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Moving Into the Angel Den….

Hey Angels.

So I figured something as momentous as moving in with Alexis deserved a post. Because…well you’ll find out.

So Alexis used to have a dog. She’ll talk about that later I’m sure, it’s not my story to tell. But I don’t understand how the dog couldn’t have made life difficult for her. I’ll explain why.

So I arrive bright and early in the morning with a small birthday cake because my friend is taking her special day to help me move in.

Alexis takes the cake and gives me coffee. Then we look at the huge U-haul that I brought with me.

Then, as if on command, she almost claps her hands and three men appear out of nowhere. Okay, maybe she didn’t clap her hands, but it was freaky. She introduces them to me as IT Guy, Gym Rat, and Gym Bro. Now I know they have real names but this is Alexis so this is what she calls them in real life. I’m a bit stunned.

Then Alexis instructs her harem (there’s no better word for what I was seeing) and they proceed to flex and grunt and roar. Then they all go and start picking things up from the U Haul and bringing it inside.

“Just don’t open that closet,” is all Alexis keeps on saying for a bit. IT Guy sets up my computer and electronics. Gym Bro and Gym Rat bring my suitcases and light furniture like my bed and nightstand in. They also bring my television.

I bring in my clothes. I don’t want an Alexis man to be running his hands over my lingerie, if you know what I mean.

“Alexis I need to hang my coat,” I tell her.

“Wait!” Don’t open that closet, she says, referring to the hallway closet.

But I open it, because how bad can it be. I mean I get it. She probably stuffed some things in there when she was getting ready for me. We’ve seen each other naked at the spa. I’m able to handle a closet.

I open it.

First, the clothes fall out. The closet ceiling is about 10 feet tall. So I have clothes falling on me from the ceiling.

Then shoe boxes come tumbling down.

Then some pots and pans.

Some more clothes.

Cups. A plate?

A box of Apple Jacks. A sweater. And an old iphone.

“You opened it!!!” Alexis says with a pout.

We spend a good five minutes laughing. And then she asks Gym Bro to put it all back in.

This is going to be an insane life. I can already tell.

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Lana has moved in!

So a lot of things to talk about tonight before I go to bed.

Firstly, Lana moved in. Trust me, it was insane. I think she’s gonna write about it Sunday so I’m not gonna spoil her thunder. Because at first she was like WTF and then we just started laughing. It’s definitely going to be a bit of a transition.

Also…I’m pleased to introduce to you…Sinful Selections. I asked yesterday if people liked it and the response was overwhelmingly good! So…chapters will be uploaded every Tuesday. The first several story lines are up now…go crazy making decisions. If you don’t know what Sinful Selections is…imagine a love story babe. Except here you make the choices. Lets say you meet a guy and he smiles at you. Do you want to throw your shoe? Or take off your skirt?

Daphne and I came up with the idea and we’ve put it together. We’re also writing it together and we’re excited to see your reactions! I love it. And the best part is…we keep adding to it! So go here to Sinful Selections and make your fate babe!

Lastly, I want to tell you, that aside form every Tuesday updates to Sinful Selections, I have a MAJOR surprise for you coming this week. It’s so massive that I can barely keep it to myself. It’s so huge. I’m literally shaking. So I am gonna tell you soon!

Anyways babes I love you all. Tomorrow I see what a full day living with Lana (who is asleep) is gonna be like!

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Tell me if you like this

Hey Angels, you’ll notice that Fun & Games is gone because I wanted to try something new. Daphne and I came up with this. Take a look at the section called Sinful Selections. We’re still building it out but let me know if you like the concept…its like a choose your own adventure.


Warning, if you hit the end of the story, that means we’re still adding more to it and it’ll keep coming back to the last page read. Anyways, let me know!

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Hello, Angels!

Hey there, Naughty Angels!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Daphne Dawn. I write steamy contemporary romance – the more men the better.

But before I begin, I want to give a warm thank you to Alexis Angel for letting me join her family that she’s created here. I’m still trying to get everything sorted – including a picture on my profile and figuring out the back end stuff.

I’ve been writing for a while now and I was an Amazon author that was on Kindle Unlimited. Then I went on a cruise with my boyfriend Greg and upon coming back to dry land discovered that I was now a banned author!

All my books were taken down.

Fast forward five months and here I am. My boyfriend Greg is now my ex boyfriend. We had some issues that were at first easily covered up by having sex, but when we slowed down on the sex the issues kept bubbling up. Add to that a traumatic event like losing your source of income, and the relationship just didn’t last.

