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Very Naughty Angels

Hey there Angels!

Just letting you know if you have stories you want shared please email Alexis at

So a bit about my update with Jock and his Dad, who I am going to call Jock Sr.

So you angels are super naughty. I think I got 28 people who emailed or commented saying fuck the dad and the son both at the same time haha.

And once you put it in my head, it’s so hard to get out.

But that’s the fantasy. Right now I just want to fuck the dad.

The only progress so far is that we’re going on a date on Wednesday. Jock Sr. is going to pick me up and we’re going to go to a tapas bar and then a jazz club.

Basically I got him to ask me out by calling them at home. I called with no real agenda but just to talk to him. And he seemed surprised at first but after I laughed at all his jokes and asked him questions he seemed to get the hint and asked me out.

Here’s a little secret. I was literally fingering myself as I was talking to him on the phone haha. I don’t know if that’s immature, or if that’s just gross but after I got off the phone I came so fucking hard.

So now I need to get help from the girls to pick out something slutty for tomorrow. I don’t know if I actually want to fuck him tomorrow, but I definitely want to leave him wanting it. So that when he does put it inside me he goes on like a jackhammer.

I’m so excited. I’ll keep you posted!

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Natasha – Fin

Hey Angels!

Just to recap, Natasha, whose name we have changed has just had her tryst with Adrian!

The final lines were:

…We knew we couldn’t have sex. But I took down his phone number and he took mine down too. This is back in the days of AOL Instant Messenger so we even traded AIM names. Then I drove him down to where his car was parked.

We promised to stay in touch. But I never saw him again after that. Still, it was an amazing experience. I have never told anyone I work with and am a very well respected Calculus teacher now in a different school district. But every so often at the end of the day, I still think back to that encounter.

So here’s the question. Who would like to see a Filthy Fantasy be written about Natasha and Adrian?

If you would like that, please email or comment and we’ll start working on it!

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Natasha Part 3

Hey Angels!

Part Three of Natasha’s illicit encounter today!

…”Can I give you a ride?” I think I asked.

He told me he had his car parked across the street. I told him that was no problem, I could give him a ride over to it. He shrugged and said sure he’d like to ride.

I blushed again. Hard this time. He kept smiling.

He got in the car and we drove out of the school. He never even gave me any more directions. I just kept driving for a bit, heading to my apartment.

I had just recently moved in and I lived by myself.

When we got into my apartment complex I looked at him. I didn’t know anything about him, but I felt safe with him.

He asked me if we were going to my place.

I told him we were.

I parked the car and quickly got out. I don’t know why but him looking at me just got me so hot and bothered that I lost all train of thought.

Luckily my apartment was on the ground floor and I opened my door.

I looked at Adrian. He looked back at me.

“Did you want me to  come inside?” he asked me.

I remember nodding.

He smiled and came inside.

I was trembling. This was so crazy. I could get fired for this. I would never work again. To be honest I was only teaching so I’d have a steady schedule with plenty of time to take care of children when I had kids but I didn’t want to end my career before it began!

But then Adrian touched me and I forgot everything.

I literally threw my arms around him and kissed him.

I kissed him so hard and began rubbing my body all over his. Up and down.

He kissed back and his hands were all over me.

This guy…he’d definitely been around the block because he took my blouse off so fast. And my skirt. The next thing I knew I was just in my bra and thong.

“Turn around,” he commanded me.

I turned around and bent over, showing him my butt.

He slowly pulled down my thong and began to use his fingers on my pussy.

I couldn’t believe it. I exploded right there. That’s all it took.

After that, I needed him to hold me a bit longer while my knees stopped shaking before I got on my knees and took off his belt.

I blew him with all the skills I learned in college and he was wet and hard by the time he was out of my mouth.

We didn’t have a condom (I hadn’t planned the whole thing out) so instead I lay back down on my couch and he crawled over and stuck his tongue in me. He used his tongue to play with my pussy until I was thrashing and screaming.

