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Check Dirty Lil’ Angels!!!

OMG Babes!

So today is my day to post on the blog and I wanna just say something real quick. We have a section in Dirty Lil’ Angels where we ask people to give us their opinions and thoughts on what would make the store and forum better.

So yesterday we got a suggestion from a member (you know who you are and it’s awesome) asking why we can’t do takeovers. And the fact of the matter is that we totally can and it’s a fantastic idea. Everyone here is excited! Daphne and Natalie are like omg yes! Lana and me are like jumping up and down. We also have two new authors but they’re secret till their books are ready and they’re like omg yes!

So we’re gonna do takeovers! It’s gonna start on Friday and be from like 7 pm EST for an hour. The best part about DLA takeovers I think is that we can do them in real time too. So it’ll actually be like a party because its either gonna be in a post or in the big chat room so we can even all listen to music that’s the same and have fun with games and prizes and giveaways and all be on the same page together!

I’m so excited because it means that our store transcends from being just a store…to a community of Angels.

If you haven’t joined DLA yet, go do so.

I think the lineup will be like a new author every week and then we’ll obviously cycle through as needed but it gives people the chance to interact more and have more contact with all the authors.

I am so excited about this. Sure I have stories of IT Guy and Gym Dudes who are back in my life now that my flu is gone. So I also had some great responses for my sinus infection.

Here are some responses I got:

Amanda writes:

In regards to your sinus headache try a room humidifier to put moisture back into the room. It may or may not work but I would try. I sleep with one every night and it helps mine some

Chelsea writes:

If you can, try taking Sudafed for your sinus issues! I swear by it!

Jeanne writes:

I use Doterra peppermint oil for my sinus headaches. I buy the roll on and roll it on my temples, across my forehead, and across the back of my head at the bottom of the skull where the sinus points are back there. It works better than any over the counter medicine I have ever used!

Maria says:

Regarding your sinus congestion, use saline nasal spray (3 times each nostril), blow your nose, then one spray of Flonase in each nostril. It’s not a steroid but you can only use Flonase once per day and you can get it over the counter. You can use the saline nasal spray as much as you need to to keep your sinuses clear and not dry.

Ramona says:

You could always try having a humidifier in your room to see if that helps, it helps me with my sinuses during the winter when everyone else needs the heat.

These are just a few of the comments. Thank you so much for all your comments!


Check out DLA!!!!!

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So Guess Who Is Coming For Dinner?

So Natalie is on the phone and we’re using my account but basically this is Lana and Natalie writing this message, Angels.

We have some exciting news. I recently found out from our downstairs neighbors that they are leaving at the end of the month. Alexis and I spoke to the landlord (he has a strange attraction to the both of us) and asked him sweetly if our friend could potentially move in on a month to month basis. Natalie would still be keeping her house that she lived in with Hot Doctor until her divorce had completed but in the meantime she’d be living below us.

Our landlord agreed! And Natalie isn’t really paying the mortgage or the rent on that house so she’s got the funds to potentially move in and maybe stay a month here and a month there or however she finds is best.

Obviously we’re going to have to find a roommate for Natalie (I keep saying that there needs to be an author out there looking for a place to live but we’ll see how that goes).

However, just imagine it, Angels. Natalie Knight living in the same vicinity as Alexis Angel and Lana Angel. This townhouse would become more of a sorority than anything else.

Alexis said “sorority of smut” before she went to sleep this morning (she was up all night writing her latest project). But it would be amazing. The creative juices that would flow. The potential for collaboration.

Realistically, I know we can’t get every single author who publishes through Naughty Angel Publishing to live in the same vicinity, but this is what happens when you get a bunch of like minded people who like sex and write smut – you create a positive environment of support and camaraderie.

Natalie was talking to me about something else.

So, ever since I moved in with Alexis, I haven’t really had any sex. And Natalie hasn’t had any sex since her “husband” left. We were talking about bonding as celibate sisters until we can get some again.