I was actually thinking of giving up writing when Alexis, who I had worked with before, reached out to me and convinced me to start going wide under the Naughty Angel Publishing group. I’ll tell you – she may sometimes come across as happy go lucky without a care in the world but that woman has an insanely good business skill. She’s also very compassionate.

What followed then were several weeks of contractual workings, and now here I am, as a contributor to the Naughty Angel group! I’m excited to be a part of this family. Like I said, I worked with Lana and Alexis in the past, and I’d marveled at the community that they had created. I was always a bit envious about it, and rest assured now that I am in it, I’ll protect it with everything I have.

I have a few books out in the store already: 3 Men of the House, 4 Men of the House, The Other Brother, The Marriage Mistake, The Proposal Problem and The Better Bride. Go check it out on the store if you haven’t already! More are coming.

In fact, today’s Featured Deal from Alexis is actually Caught on Tape, which is 35% off – to get the book for $1.99!

I’m excited to update and share in with y’all, and once again, thank you for welcoming me into your group!

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IT Guy, The Dude, Gym Rat and Gym Bro

Angels, why does this always happen to me?
I’m like less than a month into actively dating and now I’m like ooh, four guys. This is like some crazy romantic comedy novel or at least a good contemporary romance that just goes on forever lol.

Ok, ok, so let me recap these men and start to keep a spreadsheet lol.

IT Guy – lives down the hall and was a perfect gentleman the first time we went out. The second time after he got back from Thanksgiving he was a bit handsy and yes we did make out for a bit but he came close to second base but kept himself. If it were me I’d have jumped his bones but he’s happy to play it cool I think. Also, he knows what I write and is not intimidated at all. He’s cute, but in a nerdy sort of way – still he’s got broad shoulders and I dunno…I like the intelligent look in his eyes. He’s got a good job and he’s able to take care of himself. Cons. His apartment is an absolute disaster of a place. Worse than mine. Clothes everywhere. He barely cooks, even though I think he knows to. But at least he doesn’t use his oven to store shoes like I do. Speaking of which, I need to clean my apartment today because Lana in moving in tomorrow.

The Dude – basically came over to talk to Lana and me the other day when we were talking about her moving in. He initially started talking to Lana and then I started talking to and he started talking to me and Lana and then just me. He’s cute but he lives with a roommate and he’s younger than me so thats not flattering because I still wish I was 21. Not really. I was really dumb at 21 lol. Anyways, he’s 23 I think and a barista at Starbucks. The biggest drawback here…I dunno if he is really into me or if he was into Lana at first and I just accidentally butted in because I was at the table 🙁

Gym Rat – Was staring at my ass at the gym and helped me do reverse leg lifts. His hands were all over my legs and ass and my panties were super fucking wet by the time I was done with that set. I wondered if they could smell them lol. Anyways, the three of us went to get smoothies at jamba juice afterwards and I got both their numbers and he was the first to text me and said we should hang out for drinks sometime. I like drinks. So maybe he has a shot. Big con here is that I don’t know him as much as the other guys.

Gym Bro – Friend of Gym Rat. Both of them were actually talking and staring at my ass and came up to talk to me. He wasn’t that handsy but his face is cuter even if he didn’t flirt as much. He also texted me but suggested we get some post workout lunch some day or go to a spin class together. I like spin class and/or lunch but it doesn’t sound as appealing as going out for drinks. Big cons here are I don’t know him as much and he’s not really flirty.

Lemme know what you think.

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Author Interview

Howdy Angels!

So, Daphne Dawn is going to get credentials for the store tomorrow, but before that, Alexis and I got on a chat with her to make sure we caught all the pertinent information. This was a while ago, but I just had to share this with you guys because it was too funny. I’m going to be living with this woman, Alexis, and I’m excited!

