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Bringing it all together

Ok Angels so I’ve kept you hanging long enough and now its time to finish this story…I think. I mean as Alexis Angel cliffhangers go, this one isn’t as bad as the time I was telling you guys something else and then I totally forgot and moved on to something and then only got back to it like three weeks later. 

Anyways so Natalie and I look at each other and we look at Lana and Natalie actually was like aww babe if you want us to stay because you want us to watch out for you, sure we’ll stay. 

And Lana gets this really nasty look on her face and she’s like hell no I don’t need you to watch out for me, I want you to watch and enjoy Natalie. 

And Anya is like oooh not so innocent I as I thought. 

And the dude who is about to get seriously lucky is like…

“Uhmm, listen ladies,”

And we all turn to him. I mean seriously we kinda all forgot about him because we were more involved with who was gonna have sex with who and who was staying and who was leaving and like I was thinking like is it rude to check my phone while they’re doing it or do I have to sit and watch the whole thing? I mean even good movies at the theater I check my phone – I know you’re not supposed to do that but I can’t help it I have a store and I wanna see what people say and do so sue me lol.

Anyways we turn to the guy and he’s like, “Can it just be me and Anya? I’m a bit intimidated with like all these hot girls and two of them are gonna keep their clothes on and watch me.”

What the fuck?

Like this dude if he played his cards right could probably have fucked all of us? Well…not me because I’m on a celibacy kick and I’m not vaping either and I’m weaning myself off Nicorette lozenges too. So today I’ve been putting Ice Breakers in my mouth because they have the same minty flavor and I don’t need the nicotine as much. Also caffeine. I’ve been drinking Trenta Ice White Teas that are unsweetened and lite on the ice from Starbucks. I drink like two of those a day. 

Anyways Natalie is like feeling really bad and she’s like oh no Mr. Rando. We don’t want to intimidate you. Anya needs to get laid and we wanna make sure Lana has a threesome. 

Rando is like, “Yeah, no you’re gonna sit there with your clothes on and look at us.”

Natalie is like “Do you want us to like just wear our underwear or get naked?”

Rando is like “No! I’m super intimidated because I’m a pussy!”

Ok, well he didn’t exactly say that but I’m paraphrasing. 

So then Anya is like “Ok get out of my house because I totally don’t wanna have sex with you now. What about you Lana do you wanna have sex with him?”

Lana shakes her head and the decision is final. Rando leaves, totally confused. 

And what do we do?

We watch Love Actually because we had been talking about the movie all night. And then we go to sleep and the next day the power is back so I tell the Angels I’m going to blog about it and then I start writing. 

But the last three days I’ve been telling you this, something crazy has been happening. It’s not the earthquake or the big fire, but I’ll tell you tomorrow!

Talk to you soon!

2 thoughts on “Bringing it all together

  1. Talked himself right out of being seriously lucky.

    1. What an idiot!!! He could have ended up with all you girls, just like Colin in Love Actually haha

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