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So I finally told Alexis about listening to her and the two dudes….

Thank you angels for your support when I was wondering what exactly to tell Alexis.

So I told her yesterday. I basically said, “Hey, you know the other day when you were with Gym Bros, I could hear you guys from my room.”
“Did it sound hot?” she asked me.
I just nodded my head.
“Did you get yourself off, babe?” she asked me and I nodded again, sort of amazed.
Leave it to Alexis to have her head in the gutter so that’s where she went immediately.
“Did it feel good listening to me and getting off?” she asked after that and I started to blush I think and nodded my head again.
“That’s pretty hot, Lana,” she said to me. “Did you cum?”
“Oh yeah,” I answered. “A whole bunch.”
“Mmmm,” is all Alexis said and I looked at her.
“What’s up?” I asked.
“I dunno, I’m just really turned on thinking of you cumming to me,” is all she said.
I just rolled my eyes. I gave her five minutes and true enough in less time than that Alexis disappeared to her room. I’m guessing I knew what she went to go do.

Let me just say that before moving in here I would have never imagined something like this would happen. It’s completely crazy. We’re turning into horny little animals – at least I am. Alexis is already a hornball.

And why do I say this?

Because just thinking about the conversation and then watching Alexis walk…no run is an appropriate word…to her room got me in the mood. So I went to my room and pulled out the wand. And went to town.

That was yesterday. Alexis is dragging me out for New Years Eve celebrations tonight so we’ll see what goes on there but life keeps getting crazier and crazier in this house. I feel like I should go to church and pray or something, you know?

Let me know what you think.

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Wow…what should I do, angels?

So Alexis got all dolled up last night to go out with Gym Bro and Gym Rat. She left around 9 pm.
I was sitting at home, writing up Book 9 of They All Love Me series and I’m like bye have fun because I know its useless to try and keep Alexis home on a Friday night without going out or keep her in the apartment when there is the potential of sex with hot guys involved. Also she needed to go out because of the whole thing with WineBar. So I was happy for her and she asked me to come a few times but I really wanted to get final edits on my latest episode done so it can come out today.

Around 1 am I’m in my room and I hear the door open and close and I can hear Alexis giggling. Then I hear a male voice. Then I hear another male voice. They’re commanding and confident.

They don’t stay out too much longer (I was already naked – and yes I was naked while I was working on finalizing the book to make sure it was good enough to…well you get it, I hope). So I didn’t go out but within minutes I heard the door close to Alexis’ bedroom.

And then the sounds started. The moaning. The groaning. A headboard hitting the wall. I think I may have heard a chair fall and the Windows opening theme song at some point. Giggles and laughter. And I’m sure I heard people cumming several times.

I’ll be honest, Angels. It got me pretty hot. I threw away three chapters and redid them. Then I took out my vibrator and I couldn’t resist. I think I may have cum the same time as Alexis on that one.

After a bit, I went to sleep. But when I woke up this morning to make breakfast, Alexis was still in her room. I knew the guys are still in there because their shoes are by the door.

Anyways, Alexis came out finally, the guys came out with her and they left the apartment after a few minutes. I came back to my room to write this post.

Do I tell Alexis about what I heard last night and how much it turned me on? I mean, there are some details in there I haven’t mentioned yet but I will in DLA, but let me know what you think.

And no, to anyone who thinks well, won’t Alexis just read this post and be able to tell, that’s not a worry. She doesn’t read other people’s posts on this blog usually – just her own and the comments if she gets a chance. I mean, she’s my best friend but she’s a bit scattered trying to do everything at once.

Living with Alexis Angel is like a book by itself.

Tell me your thoughts, Angels.

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Tonight Is The Night

After all your comments about WineBar in DLA and how I should drop him, I just have one thing to say.

I couldn’t agree with you more.

Ladies, how many times have you been played by a man? Or been mistreated by one?

Pining for a man is not what a strong woman does. He could easily have called me to let me know. He had to stop to eat, get gas, or pee. What, he couldn’t take a moment to text me?

So tonight is the night. I’m going out with Gym Bro and Gym Rat. All the work that’s been done is gonna end up with tonight culminating in something I dunno what yet.

I’ll have an update in DLA for you tomorrow as to what happened.

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WineBar and the Holidays! And other stuff!

So I’ve put up the whole story of WineBar and the holidays in DLA. I put it in the I Need Advice section, Angels.

Also, you’ll start to see actual related products on some of the books. This change is coming. Thank you Laura for pointing that out!

Also, Lana’s eighth installment in her hit series, They All Love Me is out! Click here to check it out!

Exciting news! If you want to ARC a book going forward, then Daphne has posted about the new ARC Angel program that we’re starting up! It’s all in Dirty Lil’ Angels.

I’m going to do a press conference soon! Submit your questions!

And we have a new author coming on board! Sometime this week!

Talk to you in DLA babes!

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Christmas is over!

But the holidays continue lol!

So Lana came home with me for Christmas this year and she’s like “omg I have to write a post about this when we get back, the world deserves to know” and I’m like ok ya whatever babe. But seriously, the four of us are back to work (Nat and Daph too) and we’ve started making some changes.

You can add books to your cart right from the page now instead of having to go to the product page and then adding to cart and then go back to the store. Also we’ve started creating series pages and soon you’ll be able to just whiz through checkout really quickly so it will save you time.

We’ve written a whole bunch more on the Urban Cowgirl and now Daphne is just updating it as we speak. Some very interesting possibilities coming into play here lol.

Series pages are now created and more are happening soon. Its under the Buy Books tab. Speaking of Buy Books, I wanna change the name. To something like the bookstore or Book Shop or something. What do you guys think?

