, when we started writing together… it became impossible to separate the lusty good writing feelings and our feelings and it was really intense. I felt like I was in some kind of high, like drugs or something, and I was afraid that it would all crash and burn.

You can tell I’m divorced reading that, right?
Like I have something good and I’m afraid it will fall apart.

Aiden expressed his concerns, similar to mine, but coming from a different place.

He told me how he hasn’t had any really serious relationships except what we have. And while it becomes really easy to focus on being horny, he doesn’t just want to grow horny together, he wants to grow old together.

Strong words from a man who hasn’t committed!

I was taken aback. No sexy pictures? No flirty camera angles? And no finishing off together what our conversations might lead to?

It was really wild.

Like, I couldn’t have been more shocked.

And to be honest, a part of me also worried… how will I stand this 40 days and 40 nights sex drama? I have a high sex drive and I masturbate a lot. How else would anything ever get written without special breaks. 

But it wasn’t about us not being sexual. It wasn’t about us not being attracted to each other.
It was about taking 30 days of not focusing on sex and keeping our relationship going. We got past the thirty days we thought was fair and then it wasn’t like… insta hop into the virtual sack. We flirted, he romanced me. When went on several “zoom dates” (we like to watch a movie together, play a game, or go through a list of questions. We have a few games where we try to guess what the other person might say or things like that) and we’d both eat together even though we couldn’t go out.

And we were allowed to indulge in sexytimes again. But we took it slow. And it seemed… just mindbending.

We both agreed we felt pretty close.

But let’s be real. 

Not flirting with each other.

Not being physically around each other?

I think we’re going a little insane quaran-dating. 

But that’s just what we’re doing for now.

I know everyone was dying to know what was up with Aiden and I. I don’t even know if this was really boring or what???? It took me so long to write because I want to be honest. I wanted to share what was really happening with us. 

And there’s a lot of good.

But it’s so lonely.

As I said before, I’m divorced. My ex-husband is former military. We went through a deployment. I thought I would be more prepared for this.

But there’s a lot of differences… like neither of us in harm’s way. We are very blessed to be able to work from home and use things like DoorDash and Instacart to make sure we don’t really have to leave the house. 

There’s no end date to our separation just yet. It came on unexpectedly, and we have no clue when it will end. Neither of us is eligible to be vaccinated anytime soon so it’s just zoom, zoom, zoom (or facetime, depends on whether my laptop or phone has a better charge to be honest).

And it isn’t something just we’re going through. It’s something much of the world is going through.

I keep telling Alexis I am ready for some “precedented” times. Because we seem to have a lot of unprecedented shit going on and it is a lot to take.

I’m happy and I’m in a relationship. I have a boyfriend. He’s long-distance… even though he moved to Bay Area before all this happened. It used to be really easy to see him because he LIVES IN THE SAME METRO AREA but that’s long distance now.

I know I have it much easier than so many people. I really do. So I hate to sound like I’m complaining.
I am very, very fortunate.

But I also wanted to share with my Angels.

Tell me how you’re doing, please!

Are you quaran-dating? Cooped up with your spouse?

Don’t laugh babes but I am… feeling pretty baby crazy. I mean I want to do the whole nasty sex thing with Aiden, sure, but I was hoping we’d get to move forward in some stages of our lives and I really would like to know when that might be realistic. Also haha we have talked about it some but I didn’t want to bust that level of hormonal angst onto my boyfriend too fast.
I guess Facetime is good birth control though? Things aren’t happening too fast! But I want them to happen eventually!!!!

I need 40 more exclamation marks to cope with this stuck at home-ness!!!!!!!
Tell me how you’re doing!!!!
This key is my only release now haha!!!!

But seriously, I hope you’re all safe. Thank you all so much for letting us tell you stories and keep you company during this crazy, crazy time. 

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New Freebie for My Angels!

The blog isn’t dead, we swear! Lana’s being extra picky about how she tells her & Aiden’s update and ok so yeah I’m being particular about my updates as well.

Dating during 2020 was like sooper weird.

But today we have a freebie for everyone. It’s a smutty little short story from the lovely Sophie Moore.

Here’s an excerpt…

When the clock struck one, I sauntered inside his office with purposeful steps. Excitement was brewing inside me, and as usual, he was a sight to behold.
I barely heard his greeting as my eyes instantly focused on his dark curls, his perfectly angled jaw, his sinful mouth and his white lab coat that deliciously covered his broad shoulders.
I thought I had prepared myself, but when those sharp green eyes turned to me, I shuddered at the pure want that went through my body.
I took a seat, and he offered me a polite smile, one that didn’t even reach his eyes. It felt off, distant, like I could only barely keep his interest, and it annoyed the hell out of me.
“How are you feeling today, Ms. Black?” He asked, his tone all professional.
“So formal, Doctor,” I said. “Haven’t we established that you should call me by my first name?”
“Well then, Evelyn.” He had the audacity to look exasperated, but the beautiful way he enunciated my name immediately made me forgive him. “This is your fifth visit this month. Tell me what new disease afflicts you.”
I reined the laugh that threatened to burst from me.
Five meetings in, how the hell isn’t he mine yet?
“It isn’t my fault that I miraculously get cured from those illnesses just five seconds before I enter your office, Doctor!” I declared rather shamelessly. “But it’s truly serious this time!”
He didn’t believe me, nevertheless, he gestured that I tell him this sickness. And I did with the most serious voice I could manage.

