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Hey angels!

Just to remind anyone who has forgotten and also for new people! We want you to get the best price possible! If at any time you buy a book and within 10 days you see a better deal for it email me at and we will find ways to make you whole! We don’t want you to lose confidence that you’ll buy something and then see it on sale a day later!

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The Author Interview For Hannah Dane – Erotic Romance Novel Author

Hello Angels!
The author interview for Hannah Dane is below!
You know the deal. Before an author joins our store, Alexis sits them down and acts like…Alexis. It’s wild, it’s wicked…it’s the shit we all love and adore her for, right?
Seriously, talk about hostile work environment haha
But Hannah was a fantastic sport through all of it. I’m glad she’s joining us on this part of her author journey and if she put up with this, then I guess she’s gonna do well here, huh?
Well, here’s how it went.

Alexis: Hey Hannah! You’re on the line with Paige, Daphne, Natalie, Liz and Lana. How are you today, babe?

Hannah: I’m excited.
Daphne: Well, that’s about to change.
Hannah: Oh? Why?
Alexis: Because we’re gonna haze you babe.
Hannah: Oh. Yeah. Lana told me about this. She said you were going to ask lots of super uncomfortable questions.
Alexis: (casting side eye to Lana) She did?
Hannah: Yeah. And let me just tell you if three hot dudes were going to fuck me, I’d want them to cum into a cup so I could drink it.
Alexis and Lana and Liz and Daphne and Natalie: (silence)
Hannah: You know I really love writing menage and MMF and even MM. I want to write more MF because the MF I want to write is going to be dirty. Like defiled dirty. Like so dirty that you’ll need a shower.
Lana: Sounds like you’ll fit right in.
Hannah: Oh you guys are all tame compared to me I think. Trust me girls, you all sound like you’re having lots of sex in real life. Well, I’m married and so let me just say that it gets even better once you’re married.
Alexis: How long have you been married?
Hannah: 5 years now.
Alexis: So the whole thing about the three dudes….
Hannah: Oh yeah, my husband would be one of them.
Natalie: He’s okay sharing you?
Hannah: On special occassions when we go to the right sort of parties.
Natalie: Wow. That’s amazing. A guy who is okay with sharing.
Hannah: He’s not always okay sharing. Just when the circumstances are just right. He’d be upset if I went on a date or something. But I’d never do that.
Liz: I can understand that. It’s just sex.
Alexis: So what’s the craziest thing you guys have done together?
Hannah: Oh that’s a hard one. There are so many to choose.
Alexis: There’s got to be one experience that stands out among all the rest…we are trying to haze you after all.
Hannah: How’s that working out for you?
Alexis: The interview is going great. The hazing…I think you’re hazing us.
Hannah: So while my husband and I were dating we went to a sex club.
All the girls: Oooooh!
Hannah: I remember being blindfolded and tied to a bar on the ceiling as guys we had picked out came over and fucked me.
All the girls: (silence)
Hannah: Also my husband’s friend came over once and she was cute. We had too much wine the three of us and ended up having a wild night together.
Alexis: Hey so you live in Vegas?
Hannah: Yep.
Alexis: I think the next time we do a company get together or offsite that’s where we’re having it.

Hope you enjoyed it Angels.

Hannah’s book is here if you want to check it out!


mmf bisexual romance Send Nudes by Hannah Dane

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An Excerpt From Double Date: An MFM Friends To Lovers Menage Romance

Hey Angels! I wanted to drop an excerpt from Double Date! We had a recent business meeting and decided to put more content on the blog to give people more stuff to read! So without further ado babes, I give you an excerpt from Double Date!