I don’t know why I haven’t gotten any action recently. I think a part of me is still not sure I’m ready to let go of Mr. Lana Angel. I know it’s silly, but a part of me is also thinking I need to wait until I get my divorce to have sex with someone other than Mr. Lana Angel.

And this is why I wanted to write the update today. Because I want your advice, Angels. Do you guys think it’s silly that no sex is happening until my divorce is finalized? I spoke to Natalie about this and she mentioned that after the emotional turmoil (which you can read in DLA) sex was the last thing on her mind for a while. She’s maybe ready to get back in the game soon but she’s not in any hurry. This in contrast to Daphne or dare I say Alexis who are looking to fuck their way through 2019. Not sure if it’s just me or something I need to deal with.

Thoughts welcome!

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The store is back!

So basically from Thursday onwards to over the weekend you probably (if you came to the store) got a message like “this store no longer exists” lol

Sorry I don’t mean to laugh. But yeah we posted a message on Dirty Lil Angels that basically said the store was going in for an upgrade and there would be several days where it would be down.
So if you saw the message on DLA, hopefully you didn’t have a heart attack – just boredom like me.
But if you didn’t see the message, then please note that going forward we will post all important messages and announcements in DLA so that people know what’s happening.

The address to DLA is of course:

So this basically came about because IT Guy came by and we had a long talk (Lana me and him) and he basically said that the site was down to go down again because literally too many people were requesting processes and doing things on it.

Basically…he and Lana started talking technical stuff and I just looked at his face and arms and his crotch after a certain point.

By the time Lana and he decided the best course of action was that we migrate the site from one type of server to another, I was really horny.

So Lana was like “alexis you’re in charge of messaging” and all I could think of (I had already had three glasses of wine because we were celebrating releasing Sarah vs. Stepfather) was massages. Not messages.

Anyways so IT Guy went to his apartment to begin the process and I snuck out of our apartment and went to his to blow him. One thing led to another and I am trying to put his cock in my mouth and he’s like “wait alexis let me finish this real quick or else it’s going to take over 7 days.”

So I dunno about you but when a guy says no to me…I get hornier.

Now I’m paying at him and kissing his neck and then he does something crazy.

He just picks me up. Like a doll. And I’m just in shock because the dude picked me up. He walks me over to the kitchen counter and deposits me gently.

“stay,” he commands. “daddy has to go finish some work.”

He might as well have melted my panties off.

Afterwards he got done setting everything up and he comes back and picks me up again and this time takes me to his bed and lays me down and then proceeds to literally own my body and use it for his pleasure. I’m just in so much surreal bliss-ville that I’m caught up in the waves.

Afterwards Lana asked me if I had done the messaging and I said I posted in DLA. She asked if I sent an email to my newsletter and I was like oops no. But it was too late because the store was already offline. She asked if I told Nat and Daph and I was like uhmm…no I forgot.

So she was a bit annoyed but it passed. So I’m sorry Angels. I thought I’d be able to email afterwards but if you don’t have a working website its usually pretty risky to send emails. Also all our email accounts went down.

So what’s changed on the store?

It should be waaaay more robust on the backend now. Which means we’ll be able to offer more bells and whistles. Things that you’ll all like. I know that we release a book a day now. So we’ll be able to increase that frequency as we get more authors. We were having to cap gift cards. Now we can let anyone who wants a gift card get one. Other fun programs are coming too that will help you save!

The site should be working as per normal. If you find something that needs fixing let us know. If you’re the first person and it’s an issue we didn’t know about, you scored yourself a nice lil reward babe!

That’s all for me! Talk soon Angels!

Oh if you haven’t checked out the latest Girls Vs. Love installment check it out today!



Ok love you angels!

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I think I got an STD….

Because check it out I found out today that Gym Bro was sick with the flu and he’s been laid up in bed for the last few days.
I have the flu too and I’ve been laid up the last few days.
I must have gotten it from having sex with him! When I was having sex with the both of them.
A disease you catch while having sex makes it sexually transmitted right?
Oh my God!
I can’t believe this.