Interview Excerpt:

Lana: Hey Daphne!
Daphne: Hey Lana!
Alexis: Hi
Daphne: Hey Alexis! Long time no speak.
Alexis: Yup.
Lana: So Daphne we just have a few questions to make sure that our store will be a good fit for you, if that’s okay.
Daphne: Sure, not a problem.
Alexis: I’ll go first!
Lana: Okay, Alexis. I mean we have a script.
Alexis: Ya, ya, whatever. Ok Daphne I gotta ask. When you cum, do you see spots?
Daphne: Uhm, what? Haha.
Alexis: You know, do you see stars? Or see spots?
Lana: Alexis dear…
Daphne: Not really?
Lana: Because that means you’re having a heart attack.
Alexis: (typing)
Lana: Let’s go with this question, instead. Daphne, what is your favorite book, if you had to choose?
Daphne: That’s a hard one. I’d have to say 4 Men of the House even though the Other Brother and Marriage Mistake are such runaway bestsellers.
Alexis: Wait. You wrote that with Natalie Knight, right?
Daphne: That’s right.
Alexis: Have you and Natalie ever….you know?
Daphne: No, I don’t. What?
Lana: Oh god.
Alexis: Have you two ever fucked?
Daphne: Oh, dear.
Lana: Oh no.
Daphne: Actually, I’m pretty conservative in my normal life. I don’t get much of a chance to do things like that.
Alexis: Ok but would you?
Lana: Alexis…
Daphne: I don’t know that I’ve ever thought about it.
Alexis: Like what if you were drunk?
Daphne: I don’t usually drink
Alexis: (Typing)
Lana: Ok, lets get back on track. Daphne, how often do you think you’d release with us?
Daphne: I think once a month at least. Maybe more if it’s one of those long stories that you guys do, telling it in parts.
Alexis: Do you like get yourself off after finishing a book?
Daphne: What? haha?
Alexis: Like I usually play with my vibe to celebrate after a book is done u know?
Daphne: Don’t you do that anyways? I read your newsletter…
Alexis: Ya but this is a special one. Like I finished a book. Boom
Daphne: I usually make a pie.
Alexis: Ooooh. Do you let your hubby fuck it? Like in American Pie????
Daphne: …..

It’s a wonder Daphne Dawn ever ended up bringing her stuff to our store. I was chuckling, shaking my head, and letting my mouth hang open all at once.

But she’s Alexis. And I love her.

And I love you.

Thank you for having me in your family, Angels. I love it here.

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Ok, the gym is amazing!

Lol that’s not what you normally say and I don’t say it either.
But I had new athleisure wear yesterday with new yoga pants form Lululemon that made me look super delicioso.

Too bad I was super fucking hungover.

Anyways so after I sent my email I went to the gym. I was hung over from going out with sorority sisters and drinking cosmos and apparently not increasing my server size. Anyways, so you ever been to the gym, or anywhere really and you get the vibe that someone somewhere is staring either at your ass or legs? Or your whole body?

Well I’m doing reverse leglifts on a machine because like I want to keep a super tight butt and I see two dudes staring at me near the free weights section.

Now I can do two things: 1. I can get all upset


2. I can get all tingly.

Guess which one I ended up getting?

Yeah, I did reverse leg lifts till my leg couldn’t do any more and then I switched over. My black yoga pants were super sexy and I’m like okay this is working because the two dudes are like just standing there and I’m like so flattered omg. I’m on cloud nine because this is insane. They aren’t bad looking guys either. Broad shoulders and cut and clean cut and looking like they work for J. Crew.

So I do the other leg and I’m like okay are they just gonna stare.

And one of them comes up and is like, “Do you need a spotter?”


Yes, please spot me.

And I turn around after getting off the machine and I’m like…”I need two spotters”

Then I wink and nod.

And I’m gonna tell the rest of the story tomorrow because I gotta clean the apartment before Lana gets here. I have panties all over. In the most random of places! Like yesterday I found a pair of La Perla in the oven.

What the fuck.

Oh babes! We have so many books coming into the store. We had two books come in from Lana. We had a bunch of books come from Daphne. We’re getting new authors. Building momentum. Lana and I did an interview with Daphne that Lana is publishing tomorrow too!

Check out Featured Deals too. Some good deals.

Okay, love you lots and yes, I have stories to tell. I’ll try to come in tomorrow morning (Thurs) once I wake up and after the gym to finish the story. It’s shiver worthy!

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Ok so I might be too popular for my own good…

And no, I don’t mean dudes. Or the Dude. Or whatever.

I mean the most important thing. With you angels.

You wanna know what happened when I sent out the notice that I had released a book as straight Alexis Angel?

So many people clicked the book link on the newsletter that the server was like OMG this is an attack! Shut down and protect yourself and all the information! And the server basically shut the fuck down.

So I got on the phone with server people that run the internets and they’re like yeah you have too many people coming to your site and the server shut down.