“Well everything is more fun with beer,” I hear Joey say. Man, wait until we play the game I’m about to suggest. I grab some beers from the fridge and then run back to the living room.
“Come on you guys,” I sit on the floor and hand them more beers. They sit across from me, cross-legged, and the deck of cards laying nicely on the floor.
“So, what’s the game?” Joey asks.
“Strip. Poker.” I grin.
“What’s strip poker?” Meghan asks. Oh, how sweet.
“It’s like poker but way more interesting,” I explain, “We can play 5-card draw, and whoever gets the worst hand has to strip one piece of clothing. First player that ends up naked is the loser.”
Joey’s eyes twinkle and Meghan seems shocked. “Hell no,” she laughs.
“Oh come on Meg,” I insist, “It’s only the three of us here. It’s not like you’re stripping in front of a crowd. We’ve been friends since forever. Let’s do something a little bit more exciting.”
“Interesting,” Joey says.
“Anyway,” I continue, “The rules are simple. Again, whoever has the worst hand has to strip off one piece of clothing. Glasses and rings don’t count as clothes.”
“Okay, let’s play,” Joey smirks.
Meghan shakes her head but she’s clearly finding this amusing, “I can’t believe you guys.”
“Come on Meghan,” Joey says, “It’s going to be fun. Why don’t Graham and I do a trial game first and then you decide if you want to join in or not?”
“Fine,” Meghan says.
I shuffle the deck of cards in my hand. This is going to be good. Joey wants to play this as much as I do. I heard this game from a buddy I constantly drink with. They did this once with a bunch of chicks and it turned out to be fucking wild! Man, I can’t wait!
I finish shuffling the cards and set it on the center. Joey takes five cards and I take five as well. Joey’s laughing. Even I can’t believe he agreed to this. I guess he isn’t that much of a dork.
“Whatchu got?” I ask Joey, a grin starting to appear on my face.
“Full house,” he says and lays down his cards, a smug look on his face.
Ha! I lay down my cards and say, “Straight flush kiddo. Take it off! Take it off!”
“Shit,” Joey curses. He takes off one sock. I look at Meghan. She seems to be enjoying it.
“Okay, second round,” I say. We draw five more cards each. I raise my eyebrow at Joey.
“Straight,” he says and lays down his cards.
“Fuck,” I mutter. I take off my sweater as Meghan laughs.
“Want to join in Meg?” Joey asks her.
“Fine, fine, I’ll join,” she answers. I scoot over to make space for her.
This is going to be fun.


To read more of this silly, heartwarming, but still sticky romance surrounding friends falling in love, check out my book below!



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IT Guy And WineBar just stared at each other…

So IT Guy just stood there, his cock hanging out, since you know, he was naked. And WineBar stares at him.
“Were you and him…” WineBar started to ask and then stopped.
“Alexis, whose this?” IT Guy asked me. “Are you coming back to bed?”
“Whoa,” WineBar said. “I can’t believe it.”
“WineBar, why don’t we talk about this later?” I finally got in. He just looked at me and said he’d text me.

So Angels after I posted yesterday I went back to bed and told IT Guy everything about WineBar. Then I talked to Lana and Paige and Daphne and Natalie and Liz. Then I posted and in the evening once IT Guy had gone back to his place I put on my strapbless black Vera Wang, some sexy as hell black lingerie that made my ass look perfect and then got an Uber to go to the Hyatt Regency to meet WineBar for a drink at the bar.

“So listen,” he began when I sat down since he was waiting for me. “I get you were seeing other people. But I’m back.”
See Angels…back in the day I would have been like omg you’re back and gotten a room right there and sucked his cock till his brain stopped working.

But I had been reading your comments.

“You couldn’t text once the whole time?” I asked him.
“No,” he said. “I was too busy.”
“Even for someone you love?” I shot back.
“Alexis what’s gotten into you?” he asked me.
But I didn’t answer.
“Was that really your cousin?” I asked him. “Or just some skank you were shacking up with? Did she leave and now you came to me after you got bored with her?”
“Where are these questions coming from?” WineBar asked. “What’s wrong with you?”
“Listen,” I said. “I get that family things happen. But like the entire time you can’t even drop me one text? And you can’t tell me that’s your cousin when I see her on the phone? And what kind of cousin is putting on earrings and adjusting her shirt like she’s putting it on?”
WineBar was silent.
“That wasn’t your cousin, was it?” I asked.
He just shook his head.
“My angels were right.” Is all I said. “You’re not worth my time.”
“Your angels?” he asked. “Are you still asking those women on your newsletter for advice? Alexis you gotta stop doing that!”
“Why?” I asked now I was pissed. “Because they’ve given me the best advice and support over the years? They go with me wherever I go.”
“They’re wrong.”
“They weren’t wrong that you could have sent a text at any point saying you were busy. Or that wasn’t your cousin.”
“What do they say about me?” he asked.
“Most of them think I should leave you.”
“I love you though, babe,” he said.
I closed my eyes. All the things in the past went through me. Believe it or not I visualized all the comments.
“My angels used to love you, babe,” I told him. “But you treated me like shit.”
“I didn’t have time to send a text,” he said.
“Were you like fighting in a war or on a top secret assignment that they took your phone?” I asked.
He shook his head.
“My angels reminded me that I’m Alexis fucking Angel. And I’m done with your bullshit. Now.”
WineBar just sat there before he was like “Those women you go to for advice are wrong, babe. I’m here.”
“Well….babe,” I said as the drinks got sat down on the table. “I’m not.”

And I got up and walked out. I didn’t even take a sip of my drink! I really wanted to but I didn’t. I guess I also left him with the check. But whatever.

