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Blowout Finish

Hey Angels!

Lets get right back to it lol!

Braveheart is standing there and his cock is ready to blow. I scooch myself close to Lana, but then I realize oh wait, I forgot something.

So I get up, all naked, and go up to Daphne and take her hand.

She looks at me but I walk her over (which is hard because Daphne is only wearing one heel haha) and I bring her to her knees.

She gets it now and Lana scooches closer.

All three of us are on our knees and we’re leaning back in like a triangle.

Picture it now Angels – we’re leaning back and there are three guys with their cannons pointed right at us.

I’m a bit surprised but actually glad because Braveheart picked Lana as the girl he wanted to cum all over because he stands right in front of Lana and one of Daphne’s guys, I forget which one stands in front of me and the other in front of Daphne.

And I swear it’s like synchronized sucking lol. And maybe synchronized jerking off.

It’s just slurps and sucks and moans and pops and groans for the next few minutes.

“I bet I can get my guy to cum first,” Daphne says and I grin. Because you remember that time in the apartment with the Sex Olympics we had? If you don’t go read up further in the blog lol .

“You’re on!” Lana says.

But this time I don’t want to lose. I look at my dude (whose face I cannot for the life of my remember) and I give him the nastiest, dirtiest, filthiest look ever.

Ever practice looking all slutty? Well I brought it.

“Cum for me, Daddy,” I say with a breathy moan. “All over me.”

I licked the bottom of his tip and said that and gave him my glassy smoky eye look and that’s all it took.

I knew all that practice was worth it!

It took Lana’s dude another thirty seconds to cum and Daphne’s guy right after but my dude is already unloading all over my tits.

I moved my face to get some there without getting it on my eye just because I wanted to have him cum more and I felt some cum splash on my back. Afterwards I had asked Daphne and Lana and they said some of my guys shots hit them too so that made sense since we were all together.

But here’s the thing and I dunno if you guys ever tried it. After I drained my guy and he’s like oh man oh wow oh fuck because he thinks his orgasm is over I put his cock back in my mouth and sucked the tip real hard and just went to town.

First off, they are super sensitive during this time and they’ll jerk away at first but if you don’t let them go and just keep going, it’s like a full body orgasm that they have. Every fiber in their being tells them to pull away but if they make it through they have an extreme reaction. I did that to my guy and his knees literally buckled!

So we cleaned up and exchanged phone numbers and had a few drinks after that and cleaned up and went home by like 1 am after getting some food.

But it was a fun night for sure.

And it took almost three weeks to tell this story, which means there’s no cliffhanger for today lol but I need to tell you what happened with White Shirt and Black Shirt several days later.

Till then Angels!

4 thoughts on “Blowout Finish

  1. Fantastically filthy😘

  2. Gawd, all I can do is sigh and grin.

  3. Wow. A real life wet dream. I love you guys. You make life fun.

  4. Scorching hot, I bet those guys thought they had died and gone to heaven. Funny thing is, they were with Angels that night and didn’t know it 🙂

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