Keep Reading! Grab your free copy here!
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MEN! And New Year’s Resolutions …

Hey lovely Angels!
I’ve gotten so many emails asking when the blog is coming back. And I feel so sooper guilty because I, myself, and so many of the Angels have written blog posts and tossed them. It’s hard to write about too much when there’s not as much excitement out there.

So I told Lana that and she laughed.

Lana: Ok but have you thought about what’s been going on lately?

Alexis: Oh fuck, you’re right. You and Aiden are webcam married-

Lana: Don’t say it like that-

Alexis: Point to the part where I’m wrong?

Lana: Wellllllll I mean not literally married.

Alexis: True.

Lana: And you’re spending hours on the phone with him again.

Alexis:  TRUE.

Lana: You’re going to tease readers with this, aren’t you?


LOL it wouldn’t be me on the blog if there wasn’t an Alexis cliffhanger, yet?
We’ll talk more about who I spend my non work time with… you can guess (please do) buuuuuttttt first let’s talk new years resolutions.

I’m starting keto again. I’ve been working out a shit ton though it has been hard as hell to get workout equipment. I think my most intimate relationship right now is with my kettle ball (I cannot get dumbbells to save my life right. Someone tried to get me to pay $1,700 for a set of four that were silicone, like if I was getting silicone something and dropping money on it, we all know it would be tatas…. But I’m happy with my tatas and my kettle bell LOL
I kept cheating because I love fast food, but I’m determined to do dirty keto.

Lana says that I have to think about more than carbs and only do healthy fats as much as possible and keep my sodium low. Because I’d like to live longer too I am going to attempt this as well. Beyond burgers from Carl’s Junior are like a major part of my diet now. Their fat is from coconut oil. I also am so Californian that I am living on avocados so there’s that. 

Anyone doing keto, and specifically dirty keto?
Anyone got diet goals?
Let’s hear ‘em! I wanna root for each other babes!

I’m also trying something that Daphne got me into… I’m making legit photo albums of my memories instead of just having stuff on my phone.

And … I already gave up on my other new years resolution, really, I know.

But I just can’t get into meditation. I think it’s too dang hard to try to think about nothing??? And guided meditations get on my nerves lol. I think I just give up on that.

What’s your new year’s resolutions?
And what have you been doing during this year?
Missed you all so much babes!

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So the sky is orange but…the website is getting upgraded!

Hey Angels,
The site has been dragging ass lately, to borrow a southern phrase from Lana (I think that is southern, right?) butttt there will be a big upgrade coming!
Here is San Francisco the sky has been orange. My phone camera keeps autocorrecting it so I can’t show a picture but they’re all over the news!
I keep telling my parents in Fresno to stop gardening because the air is so toxic!
We’ve been getting these huge headaches and it put a damper on our book releases but new stories are coming after our upgrade this week.

Thanks for your patience Angels and I hope you’re staying safe


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Things We Learned During Quarantine

Hey Angels!

I’m so glad the blog is back! We’ve totally realized a few things while it was out during this time. 1) We are so totally just a bunch of over-sharers lol. Without being able to share to people we don’t know what to do with ourselves. I mean Lana and I are telling each other things that we went through and we’re like we already knew this and then realizing that we need to tell the blog so that we can actually tell someone.

Number 2 thing that we realized is this. If you have sex with someone at work, you need to be able to laugh about it together before you either do it again or not do it again. So we had some really dirty escapades between Lana and Daphne and me. It was pretty hot. But at first we were like uhmm do we say anything more about this? And then Jose Cuervo decided to invite us for a party and we did shots of tequila (because what else is there to do during quarantine) and we started laughing about it and having fun and things became a lot more chill.

Number 3 thing that we learned. Working remotely sucks when you’re used to collaborating. That’s right. Working from home is fun and all if you’re like okay I don’t have to wear pants but a part of our fun doing the store is that for example I get to help one of the girls with her makeup and maybe they want to borrow something from my closet. So until we all moved into the same building that was totally not doable and now it’s a lot of fun.

Number 4 thing we learned is kinda clutch. And that is when you work with your friends sometimes you’re not really working at all but getting things done because you’re just having a lot of fun. As long as everyone is picking up their weight and there are clear lines of command it’s a lot of fun. What we do is have clear lines of command for certain aspects of the store.

Number 5 thing we learned. Quarantine was a great time to get in shape. All put together, I think we’ve gotten really fit all around. For me, I’ve quit vaping. I don’t smoke anymore. I just stick to alcohol lol. But the cravings are really gone and that’s because I work out twice a day now lol. I’m so into feeling the tiredness in my body that I can’t think of smoking. I guess that’s a good thing considering a respiratory illness is haunting the whole world.