Then I got home and fucked IT Guy and worked with Daphne and we finalized our books. We have two releases today! Check them out!Alexis Angel erotic romance novels


Author Daphne Dawn's Reverse Harem Romance Max Bid Book 9

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Winebar knocked on my door….

Well he didn’t really knock on my door more like rang the buzzer. And I wasn’t really there to let him up it was Lana who was like “who is this?” to herself as she said yeah come on up when the doorman called and said we had a visitor.
I was in my room, and Lana was in her room writing Brothers Who Brandy (which is the next sequel of They All Love Me but she won’t let me see what happens so don’t ask me. Seriously I want spoilers).
Anyways so apparently he’s on his way upstairs and then he rings the buzzer on the door.
And Lana is writing and she listens to music when she’s writing and the only reason she answered was because the doorman calls our cell phones. I didn’t pick mine up because I’ve let Lana be the responsible one – which means sometimes answering the door on a Sunday morning – and anyways I was busy. Can you guess with what? 🙂
Anyways she doesn’t hear the buzzer because when Lana is writing she listens to music really loud.
So I heard it and I’m like hmm what to put on to answer the door. Getting into panties is too hard so I just grabbed a throw blanket from the couch in my room and wrapped it up.
I open the door and…


“Alexis” he says to me. “I just came by to see how you were doing”

I’m fucking speechless.

“I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea when you FaceTimed me and I was hanging out with my cousin,” he says. “I was just busy with some family stuff.”

I’m still speechless.

“She had to crash at my apartment for a few weeks but she’s finally got her shit sorted and moved out last week,” he continues. “I came over right after to talk to you.”

Oh. My. God.

Please universe do not do this to me. This is why we’re so late on the blog post today. Because I had to call an emergency author meeting with the company authors and be like I need to post. But first I need to figure out what just happened.

Because it doesn’t end there.

Remember I said I was busy in my room?


IT Guy walks out.

Naked. From my room.

His dick hanging out. See when I said I was busy and why I didn’t answer the phone call when the doorman called was that I was busy shucking myself on IT Guy because he was coming over to do something that’s called “backing up” the store to make sure that all personal details on orders are removed to protect all the customers and to make sure the store is saved in case of catastrophe.

So that’s perfect time for me to suck his cock and get him to take his clothes off and give it to me.

Except in the middle of that WineBar knocked on my door.

And he just stood there as IT Guy came out and he’s like “Hey Alexis, whose this?”

I’m still sorting through my thoughts.

What happened to Alexis Angel? She wants to hide away from the world 🙁

By the way, Liz Lorde has a book out today. It’s below. I’m gonna read that because it’s got twists and turns but at least a HEA. And I need a HEA.

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What I Whispered…

Hey Angels!

So after I do this one of the things we are going to do tomorrow is the author interview with Hannah Dane because literally she came to the store and then we started talking about Hot Dentist and that’s just totally not fair to her. But I told you guys I was going to say what I whispered when Daphne had her arm around Gym Dude and Alexis had her arm around Gym Rat and they were jerking off to see who could entice the other man first. Losing was unacceptable because as close as they were standing they would have cum on each other.

So Natalie says that I came over, moved her aside and then whispered and within a few seconds that Gym Dude couldn’t control himself and he came.

That’s partly true. But everyone was so fixated that no one paid attention to the other thing I did.

No I did not touch below the waist! That was a big rule and I didn’t break it! Also none of the other angels knows about this so this post is going to take them by surprise.

Here are the facts. You guys know already that the guys were naked and that all the girls were in their underwear. I had on a nice little black thong (actually I think it’s from Alexis’ collection of lingerie that she’s been working on but that’s a whole different story. Its either that or it’s actually from Alexis’ drawer but we’ve gotten to that point now where she takes underwear from me because it’s waiting for laundry and I have to go find them back. Go figure.)

Anyways, that’s not the point. The point is that I had a cute little black thong on with a matching black bra. And Natalie was whispering stuff to Gym Dude but it wasn’t working fast. So I needed to do something. I moved Daphne to the side. And then I wrapped myself around Gym Dude. And I whispered in his ear….

“Look to your right in about five seconds…”

Now that’s only half the story. Then I left and Nataliecame back cooing in his ear and no one paid any attention to me.

They didn’t pay attention as I went to Gym Dude’s right and bent over, holding my hands on the back of the couch.

They didn’t pay attention as I touched my ass and looked behind him and shook my ass.

They didn’t pay attention as he looked over and saw me licking my lips and running a finger up and down the fabric of my panties.