I must have had three or four orgasms back to back. I sort of blacked out or I guess let the pleasure just take me away because the next thing I knew he was getting up on his feet.

I wanted to have sex. But we couldn’t because I didn’t want to get pregnant.

So I got back on my knees and began to use my hand and my mouth to get him off.

I looked up at him as I blew him and then told him to cum down my throat.

That did it. He unloaded all his cum inside me.

I guzzled and guzzled and tried to save a bit to keep on my tongue and show him afterwards.

The final part is coming tomorrow!!

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Natasha’s Story Part 2

 Hey Angels!

Sorry I left you on a cliffhanger yesterday. Without further ado, here is the rest of the letter! If you haven’t read the beginning go to yesterdays’ blog post!

…I couldn’t get over his eyes. They seemed to drill into me. I didn’t know if I could move. I tried to tell them that class was over and I must have done something like that because the last of the students started to go through the door.

Except this guy.

He told me his name was Adrian and he was a senior in the local college. I realized he had repeated himself after I had asked him again and I blushed.

Not for nothing, but I realized that my skirt was rather short and maybe I had a button more than I should have undone.

But I couldn’t do anything. I was frozen. It was like all I wanted to do was run my hands over Adrian’s body and then run my lips on him.

I think he sensed this too because he asked me if he could help me do anything to close up for the day. I told him he could close the door and he nodded.

But then I realized that he was going to close the door with him inside.

All sorts of thoughts ran through my head. I didn’t know the district’s procedures about checking in after I was done and I knew I had to turn in some paperwork to get my day counted. But I couldn’t think straight so I came up with something else. The fastest thing I could think of.

“You can help me take some things to my car,” I said.

Adrian looked me over and gave me a smirk. I looked at his body highlighted by the shirt he was wearing and I knew that I was going to do something stupid. But what?

I had all my paperwork and books in a rollable mobile office and wheeled it out to my car after locking up. Adrian walked next to me, talking and answering questions. He asked me some. I really to this day can’t remember what we talked about.

My knees were shaking. I was walking unsteadily on my heels. My panties were wet and I could feel my inner thighs dripping. It was like he had pushed a button inside me.

He was 22. As a senior, he had to be. I was 30.

I knew I was in the clear. But what about his friends who he would talk to?

Adrian opened the back seat of my car door for me and I got a side view of his ass and all of a sudden, I didn’t care.

That’s all for this entry Angels! Come see what Natasha has to say in her letter tomorrow!

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Filthy Fantasies!

Hey Angels!

Long time!

Anyways I just wanted to jump in here because last week Natalie posted a few of her stories and she suggested that anyone who wanted to share a particularly dirty or naughty thing they’d done to please send me an email at

So…you wanna know how many stories we got?

Somewhere around 671 the last time we checked.

I’m so serious. So no way are we going to be able to put them all out, but we followed up with the first five to ten to make sure that it’s okay to share on the blog as long as we obfuscate names and all and they said yes that’s fine.

If you submitted a story, then we’ll reach out to you. Some cases people submitted fantasies lol and that’s fine too.

But let me just say. Wow. There are some really naughty angels in the house right now reading this blog lol.

There’s literally no other way to describe it. I mean I thought I acted slutty occasionally but some of you ladies – wow. You need to star in your own reality tv show.

I’m just dropping a quick story here from Natasha in Atlanta. Oh yeah, all names have been changed to protect the innocent. Or not so innocent.

Anyways, Natasha wrote in and aside from some grammar and tightening, I’m basically keeping the message the same!

Anyways, here it is!

Dear Alexis:

I wanted to share my filthy adventure with you and your angels since you all share so much with us. I am a 30 year old teacher in Georgia. My story begins in my first year that I was substitute teaching. I was just out of school where I had gotten my Masters in Education and I had been called in to fill in for a math teacher that had called in sick from his classes – most of which were calculus and algebra.