Of course Lana is trying to convince me that I don’t have an STD and that the flu doesn’t count.

she’s like you guys didn’t get the flu by exchanging bodily fluids and I’m like “oh yeah, well one of them spit on my face and I licked it up! So there”

At which point Lana just looks at me strange.

And I’m like….”well I told them to because I wanted to be all slutty” and she’s like you told them to and I’m like what? I just wanted to see what it was like and she’s like wow I need to get out more.

But then I tell Daphne as we’re working (Lana is there too) that I have beaten back an STD and the debate starts all over again!!!

I mean, like come on. Just go with me on this right?

Only Natalie is with me on this. She’s like ya girl you totally have an STD and Daphne and Lana are like “ahem the flu is not an STD”

I’m like yeah okay it totally isn’t if you like get it from the guy at the corner store but if you get it while having sex it becomes an STD.

This isn’t to make getting STDs less significant. Thankfully I’ve always practiced safe sex and recommend that everyone do so. I’ve been very clean with all my sex toys and everything I put inside me. I clean my sex toys more than I do dishes or laundry as Lana will attest.

It’s very important to be healthy and safe, Angels. Because at the end of the day, as I found out from my own fighting back the flu-STD that when you’re lying in bed shivering and having delirious dreams about purple unicorns killing mean people that you are at the end of the day responsible for your own safety and health. No matter what anyone says – be it husband, boyfriend, lover, girlfriend, or just booty call – you need to make sure that you’re safe and you take care of yourself first. Because the trick to being an independent and strong woman who stands up for herself is not letting what someone else dictates sway you when it comes to your own safety.

So a bar seems sketchy? Don’t go in. One of your boyfriends friends seems off? Let your man know and tell him that you aren’t going to be in the same room together if there’s alcohol involved. It’s a dark parking garage? Then call a friend to have them accompany you.

It may seem inconvenient, but like my momma always said – it’s better to be a few minutes late if you’re driving than speeding and getting into an accident. Because then you’re really late.

Anyways, I dunno if this rambling made any sense but I’m going back to bed bc I have the flu. Love you angels

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The WineBar Voicemail lol

So sorry angels! I hadn’t listened to the voicemail yet and then I had to transcribe it but in between it I had to finalize the release I had for A Virgin Romance series with Natalie yesterday so it was really really busy!

Anyways, this is the transcript of WineBar’s message that he left me. I haven’t responded to him by phone or text yet so I dunno. Anyways here goes:

“Hey baby, it’s WineBar. I’m in town till next Thursday and wanted to see if you wanted to come over and spend the night with me on Monday. I got some stuff to take care of over the weekend but Monday I’m free for you. I think you’d like spending the night – like the way we used to do it back in the day. Don’t wear no granny panties though – I haven’t seen that ass in a long time. I should be free on Monday around 10 pm and then I’m all yours. Hit me back. Take care.”

So I’m pretty sure all WineBar wants is sex. And don’t get me wrong. Sex is great. But that’s so not what I’m all about – just heading over to some dude’s house to get him off when he can’t even bother to call me or do anything. And if he really fucking cared he wouldn’t be available just one day. Also, where the fuck was the Merry Christmas? Or Happy New Year? No seasons greetings at all.

So yeah, I don’t think that message is even worth my time to respond.

What is worth my time is the gorgeous covers that our cover designer put together for the project with Natalie and me. Check them out!


Haha these covers would have never worked on Amazon! But I don’t have to worry about that because I have my own store! Anyways, I’m so over WineBar and his shit that it feels so much relief. Also, I have the flu. So….ick.

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So WineBar Called Yesterday…

Just out of the blue. I was hanging out with IT Guy and we were having a little bit of a major conversation.

I was telling him, “Listen, I just want to be upfront with you, but I’m seeing other people.”

He looks at me, and I think he’s gonna be upset. But he’s like “That’s cool. I’m not seeing anyone else right now, but if it makes you more comfortable then I can.”

And I’m like whoa.