What they did pay attention to was three seconds later when he went insane and came all over Gym Rat and Alexis.

What they paid attention to was Alexis scooping that cum off of Gym Rat and putting her finger in Natalie’s mouth.

But no one paid attention to the little ass shaking that changed the whole game. When people said it was the quiet ones you need to watch out for…they were right.

Oh and you guys’ are totally right. Dating your dentist is super illegal. But we talked about that yesterday at the gym. I’ll have more updates on that later.

Talk later Angels!


Check out Daphne’s new release of the latest Max Bid today too!


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More About Hot Dentist

Hey Angels!

I just got back from the dentist! Alexis drove me and she was waiting in the car and I literally came out squealing and cooing.
So there is something I wanted to mention about Hot Dentist. I think he’s a good guy. Of course I say that and who wouldn’t say that about a guy that they’re interested in. But when I went to the dentist’s office today for my appointment he was definitely acting different.
By the way, I brushed my teeth like 10 times before I went so he wouldn’t think I was gross.
But he said things like, “I’m really glad to see you back,” and when he said that I felt like it was a good thing I was already in the chair because otherwise my knees would give way.
“I’ve really looked forward to these sessions,” he also said to me at one point. When I didn’t respond – mainly because there is this giant tube suctioning stuff out of my mouth he followed up with “I think we’re making great progress on your teeth.”
But here’s why I think he likes me. Normally he has assistants and dental hygienists do things that he handles for me on his own.
Now either he’s a hands on dentist or he’s taken an interest in me. I’m hoping it’s the latter!
Afterwards, when we went to his office for a consultation on what I needed to do, we were talking about my procedures and I was thinking about how to move the subject to more flirty areas.
But we were talking about gum disease, angels! How do you make gum disease sexy?
So I said something stupid, like, “I guess it’s just like taking care of your body, huh?”
And Hot Dentist responds, “It’s absolutely like taking care of your body.”
“So do you work out?” I asked and then in my head started kicking myself.
“I do,” he said. Then he told me the gym he worked at. And then I said I worked out there too.
“What time do you usually go?” I asked him and he told me at around 7 pm every day after work.
“Maybe I’ll see you there,” I said with a smile which I hoped was bright and shiny because I just had dental work done on it.
“If you’re there I’m sure you will,” he said back to me.
I didn’t want to say anything like ‘it’s a date’ or anything else. Because right now I’m just excited to see him at 7.
But first I need to go get a membership to the gym he talked about. Alexis has one so she’s going to get me in her plan.

I know I was going to mention what happened with Gym Dude and what I whispered. And I HATE being a tease. But this post is already so long because I wanted to talk about Hot Dentist that I’m going to take another posting day tomorrow to post what I did with Gym Dude. I promise!

Till then, take a look at Liz’s new book that came out today!

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Hot Dentist and New Author

Hey Angels!!!

Yay it’s my posting day! I love it! Also the thing is though that I have so much to tell you guys about I also have a new author announcement!

This is fast becoming a problem in a good way. Because we have right now Alexis, me, Daphne, Natalie, Liz, and Paige. That’s six authors. And we say we are going to post on the blog once a day so that means authors only get 1 day a week usually to post. Now with our new author, we have seven which means that if we add another one some authors will go a whole week without being able to post and they’ll not be able to reach out to readers and/or showcase their books if they want to. So we’re thinking of a solution.

And that’s a great segue to introducing our newest Naughty Angel author. Please join me in welcoming Hannah Dane. Hannah and I are great friends and we used to know each other from author circles in the past. She writes exclusively menage. She gave up writing MF a while ago and she does all sorts of menage. MMF. MFM. MFMM. Reverse Harem. Even MM. So we’re very compatible.

Unlike the rest of us, she actually has a stable boyfriend too that she sees pretty frequently so hopefully on one of her trips to California we all get to hang out together.

Please check out Hannah’s section on the Our Author’s Page and drop questions you want Hannah to answer below.

A lot of you have been asking who Hot Dentist is. So I was going to post but again, because there’s a traffic jam of sorts for posting to the blog I had to wait.

So a few weeks ago I started some dental work. I had some deep cleaning done over two visits and then had some crowns put in. Alexis had to take me every time because I was a big baby and told her I didn’t know if I’d be able to drive back. She’s such a great friend she just drops everything to take me.

Anyways….my new dentist with my new dental plan after coming to California is…oh my god.
He’s got brown eyes. He’s taller than me. He’s got a rugged face like out of our books. I haven’t seen him shirtless but he looks so amazingly good in a suit.

And he’s a dentist. Which is a steady good job. He always flirts with me a little bit. Tells me that he’ll protect me when I say I’m worried about the procedure he’s about to do. He even gave my hand a squeeze the other day.