Basically my book broke my store lol. That feels so fucking amazing babes. Like Lana did that with Dirty Brother and I was like oh my god that’s amazing but now I did it.

So I guess we have to upgrade the server. Again. Which we’re doing tonight. I went out with some sorority sisters and we had some drinks and now I’m home (no guy, I need to clean my apartment before Lana moves in in a few days) and I’m gonna call and upgrade the server.

Altho I’m sorta drunk so maybe we won’t have a store left by the time I’m done lol. I’m just kidding I swear I only had five cosmos.

Anyways, I know I’m not drunk because when I am I usually write dirty sex or have dirty sex or do something slutty. Anyways, right now I’m in fluffy PJs and with my computer so I don’t think there’s anything slutty about that.

But the server, right? Like how crazy is that.

I know a lot of people clicked and couldn’t get to the site so I’m gonna make amends for that. And I’m gonna do it like this:

Use coupon code: SERVER

And get the following books for 99 cents!!!

Those books are:

Man Chaser
Cunning Linguist

That’s $12 dollars worth of books for $3.96

That’s like a 67% discount if you get all four. And of course any other promotions that are going on apply!!!

Tomorrow I’m gonna finally talk about the Dude and IT Guy and the time we spent together. I think it’s gonna be pretty interesting.

I’m also gonna be working on the server and flirting with tech support from my hosting company. It’s hilarious because I do it on chat and I say sexy things and they’re like uhm what lol. anyways, that’s what happens with cosmos I guess.

Ok angels lets put this server to the test lol

Oh more surprises coming. A new author is coming to the store!

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Alexis will be more responsible…

[et_pb_section bb_built=”1″][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text]

Yeah. It’s true. Alexis and I are moving in together.

The truth is that I’m really looking forward to it.

Guess whose going to have someone chasing them around to finish their chapters? Alexis. And I’ll chase her to finish. No more.

Also, here’s something you didn’t know maybe. Alexis cooks really well – she just never does it. I also bake well, so that’s great.

But biggest thing I think is that this store. Alexis is great but she doesn’t understand the technical stuff as much as she thinks she does. So earlier today, we had a new release. It was Stuff Me, Stepbrother Episode One. Anyways, so many people clicked on the link that the whole store crashed. Now there is a way with CDN and site optimization that we can fix this – but we need another server upgrade. The people at the server hosting place were astounded. They said that a thousand people had tried to access the site in the first five minutes of the initial campaign and the server – to protect itself and all the data it manages – shut itself down to make sure it was all kosher.

Anyways, I’ve been telling Alexis to upgrade the server and optimize the site so I’m looking forward to doing this with her when I move in. I know it sounds boring, but the fact of the matter is that we are almost too popular for the infrastructure we’ve got. Too many people are coming to the site and it’s starting to buckle. This can’t keep happening.



This is the cover that broke our site. I’m pretty sure I know why 😉


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New Roommate?

So Angels guess what?

You guys sent so many well wishes and comments to Lana about being an angel that we went out this evening and this is what the convo kinda went like:

Lana: Shouldn’t we be writing chapters for the next book?
Alexis: Babe let your hair down okay?
Lana: I can’t. We need to finish up these books we started
Alexis: Ya ya hey is that guy staring at me?
Lana: What guy?
Alexis: Turn around and look at him, but do it without turning around, okay?
Lana: WTF
Alexis: Anyways, so are you more comfortable now? You get that we never really broke up as a team right?
Lana: Yeah listen I’m sorry…but what guy? What happened to Technology Man?
Alexis: It’s IT Guy and he’s amazing and I might put out next time.
Lana: Already?
Alexis: Hello, I was trying to seduce him remember? Besides its gonna be Date number 3
Lana: Yeah, listen…what do you think now that Mr. Lana Angel and I are separated and my 4 month lease is expiring that I…
Alexis: Why don;t you move in? I have two bedrooms!!
Lana: Yeah, that’s what I was going to say
Alexis: Except I said it first! Hey that dude is staring at me
Lana: Let me look (turning around)
Alexis: OMG! You turned around
Lana: He’s not staring at you
(Dude walks over to our table)
Dude: Hello
Lana: (To Alexis) So what do you say?
Alexis: Yes
Dude: That’s a yes?

And that’s a whole new story I think.

Check out my new series on the Featured Deals page!!! My release. All me.

I’ve been working on this ALL BY MYSELF. NOT ME AND LANA! Finally I have my own release oh my god it feels so good. Oh man.