And before you’re like oh okay whatever Alexis is too busy to listen to me, I wanna thank Laura, and Ramona, and Marie and Jenna and Marta who all suggested changes to the site that we incorporated. Like Featured Deals on the same page. Ashley S. I’m talking about you too. You wanted to see all the new releases to date in a section and we have that now on the store page. And we have more comments on DLA that we’re incorporating.

Because this is your store just as much as its ours. This is your home. A place to run wild and be dirty. A place to get as nasty as you want if that’s your thing lol. So your comments are what makes this great.

Oh, and I keep pushing back talking about Gym Dudes because the major piece of the puzzle hasn’t been as easy to do with the holidays. But I am meeting both for drinks again tomorrow so hopefully something happens. I have a tingle in my pussy that tells me I’m on to some magic here. I dunno. I’ll post more in DLA.

Check out the featured deal from Natalie today. The first book she ever wrote. It’s pretty awesome. Bad boy chef. He can eat me all he wants lol.

Alright angels, talk to you soon!

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Welcome to the New Naughty Angel Store!

Hey Angels!

I’d like to congratulate Lana and Daphne and Natalie (as well as myself) for working super hard and together to put together a brand new store! We had to make a lot of sacrifices. Natalie joined and that’s the day we froze the store and her book Taste kinda got sidelined. I had to give up and push back meeting two guys on a date who might MFM me.

But the payoffs were worth it. We now have a much more robust looking platform. I’m serious babes. This store is now awesome. Not that it wasn’t awesome before, but we now no longer rely on any third party provider. And it gives us the opportunity to grow so much faster and bigger. Also, things that you guys have been wanting are now here. So for instance, you can:

  1. Now leave and read reviews! So that means there will be an ARC program of sorts.
  2. New releases are easily findable. That’s right. No more hunting through a giant wall of store products
  3. You can read the blurbs on the store itself. Just like Amazon
  4. Checkout is easier and smoother!
  5. You can search and filter by products! This is super fucking awesome (what kinda CEO describes stuff as super fucking awesome?) because we have so much stuff.
  6. Site loads faster!


There’s tons more stuff coming and I’m super excited to share it with you! But right now, I have Christmas to prepare for! Time to go start shopping! I’m a last minute shopper and this is my time to shine!

Have a look at the store angels! Let me know your suggestions here or on DLA! Look at the ARC opportunity that will be showing up in DLA later on today! And the Christmas special that all of us worked on where the short episodes are 50 cents each. This is designed to give you a chance to have a quick read (about 5,000 words) episode in a quick series to give you a Christmas jolt throughout your day!

Love you Angels!

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lmao click bait.

Store isn’t closing down. But new products are going to stop for a few days and no featured deals are gonna happen for a while.

Why you ask?

Because with Natalie Knight coming on board and other authors starting to sign up, we’re going to need to upgrade the store to provide you with the best experience.

Right now the main store page is this giant page that takes forever to load because it has like hundreds of books. We can’t grow the store to provide you with a simple experience without upgrading and quite honestly you know we’ve outgrown the platform we had at the beginning.

So everything is on the store and you may get emails time to time with specific deals but no featured ones. And hopefully when we re-emerge you’ll see a better shopping experience angels!

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HOWDY ANGELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am so excited to be given another lease on writing.

When Daphne told me that she had something sorted with Alexis and Lana I was like what? Then she was like look at this there is a whole store and it’s like having the Dirty Lil’ Angels group but you’re fucking free to do whatever the fuck you want and be as dirty as you wanna be.

And it seemed too good to be true.

Like getting kicked off Amazon might have been a blessing in disguise.

I am so insanely excited to be here, Angels. I’m going to be Natalie Angel and I’m gonna bring the smut hard core to Naughty Angel Publishing. This is always been like a dream of mine.

Here’s a secret:
I started publishing sometime late 2017 and when I was doing research, I grew up on reading stuff from Alexis and Lana.

Alexis is someone I’ve always fucking looked up to and to be working side by side with her as a colleague just blows my mind.

I’m still getting things sorted in the next couple days but our contract papers are inked and I am raring to go.

Hold on to your panties, babes. Because Natalie Knight is here!

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The Naughty Angel Pledge!

So we do a lot of deals on our store. We also release a lot of books.

I know at times it may be difficult to be like okay which book do I buy. And you may want a book and then you buy it and then see that it goes on sale. So I’m here today to make a pledge to you because we always want our books to be affordable and easy to read.

If you buy a book and then within 10 days find that there is a deal going on that would have allowed you to buy the book cheaper, simply send a message through the website or send Lana, me, or Daphne a message. We’ll respond within 24 hours with a way to make you whole so you’ll be able to continue to buy books.

This way you never have to worry again about whether you should wait for an email about a sale. Because if you get an email about a sale for a book you bought, and it was within 10 days (we’re not gonna be like oh no it was 11 days so can’t do anything, so don’t worry) we will help remedy that situation. Because Angels, you mean a lot to us. And we want you to have the most affordable and enjoyable reading experience.

In other news, have you checked out the giveaway in Dirty Lil’ Angels?

Or…have you seen Lana’s new Mile High Harem release? It’s HOT HOT HOT!!

And in personal news, IT Guy asked me today if I would like to be his girlfriend. While Gym Rat and Gym Bro said yes to getting a drink together this Sunday (I still want them both) so I am torn as to what to say. I told IT Guy I’d get back to him. I’m gonna talk more about it in Dirty Lil’ Angels.

Anyways, I’ve been quiet all day because I’ve been writing and doing Christmas shopping for Lana and other friends as well as family. I refuse to do it last minute this year. Hope your guys’ holidays are merry!

Love you lots Angels. Talk soon.