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Breaking News! Guess I’m not over Winebar, lol.

Go ahead, raise your hand if you’re surprised. lol. no hands?

​Yo, my Angels! Guess I’m just in a silly mood today.

But it is a good mood!

Daphne & Liz have been, like, all evil cackling this morning because there are only THREE more episodes left in One Love to Give… yeah!!! 

It was their take on the classic soap operas and romances they grew up reading/stole from their mom’s bookshelves. 

Except it will have a definite ending, you know, because they need to be able to keep their readers from going crazy. 

No amnesia storylines just yet, please. (And if that’s in the final episodes LOL it better be good. But I’m sure it’s not… RIGHT??? oh god…)

Anyhow, episode eight is live today. 

It’s twice as long as the other episodes but, hey, I just finished reading it. And, yeah, I’m so glad it was. Loved it!!!

Check it out – $1.99 for sale or FREE in Angel Access, it’s below.

But also.


He’s been on my mind. I guess, and lol revel at the immaturity here, but I’ve got a deeper point. Ya see, he’s been on my mind for the obvious reasons (I’m just totally not over him nor do I really want to be at this point). But also because… the store is so harmonious and things are coming together so well…

I miss the fire.

Now, I totally don’t want to start fighting with the authors. lol. I don’t want to fight with Winebar ever.

But I was re-reading this review on Boardroom Bride and I was just like. Yeah. 


Yet another great read from Alexis. I could really feel the WineBar/Alexis aspect in this book – whether this was intentional or not – from reading Alexis’ NL’s.
Two very strong characters in their own right being in direct competition with each other.
They have to deal with the shady corporations behind their businesses and are made to do some unbelievable things to keep investors happy.
However some of the things they come up with aren’t that much of a stretch considering the undeniable chemistry Elsa and Tanner have towards each other.
They were once an unstoppable force in business and in the bedroom but a shady business partner put an end to all manner of their relationships.
One minute they’re at each other’s throats but are then forced together (by the big-wigs), and they’re passion ignites once again.
Convincing everyone of their recent reconciliation proves harder than they thought with a pushy reporter who is going to take a little more to convince, even after seeing a steamy sex tape.
Love the attraction that Elsa and Tanner have and the caring and compassionate nature towards each other even when neither one expected it from the other.
The story is very realistic with the bickering and the making up and the worry or concern for each other’s feelings.
The characters were very believable and I enjoyed it so much I didn’t want it to end.

The book is on sale for $2.99 for a limited time to celebrate my inability to move on from my ex! lol! Click the teaser to grab this hottie.

Buy for for $1.99 or read FREE in Angel Access!

This time, it’s personal.
Really, because it isn’t just relationship danger.
It’s not just mama drama.
Now, Nana’s on the line…

The course of true love just couldn’t run smooth for Eric and Dana.
His too perfect is too close for comfort.
The rags to riches, he’s gotta learn to be normal stuff?
Sure, that was hard.

But everything’s on the line now.
Will they seek comfort in each other?

Make it through everything?

Or was the juice never worth the squeeze?

Rich, broke, whatever, this is still a billionaire romance.
So of course, it had to come down to a ball.
So which will it be? Soon Eric and Dana will realize…
If they’re living in a fairytale, or a nightmare.

Buy for for $1.99 or read FREE in Angel Access!

In case ya missed them, here’s the other books in the series. 

5 thoughts on “Breaking News! Guess I’m not over Winebar, lol.

  1. OMG!! That review is from me yaaaaay!!!!!
    It’s like a celebrity has tagged me in a post, I feel all giddy, lol.
    It’s surreal to think something I wrote has you feeling for Winebar again. Obviously I was super mad when he did that whole FaceTime – girl in the background but I’ve always been team Winebar.
    Reeeeeally hope we get more updates on what’s happening with Winebar (hopefully all good things) 🤞
    I know I’m weird but still, *happy dance* lol.

  2. I too was team Winebar. I hope IT guy did not screw things up between the two of you and hope Winebar hasn’t moved on. A lot has happened and you both have grown – hoping that he is thinking about you too. Please keep us all posted – I’m rooting for the two of you ❤

  3. Ok, Ok. So, this really didn’t catch me off guard either. Me, like Renee, has always been team Winebar. I always thought there was a special connection between you too and obviously he felt it too. But he acted immature and ruined it. Never say never is right. Reach out to him to see what is going on. Don’t be disappointed if he’s being a jerk. Just reach out and see.

  4. Reallly think you should give Winebar a call!!! Stop thinking about him and find out what’s really up with the guy. I am team Winebar (and always team Alexis!) and am hoping the two of you find your happiness.

  5. No! No! No! Not Winebar! He will just hurt you again! You deserve someone who treats you well, like IT guy did. Don’t do it!

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