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Callie Stone Interview

Hey Angels! Alexis Angel here, and I’ll be your cruise director!

This week, we’re doing Angel Interviews – where every author on the store is basically reintroduced or introduced for the first time, because there’s always more to know and love about the Angels (included our new male authors who haha we may call Angels but they’re like uhm no Alexis, we’re dudes).

We’re kicking off today with the one I say is the real party girl of Naughty Angel Publishing. Callie Stone!

She’s finished her series Her 4 Heroes today because she wanted to be the gal to fall on the pork sword. Lol ewww Lana bet me I wouldn’t say that on the blog but haha we wanted to put more .99 books out on the store but they actually cost a lot more to put up. Eeep I know that’s not the fun part of NAP but anyhow each one of her episodes of Her 4 Heroes is just .99 and they are all live on the store today, with the final episode being published as I conduct this interview! They’re all in Angel Access too babes!

Contemporary Romance Author Reverse Harem So, Callie, give us your intro!

Callie Stone: Hey Angels! So if you don’t remember me I’d say there’s two key things here at the hottest contemporary romance store on the web that I contributed.

One, I offered to finger horny ladies during Vegas.


And Two, I used to be a rock groupie.

Alexis Angel: LOL! Also you helped Lana when she was stress spiraling and came and posted on the blog.

Callie: Yes, yes I did.

Alexis: And we’re so grateful for that. I mean, she was trying to uphold my schedule which has gone up in flames now –

Callie: Erm, yes it rather has babe. But like we’re all working to get the blog back on track. With an actual schedule.

Alexis: Very much like publishing.

Callie: Business is so like that!

Alexis: Yes it is. You know about that because you used to run a PR firm, right?

Callie: Yes! I ran a public relations firm servicing rock stars and bands, and yes aside from being a groupie I actually helped them get noticed and found and like followed by their fans. But you think keep rowdy romance authors in line is hard? At least we’re all relatively sober or not on anything that keeps us from writing sexy words.

Alexis: Right on. Wall Street had a totally different pace than the store does. Well, though I think I bring a little bit of that kind of workaholic crazy to the store.

Callie: True, true, you’re very driven.

Alexis: Thank you! And I’m smart enough to know that I bring that drive, and park in over in Lana’s lane because she’s much more organized than me.

Callie: Lana is more organized that all of us. Combined.

Alexis: LOL so true! So Callie, tell us why you joined the store. I mean… there are other places to publish, y’know?

Callie: Haha I am aware of the big, impersonal places where one could publish their romance novels. And I personally would much rather be a part of a consortium of cool author babes. I love how much we get to talk with readers, blogging, comments, and writing new stories on whatever dirty topic strikes my fancy. Plus let’s be real the covers here? They’re wild! Love ‘em!

Alexis: Aww, thanks babe. We’ve been through a few cover designers and it was rough.

Callie: I bet! Band cover artists were like that too, it was really rough.

Alexis: I know that after Beauty and the Beat, you’re writing about more Angel Records characters. So how based on real life are they?

Beauty and the Beat - Rockstar Romantic Comedy to read online by Alexis Angel

Callie: Very much like the sexy men in my books, the other characters are all part of the wild life I led before this even wilder life as an author. I’m inspired by how amazing life is and I tell my twist on stories.

Alexis: So cool! A lot of what I write, well, I wish it was true. Some of it is though…

Callie: Yeah I know what you mean!

Alexis: When are we starting Angel Records? LOL!

Callie: haha, right!!

Alexis: Thanks so much for interviewing for the Angels today, but hey, it’s not over… now, make sure you come back and answer comments. Angels, Ask your questions for Callie in the comments below!

Callie: Will do! Thanks again Angels for reading my stories!

3 thoughts on “Callie Stone Interview

  1. Hey Callie, my question is how to you from working in PR for rock groups and stars to writing books? Did you always want to write?

  2. May I know please if possible Callie do you mind me to know about what are the names of the bands you PR? so I can also checked it out . I just wonder cause I love music aside from reading books is part of my life and it’s the air that I breathe, I’m just curious and have a good day…

  3. It was great getting to know more about you Callie. I have gotten all of your books on here so far and was wondering if there are any plans of releasing some of your previous books on NLA too.

    Best wishes and look forward to hearing more from you.

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