He’s so serious looking but he makes dry jokes and I love it. When he talks its like he’s taking care of me. And he gives me good advice and tells me what to do. The other day he said to me, “Take this tooth paste and brush three times a day. Floss three times a day. And floss.”

The way he said it I almost responded with “Yes, Daddy”.

No man has ever told me step by step what to do in the moment. I mean He Who Shall Not Be Named has told me, “no you’ll do this” and was controlling but never actually said how to go about doing that. Also I was so much more successful than him that it confounded me how he could stand to tell me what to do and what not to do.

Anyways, so the best part about Hot Dentist is that I know he likes me. But he’s been really good about giving me space when I sometimes don’t respond back to his flirtations. I don’t want to lead him on but I definitely want him in my life for when I’m ready to lead him to somewhere. I have another Dentist appointment tomorrow and aside from brushing my teeth a million times I just hope he sticks around long enough.

I’ll be back tomorrow Angels to talk about what I whispered to Gym Dude haha because people have been asking about that too!

In the meantime, check out Hannah’s new book!


mmf bisexual romance Send Nudes by Hannah Dane

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So it took us a while to post on Monday and Tuesday…

So it took us a little bit of time to post on Monday and then on Tuesday because while it was Lana’s day to post she was sort of upset. And the reason she was upset was simple.

On Monday morning, even though we were all hung over, we got this message from someone who visited the store I guess, took a look at the products and read our blog and I guess was on my email list. I dunno why they joined or stayed in the first place. But the text of the message they sent was this:

“You ladies don’t even deserve to be called ladies. Sluts is too good a word for you. Honestly, have you no shame? Does your whore friend Lana have no shame? You’re celebrating the fact that you live a completely debauched life and what your peddling reflects that. You’re a disgrace and an embarrassment to your parents. I can’t believe that you think of yourselves as anything more than lowly, common, whores. You seem to be of the illusion that you provide some sort of sacred service. Well I have news for you. When people realize that all you produce are trash no one will come to your store ever again to buy anything from you. I wouldn’t want to be in the same room as you and your filthy friends. Go ahead and have your fun, just know that you’re wallowing like pigs in mud.”

So Lana was really upset. And Paige and Daphne and I spent the day finding this woman. I’m not gonna out her or anything because I’m gonna be the better person. That’s not what we do. But we did ban her from the store through something Paige did (way more technical savvy than I have) and we made sure she’d never be able to join Dirty Lil’ Angels and she would never be on our email lists. It’s the first time we’ve had to do that because in the past we’ve always wanted people to come to the store but this was just something else.

I think what the problem was is that Lana actually let loose and is having fun with Natalie here. And she’s not used to people being mean to her. I mean for me, I’m from NYC. I used to work in cutthroat environments. And people have sent me hate mail as an author A LOT. But this isn’t the first time for Lana. And I feel so bad for her.

So we’re done being coy and bashful or whatever. If people have a problem with us then you know we’ve dealt with this as a group before. They can just go away. But if they wanna be mean about it, then guess what, I’m gonna block them from ever coming here again. Natalie said something key. She said this woman or man or whatever probably wanted to read the things we have but felt guilty inside and was taking it out on us. I dunno if that’s it but I’m not having that. The well being of my angels, both authors and readers is the most important thing.

Anyways, so that was with the radio silence. We’re back now. And in honor of this woman, we’ve taken all our filthy fantasies and put them in one big boxed set. Also Daphne released Max Bid 7! So…she can take that lol. Because we’re not stopping!


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That Was The Most Boring SuperBowl Ever!

Hey Angels!

Sunday was the most boring superbowl game I’ve ever watched! We took Natalie to a sports bar where Hot Dentist invited Lana to come over and while they had a good time and the people were cool and the drinks were flowing it was the slowest, dumbest game I’ve ever seen!
I understand sports and I know how football works but by the third quarter I was just more interested in talking to people than actually watching the game.
Truth be told…the last several days just caught up to us. So by Sunday night we were all really tired.
Monday we did a lot of writing. I didn’t get a chance to post on the blog because we didn’t have our morning business meeting with all the authors but we did that today and finally got back on track.
So here’s what’s on the horizon for this week!

We are gonna have one to two launches each day! We are introducing a new author! Novels are coming out as well as books in series!
The winner of the giveaway that’s on the ticker is being announced tomorrow! And a new giveaway is occuring! The DLA giveaway is happening tomorrow (the monthly giveaway!)

And we have trailers! Lots and lots of trailers!!

Just a taste of what’s coming! Hang on!