If it makes me more comfortable? So I asked him and he was like “Yeah I don’t want you to feel like you’re not being faithful to me or whatever just because you’re seeing other people and I’m not. I don’t think that.”

And I’m like, “Wait, you just have pots on the burner you can call in?”

And he smirks and is like yeah. And I’m like no I call bullshit. We’re sitting in the park and he’s like “Fine. If you want I can just pick someone up in front of you and date them while you figure things out.”

So this is pretty fucking morbid babes but I had to see this. So I was like…uhmm….okay.

“But,” I said “I get to pick the girl.”

He shrugs and is like yeah ok.

So we go to a bar in the other side of the city and I survey the crowd and I’m like okay any female here is okay to pick up and he’s like sure whatever.

So he just walks over to this girl, apropos of nothing, and starts chatting her up lol.

I’m completely flabbergasted and he talks to her for five minutes, puts her number in his phone and walks back.

“You want me to pick up some more that way we’re even?” he asks and I’m like what the hell.

I have him pick up three more girls and ladies I swear to you IT Guy is batting 100% at this point!

I cannot believe it.

Yeah then Winebar called as this was happening. That was the title of this post right?

What did I do?

I put it on silent and let it go to voicemail because this was way too intense. I could not believe what I was seeing.

IT Guy – I gotta hand it to him. He has a way with the ladies. I had no idea because we were friends first before we did anything.

I gotta say…I’m impressed.

I mean Gym Bros have good bodies but IT Guy isn’t repulsive. And this wasn’t some trick either because these girls actually texted him when we left. I couldn’t help but scowl at them because right then I was like stop looking at my man lol.

Anyways, let me know your thoughts angels!

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What’s Gonna Happen When We Grow Old

So Alexis and I had a very productive day yesterday. We woke up and cleaned the apartment and did a lot of writing and a lot of store stuff. We had a company meeting with Daphne and Natalie and all in all we had a lot of fun.

For dinner, Alexis was like “Hey lets go to In-N-Out” and I had been having a good day so I said sure.

We started talking about the store and all the plans we had for it.

“Yeah babe, but what’s gonna happen to it after we die?” she asked me.

Whoa. I was not expecting that.

“Or more like when we get married and settled down and get too old? Will we still be able to write?”

I had no idea what to say.

“We need to find more authors so that the store can continue to stand on its own two feet,” she said to me. “We need to ensure that we have business continuity.”

Now Alexis has been reading some business books and I’m guessing this is where she got that from.

“The store is bigger than just you or me, Lana,” she said to me. “We need to make sure the Angels are taken care of.”

And she’s absolutely right.

So beginning this week, I am starting on a new project. Alexis, Daphne, Natalie and I have a long term project actually we’re kicking off.

We’re going to be bringing one new author on board each week. We’ll skew towards new authors just getting their start. But the fact of the matter is that the store is in fact bigger than all of us. We need for it to continue beyond Alexis and me. We need Dirty Lil’ Angels. We need to create the community that’s getting shut down in all the other places. We need to keep the spirit of independent authors alive.

We cannot forget this mission and purpose.

And we won’t.

We have a list of outreach that we’re going to do. And the ultimate winners we hope will be you!

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Ok so if everyone is sharing New Year’s Eve stories…

So I don’t normally share as much as the other authors, but during our company meeting today Alexis basically wouldn’t stop until I agreed to share my New Years Eve story which I had recounted to her yesterday when she and Lana were trying to figure out what they did.

“You’re an angel now, babe,” she said to me. “You need to be comfortable with the other angels. We’re all a big family.”

Well…I don’t know that I would tell my biological family this story, but my smut family I can see would get a kick out of this.

So for New Year’s Eve, I went out with three of my girlfriends to dinner at a seafood restaurant. Afterwards we went to a sports bar that we normally go to at the end of the week. They had a New Years Eve special where it was open bar and champagne toast at midnight.

One of my friends also invited three other guy friends and they met us at the bar. Right off the bat, I am attracted to two of the guys.

Angels, I am dressed to kill at this point. I have my Michael Kors heels and I even showered (joking…or am I?)