So that is just a small number of the things I have learned. Tell me what you’ve learned during the March to July period that the blog was on hiatus?

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Quarantinis, baking, and the bar on the balcony… oh and FaceTime Dates!

Hey Angels,

Alexis has kicked us off, letting you all know that our big, broken, beautiful blog is back. And boy have we missed it. Alexis has been working hard to get that back together AND I saw her working on a new book. She is, as always, totally #goals!

I’ve been baking. Like so much baking. I had a pantry full of goods already because I believe in being very stocked and I’m a big couponer. Once I moved to California, the price of groceries probably aged me ten years, but at least when the groceries cost more, then the coupons are higher value.

Baking-wise, I’ve made a few hundred messes and maybe about half as many good things. I’m actually not good at baking? I cook very well, thank you very much, but I am all about experimenting and doing what feels good. Well, baking isn’t like that. You have to know what you’re doing and stick to a recipe. That’s really never worked for me.

So I decided to perfect the quarantini! The one thing I really didn’t have stocked up in my pantry?


Especially when you can’t take Alexis Angel to a bar. Lord, have mercy on us all!

So a quarantini consists of what’s on sale that also the Instacart shopper can find and pairs well with the booze of choice that could be found. I’ve been working out a lot to counteract both the bread and the fact that I’ve been drinking fruit nectars with tequila and a splash of club soda for some sparkle. 

What are you drinking nowadays? I think I’ve drank every hard root beer that my grocery store stocks. I still find myself liking tequila the best or getting those awesome canned seltzers like Bon Viv or White Claw. Smirnoff makes these Rose variety packs that are ahhhhhhmazing. Seriously, when they are in stock, they’re the best. But for some reason I can’t find them on instacart but I place a request. Being the organized one you better believe that I have a photo and description and everything ready for placing a custom request in Instacart lol!

Our neighbors and us too have been getting out on our balconies in the evenings and chatting over drinks and music. We all tune into the same radio station or try out Pandora stations and stuff and just talk. How is your family? How’s work? Explaining to some of our neighbors what we do was not my proudest moment.

That night, I happened to have run out of club soda so I was drinking this vodka seltzer that I found. I drank the whole pack and it has way higher an alcohol percentage than the other stuff and hoooboy, I was D-R-U-N-K. So I told everyone that I produced very creative smut that is all the fantasies that by the time I’m done, you didn’t know you had and you couldn’t get rid of. Lol. Not too bad. But what we do at the store… it’s… unique.

But heyyyy I have about a thousand emails that say you want to know what’s going on with me and Aiden! The answer is… we facetime almost every day now. It started as just a way to chat. We even were sharing things we were cooking.

But I’m fucking horny. I said it. I want dick and I can’t get to it! So I have been saying the naughtiest stuff on Facetime to at least see what I can’t have. I think my fingers are wrinkly and pruny… 

Lol I think I’m oversharing. But, uhm… so I have been wondering if I wanted to get more serious with Aiden. He seems like the real deal. But this is the worst time to try to start a relationship, right?

But all that time we were talking, it made me want him more, but it made me care about him more.

So is dating long distance the way things are now just crazy or what? Let me know what you think.

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After A Four Month Hiatus, The Blog Is Back!

Hey Angels,

This is really a short post. But we’ve finally gotten everything worked out to be able to bring the store back from the bodyblow it took when we had to deal with everything thats been going on for the last few months.

We’ve had a journey, that’s for sure, but one thing I think can be safely attested to and that is that the store is stronger now than it was before.

Look for some exciting things in the next few weeks and months – to take our minds off of the world spinning out of control lol!


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Whoops…We’re Here!

For a brief period of time this morning (on the West Coast, your afternoon on the East Coast!) our site was down. Our servers literally overloaded because of the sheer number of readers. Sorry about that.

We’ve upgraded our server power, Paige took care of everything – sorry about that.

Hope everyone is staying safe. Welcome to all the new Angels who have sent us emails and commented, thank you. We’re so happy to be part of your day during this tough time.

Lana won’t stop baking and canning (I had no idea it wasn’t just as simple as putting stuff in a can. She said something about me being a wicked city woman and laughed) but I’m borrowing the oven for two hours to dry some fresh mint that a neighbor brought over since they grow a ton and Google says drying at 180 degrees in the oven for two hours is good. So Lana is zesting lemons and making batter and like watching my timer cooper close haha.

Are you cooking a lot? Lana’s insisted that I learn more and I had dabbled in the past but she likes really knows stuff and has been teaching me. It’s been a great way to spend time together and talk about story ideas.

Last night we even used some canned extra thick coconut cream and made Pina coladas and talked about what to write next while we played Chess. Lana had never played before so I got to teach her something too!

I’m lucky to have her as a roommate and best friend, for sure.

Stay Safe Angels, hugs and kisses and lots of love!