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Hey there Angels,

So let me just start by saying thanks to all of you who emailed saying that no I didn’t do anything wrong. Also to people who commented.

Yes, I am a tease. Why should guys get to have all the fun.

Also, yes I do know what it does to those guys. They’re so tongue tied and horny that the day I was wearing the naked pants they basically wouldn’t leave us alone.

But here’s where it maybe got a little too much.

So a few days after the naked pants thing I went over to Joyce’s apartment. And no, she does not read the blog. I was wearing a short black skirt and a matching top. I was going to have drinks with Alexis and Daphne later while Lana was going to be writing so I didn’t want to change. Joyce had asked me if I wanted to come over and have a few glasses of wine and I thought that would be great pre-game.

So I get there and we’re hanging out. Now the thing about Joyce is that she gets a lot of phone calls from clients and prospective clients. And after two or three glasses of wine she got a call just as her son and one of his friends came over. This is the son that goes to community college.

So he’s literally staring at me from the kitchen counter and Joyce is on the phone. At a certain point she gets up to go to their office that she and her husband have and I decide okay I’m bored so I get up off the couch and walk to the counter where her son, lets call him Community, is sitting with his friend trying desperately not to ogle me.

Now my top has a plunging neckline so I go over to the counter and bend a bit to give them a good view as I say hello and ask them whats up. You should hear these guys. Normally they have a lot of game I can tell but in the moment when I’m talking to them they sound half alive. They sound like they’ve forgotten half the English language.

So I decide to drive it up a notch and I walk over to them and past them, brushing them slightly, and open the fridge door where I bend over, giving them a view of you know what and go to pull the bottle of wine out.

I may even have shook my ass a bit.

If their looks could heat things up I’m sure parts of me would be on fire haha.  After I get the wine bottle I pour some back at the counter, which I get to by brushing against them.

The second time I brushed them (a part of this is unintentional since there is not that much space) I literally feel Community’s friend’s cock through his jeans because its hard as a rock. Not like I tried to grab it or anything but I feel it brush up against me as I squeezed by.

I thought I was having a good time, but Angels let me know if that’s going too far?

3 thoughts on “Brushing

  1. Just remember the saying,”If you play with fire you may get burned.” I also watch a lot of the ID Channel so I don’t trust anyone. Just be careful.

  2. You are soooo bad 🙂 Tammy might have a point since “Community” lives right next door, I hope you can handle yourself if he and his friend make a late night call since, up to now, there hasn’t been physical contact with either of Joyce’s sons.

    Those horny little toads might think that everything is an invitation and that might get a little out of hand compared to the obvious fun you are having and I love reading about.

    I guess that comes from being a retired cop’s daughter.

  3. My daughter attends a private school that has K-12 grades. It was very small. All the kids know each other. They eat lunch together , have break time aka recess, played games together. The big kids mentored the little kids. It’s great. When she was in the first grade one of the high school boys started hanging around me. He would come over to me if I was getting stuff out of my car and would offer to help. He would comment on what I was wearing or my hair. At first I was flattered and thought he was sooo sweet. Cuz, this kid is Gorgeous! ! Beautiful face and Body. He is an Athlete plays football, baseball and basketball. He plays with all the Balls. Anyhoo, It was kinda crazy for me I even dreamed about him. I would go to all the games and cheer for him. He would run up and want a hug after the game. Of course I hugged and flirted with him. There would be ‘Brushing’ fer sure. Finally, I thought what am I doing. By this time I knew his parents. I had been on some school projects with his mom. What was I gonna do have sex with her baby ? ? Cuz, that’s where it was going. So . .I took a breath and stepped away from him and his mother. And found someone closer to my age. So, now when I run into his mom and dad there are no regrets. He is in jr. college playing football on the second string team. I am soo happy I didn’t fool-around with him. I swear I was running amok when it came to him. I wasn’t thinking straight. I planned outfits and hairstyles I thought he would like. After awhile I felt like I was competing with teenage girls. It was Crazy. .for me anyway. So, now I’m dating the school’s coach and am Very Happy ! !

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