I managed to get through most of the classes, but towards the end of the day I had to teach a AP Calculus class that was all seniors. Most of the kids in there played some kind of sport and as it was the end of the day, they were pretty rowdy. A few even had their friends show up. Since they had just taken their AP test there really wasn’t much for me to cover as school was almost over for the year.

As the bell rang most of the kids left the class but a few stayed. I looked over. There were some friends of a student in my class and they slowly started to leave to but one young man really caught my eye.

He was tall, but very well built. And he had a sparkle in his eye. He was also a slightly bit older looking than the high school seniors. He told me he was a senior in a local college. And his eyes gazed at me I could feel myself flush. I had just gotten out of a relationship with my boyfriend who had decided to go back to his ex girlfriend.

And – that’s just a taste. We’ll have the rest of the letter tomorrow! You know me! Alexis the Cliffhanger!


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A Twist In The Tale

Hey there Angels!

Wow your comments and emails yesterday were so awesome and thank you! Please keep them coming.

But I gotta warn you. Something unexpected has happened!

See, I had that whole list that I was talking about. And I even put it on my phone. So I decided to go with Joyce to this event that Community had at his school. I know I know this is really wrong but even if nothing was gonna happen I just wanted to look at Jock so I could masturbate about him later haha.

Anywyas, forget everything I said ever about Jock or Community or his brother. Because I get there and there’s a cookout going on and Jock is behind the grill with a few other dudes. I go over to say hello and he introduces me to his father.


Is so handsome.

He’s around 40. And so freaking hot.

I’m melting just looking at him. And we talk for a bit but I keep it classy because I don’t want his wife to get mad at me or anything because I mean if I was married I’d be totally protecting this man with every second I had so that no one like me could come and shake her tits at him.

I get a glass of wine with Joyce at the bar that they got going on there and I’m totally upfront and blatant and ask about Jock’s Dad. And Joyce is like “haha no girl. He’s divorced. Go for it!”

So Angels forget everything I’ve said.

Who cares about Jock. I want his dad.

And I’m going to seduce his dad. That’s the end of it.

I can’t tell you how long I talked to him. I purposefully didn’t ask for his phone number or anything. I just left it really open.

“How do you know Jock?” his dad asked me at one point.

“A lot of guys just want to know me, but I live next to his friend.”

“I’ll bet they want to know you.”

I just laughed when he asked…

“Would you like some meat?”

“Yes please I’d love some.”

And then he put a burger on my plate.

“What would you like with it?”


I got that line from Alexis and one of her books. I think Wicked Lil’ Brat. I hate mayo. I don’t eat mayo ever.

But I was super happy to slather it on my burger and put it on my face.

“You got some mayo on your chin,” he said sitting next to me.

“Why don’t you get it? My hands are greasy.”

And then his fingers touched my face.

I can’t tell you how many times I came thinking about it that night when I was all on my own.

Mainly because I lost count.

But I’m going to seduce this man.

Tell me your thoughts Angels!

Also share with me your thoughts on seducing guys and what it was like when you seduced a guy. Send emails to and Alexis will publish a few stories as soon as we get them!

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Jock Itch!

Hey there Angels

So thanks for all the comments and emails that you guys sent my way about this. It really gave me some food for thought. I gotta say, some of you Angels make us look so tame with your exploits from back in the day!

One of the things I was learning as I was reading this was that maybe we should do a segment on the blog similar to Penthouse Letters or whatever where people can email in and we will publish what they did. Anonymously of course. As long as its hot. I don’t know. What do you guys think? I might talk to Alexis about that.

Anyways, so I also talked to Alexis about the current dilemma with Jock and Community and his brother. And you know Alexis. She was like okay you should just do all three of them and have Joyce join in as well and I just rolled my eyes because what else was I expecting?

So when Alexis finally calmed down, I sat down and we may have had a breakthrough.