I spend some time talking to Guy #1 as we have drinks and then I talk to Guy #2 and then both at the same time. The attraction is palpable with both and my friends notice.

“Which one do you like the best?” my friend asks me and I can’t answer.

Guy #1 goes outside to vape and so I’m talking to Guy #2 and after a bit I go to the restroom because I have a small bladder and the seal has broken. He follows to make sure everything is okay since its crowded and he waits for me outside the restroom.

When I get out, he’s waiting outside in the hallway and I smile at him. I’m totally feeling him. He smiles back and we just kiss. He’s a great kisser. I spend maybe ten minutes making out with him before he decides to go to the restroom and I head to the bar.

But Guy #2 is back and he’s laying it on strong. See…Guy #2 is strong and muscular and great looking. Guy #1 is also good looking but he’s smart and funny and he’s not in bad shape but he’s just impressive. Time stops with both guys. Before I know it I’m outside the bar with Guy #1 and I’m making out with him.

When we head back, there’s some awkwardness because Guy #2 saw Guy #1 and me come back in. This is where I tell the guys what I do for a living. I show them the cover of some of my books (they haven’t gone on sale yet) and they’re suitably impressed.

I spend the rest of the evening talking to both guys and now they’re intimidated.

“Do you normally date two guys at once?” they ask.

“Maybe,” I reply because I really haven’t ever but Alexis has just gone on and on about her threesome MFM and I figure I’ve lived through her (haven’t we all?)

“Do they know?” they ask.

“They’re usually best friends,” I reply. Okay now we’re talking about book boyfriends. But whatever.

It’s 11:59 and we begin our countdown.

It’s midnight and I kiss both guys together. I don’t know if their tongues touched but both of them grabbed me and I grabbed both of them. One guy was squeezing my ass. The other guy began to rub my tits. People stopped and watched us till we broke embrace.

We didn’t go home that night because right at moment my friend who had organized the whole thing threw up from drinking too much. Way to ring in the New Year, huh? Anyways, I took her home because she was visiting me and had flown in for NYE.

I got phone numbers. Alexis has been telling me for 24 hours to call them. But I don’t know.

Anyways, that’s my story! Let me know what you think.

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Oh My God What Did We Do

Alexis told me we’d go out for New Years Eve. Yeah I was ready for that. I was ready to get a little drunk and maybe dance and flirt.

What I wasn’t ready for was Alexis striding into a club, dressed in black, like some conquering Queen as people got out of her way. I’m following after her, a bit intimidated to watch people parting like how Moses parted the Red Sea as she’s walking to a VIP table with two bouncers.

“Alexis, this is some book shit, babe,” I told her.
“Nah babe, it’s just New Years Eve,” she said nonchalantly.

We got two bottles of Grey Goose and someone came out of somewhere I don’t even know when it was time to refill my drink and make me another.

“What about guys?” I asked Alexis. “If we sit in this VIP section then how will we ever meet any guys.”

Alexis just smiled at me. Then she got up from her chair and went close to the velvet rope.

And Angels, I swear to God. Alexis just points at three dudes. And they come over. Like being summoned.

Two of them are talking to her and she’s all disinterested like she doesn’t care. One of them is talking to me.

“Get my friend Lana laid,” I hear her say to her two guys at one point.

After that it’s a blur.

I know I did waaaaay too many shots. I remember the three guys coming home with us. I think we had a few more people that came over too.

We went to In-N-Out. I remember one of the guys won me a big stuffed animal at a arcade.

They were naked in our living room, Angels. I remember one of them brought a riding crop and I was whipping him with it on the ass. I didn’t sleep with any of them, but two of the girls that came along (I think Alexis made friends with them) threw their panties up at our ceiling fan. One was hanging there this morning.

I remember Alexis kicking everyone out at 6 am and using Doordash to call White Castle. We ate it and threw the wrappers in our fireplace.

Then I passed out. Until maybe about 4 pm today.

I. Am. Never. Drinking. Again.