I decided that if Joyce is okay with it then I want to get dirty with Jock. But it feels so wrong because he’s so much younger than me – which also makes it so much more exciting. But I need to set some ground rules. So here they are.

  1. I am not his girlfriend. We’re not in any relationship. He has to be okay that I go suck like 20 dicks right after he leaves because he doesn’t have any claim over me.
  2. Its just sex. Nothing more. I have crazy horniness taking me over and I’m going to use him like an animal looking to scratch an itch.
  3. I may cut off all contact with him at any point
  4. I will actively still be looking for Mr. Right
  5. He is not Mr. Right
  6. I am happy spending time with him outside of sex as long as he doesn’t develop feelings
  7. HE needs to be available for sex whenever I want
  8. I do not need to be available for sex whenever he wants. Whether we have sex is entirely my decision.

Ok so after I came up with these rules Alexis just looked at me weird and she was like asking me the following:

“How much time did you spend with him?”

And I told her I met him and accidentally brushed him as I walked away from the fridge. And that he had come and asked me to go swimming.

So Alexis raises an eye as she looks at me.

“And  you don’t think if before you guys hang out if you put all those demands on him he’s not going to think you’re crazy?”

So I mean I know I want all these things. But when should I bring it up? I’m good at the sex part but the relationship part is tricky. Help me Angels!

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Dirty Dilemma

Hey there Angels,

Thank you so much for your comments and emails about the issue with Jock. So this is a rough situation to be honest because the biggest thing in my brain is that he’s so young and virile. And sexy as all hell.

The other day Joyce and I were on the balcony and we were watching Community and Jock work out and I was watching him do crunches and by the time I was done, my panties were wet haha. We were having margaritas and even Joyce was like “Okay that man wants to go swimming with you? Have you said yes to him yet?”

Now here’s the other thing about Joyce and her husband. Those two have like the kinkiest sex ever. I don’t know if you have a place like this in your town or city but Joyce and her husband go to the Power Exchange. A lot.

What is the Power Exchange?

It’s like a sex club where you can go. Girls can go on their own or guys can go but they also have couples night where you can go. You can watch other people have sex or join in the fun. I’ve never had the nerve to go on my own and sure Alexis has mentioned it a few times but then again sometimes we sort of create the Power Exchange in her living room haha.

Anyways, Joyce is pretty free and now that we had the talk about Jock and her sons I’m a lot more free around her. So I tell her I’m just not sure. And part of the reason is what Wendy was talking about too. Because if I go out with Jock and then he goes and tells Community then something might happen where they feel left out.

But then again, I mean, I’m not a community well. People don’t have a right to drink from me. So maybe I should do it.

But Joyce says “If you don’t hurry up and jump on that man, then I may start asking Brent if we can!”

Brent is her husband.

Okay so wait one second. Did Joyce just say to me that she would be okay fucking her son’s friend with her husband?

Isn’t that like a hundred times more drama than the hot neighbor (if I do say so myself haha) fucking her sons friend? I mean is Jock going to wet his whistle in one of us? Because if Joyce is going to do it then hell yes I’ll do it. I’ll suck Jock’s dick as Community puts his inside of me and his brother puts it in my ass if Joyce doesn’t care.

I’ve been holding back all this time out of a desire to be a good friend and not think with my pussy like Alexis does (joking! Or am I? haha)

So you see the issue that I’m facing?

What are your thoughts?

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Asking Out

Hey there Angels!

Okay so thanks again for all your comments and emails. I guess I’m Naughty Natalie now haha. Anyways, the reason I keep asking is because I want to know what you’d do in the situation. Because there are a bunch of situations like the ones I’m describing and it’s important to set the context for the story I’m about to tell you soon one of these days.

So yesterday I was talking about how the brushing happened with Community and his friend. Now I thought Joyce’s two sons were hard up for me, but Community’s friend, who I’m gonna call Jock was just beyond anything I could ever have expected.

I mean, I just brushed across his dick a bit because the space was so tight. But what does he do?

He knocks on my door the next day. And asks if I want to go swimming sometime.

Now Angels, I know you’re probably like, it’s winter. What is he talking about. But there’s actually a W Hotel close by and they have an indoor pool and hot tub and lounge area part of their Bliss Spa experience and Jock is asking if I want to go there.

So, this guy is not related to Joyce in any way. And he’s hot as sin. And 19 years old.

It seems so dirty to. Does anyone feel me?

But I’m not ready to give it up yet. And I know that it’s still pretty wrong since Joyce is my friend and what if Jock tells Community and his brother and they get upset.

So I’m not sure what to do so I tell him I’ll think about it and I take his phone number.

I ask Joyce to have some wine with me across the street at a winebar that Alexis usually used to go to and I tell Joyce about Jock knocking on my door and tell her the whole story. I don’t mention accidentally brushing up against his dick but I do say that he was pretty into me.

So first off, cheers to all the Angels who were saying that Joyce probably noticed because the first thing she says is that she’s been so amused how her two sons can’t get enough of me and how Jock was just devouring me with her eyes. I’m a bit flustered because I don’t know what to say but Joyce Is just laughing it off. We’re about the same age almost – Joyce is maybe a few years older than me but she had kids super early in life.

She seems to not mind at all that I’m dressed all slutty around her kids and against I think its because she dresses pretty sexy too. And she is all for me going swimming with Jock. I mean lets be real. He’s going to see my in a tiny black bikini. I’m going to ask him to rub lotion on me. And tell him to go lower until he’s cupping my ass. Then I’m going to rub my ass against his dick and pretend to be all innocent. That’s what you do when you go swimming with someone right?

Share your thoughts with me Angels!

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Hey there Angels,

So let me just start by saying thanks to all of you who emailed saying that no I didn’t do anything wrong. Also to people who commented.

Yes, I am a tease. Why should guys get to have all the fun.

Also, yes I do know what it does to those guys. They’re so tongue tied and horny that the day I was wearing the naked pants they basically wouldn’t leave us alone.

But here’s where it maybe got a little too much.

So a few days after the naked pants thing I went over to Joyce’s apartment. And no, she does not read the blog. I was wearing a short black skirt and a matching top. I was going to have drinks with Alexis and Daphne later while Lana was going to be writing so I didn’t want to change. Joyce had asked me if I wanted to come over and have a few glasses of wine and I thought that would be great pre-game.

So I get there and we’re hanging out. Now the thing about Joyce is that she gets a lot of phone calls from clients and prospective clients. And after two or three glasses of wine she got a call just as her son and one of his friends came over. This is the son that goes to community college.

So he’s literally staring at me from the kitchen counter and Joyce is on the phone. At a certain point she gets up to go to their office that she and her husband have and I decide okay I’m bored so I get up off the couch and walk to the counter where her son, lets call him Community, is sitting with his friend trying desperately not to ogle me.

Now my top has a plunging neckline so I go over to the counter and bend a bit to give them a good view as I say hello and ask them whats up. You should hear these guys. Normally they have a lot of game I can tell but in the moment when I’m talking to them they sound half alive. They sound like they’ve forgotten half the English language.

So I decide to drive it up a notch and I walk over to them and past them, brushing them slightly, and open the fridge door where I bend over, giving them a view of you know what and go to pull the bottle of wine out.

I may even have shook my ass a bit.

If their looks could heat things up I’m sure parts of me would be on fire haha.  After I get the wine bottle I pour some back at the counter, which I get to by brushing against them.

The second time I brushed them (a part of this is unintentional since there is not that much space) I literally feel Community’s friend’s cock through his jeans because its hard as a rock. Not like I tried to grab it or anything but I feel it brush up against me as I squeezed by.

I thought I was having a good time, but Angels let me know if that’s going too far?