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Angels Take Care of Their Own

Prayers to all those affected by Hurricane Dorian

Hey Angels.
I never want my drama or anything to overshine our Angels, and many Angels are in the path of Hurricane Dorian. I’ve been emailing many of you to check in and see if you are ok, but I also want to put out a general call for prayers for everyone affected by the hurricane.
There’s something else. We could never do this on Amazon, but we can now and all the authors have agreed.
Lana and Aiden are releasing Summer Temptation – all four episodes in one – today and all proceeds for today’s sales on this book will go to Hurricane Dorian support.
Angels, let us know – should we donate the proceeds to the Red Cross or to the International Medical Corps?
Our hearts and prayers go out to the Angels in need. Please take care of yourselves and your families and do your best to stay out of harm’s way as this devastating storm continues to affect so many lives.
We’ll get back to other things soon Angels but for now I ask you to join us in prayer and help us decide where to send the aid.
Alexis and all the Angel authors

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Ok Angels I think we can all agree.

Honesty is totally the best policy.

Of course, right?

I mean, you want people to be upfront with you. You want to be upfront with other people.

This was my little pep talk to myself when I met IT for coffee this morning. I was like, be honest about your mess.

Here’s how it went.

IT Guy: So yeah I avoided you last night…

Alexis: Yep. I was also weird at dinner.

IT Guy: I told you I loved you.

Alexis: I told you I loved you.

IT Guy: I still do.

Alexis: I love you too, but right now I think I need to love me more. I’m really confused. With my ex showing up…yeah. But also saying I love you but not really being committed.

IT Guy: Yeah. I don’t think you’re ready for commitment.

Alexis: You keep saying that, but what do you want?

IT Guy: That’s not the point.

Alexis: Don’t avoid the subject. If I was ready to commit would you want to be? I’m not but I don’t know where you stand?!!

IT Guy: We have a lot of fun, Alexis, but I don’t think we should go further than that right now.

Alexis: I agree.

IT Guy: Ok.

Alexis: Are you seeing other people?

IT Guy: Do you want to?

I took a huge gulp of my coffee. Right now the only person I wanted to see was Lana LOL

Alexis: I don’t know how I feel about the amount of crazy I seem to be generating. I need like a mental refresh from all this.

IT Guy: I can help you relax…

We went back to his place. He slowly undressed me. I tried to think of nothing but the moment, and his tongue was a lot of help with that. His tongue on my tongue, his tongue all over me. Yeah, it was good.

Afterward I told him I had some cover designs to review and that I needed to send out my newsletter. He nodded and headed to his own laptop.

“I don’t think we should be exclusive,” he said after he sat down. “I had a lot of strong feelings for you, and I still do. So did my parents…and they’re both happily married to other people now.”


“I think you’re a great girl,” IT Guy started.

“I’m not a girl anymore. I’m in my thirties, no shame,” I interrupted. “And yeah I think the I love you was loaded for me. That usually comes close to the happily ever after.” I giggle like a teensy giggle.

“Yeah. And you’re intelligent, fiery, fun, focused, but I don’t know that you and I could start a family together. So I think maybe I thought about a lot of things you were thinking about too.” IT Guy walked over to me and kissed me on the forehead.

I looked up at him. “This is definitely one of the classier break ups I think I have been a part of,” I say.

“We don’t need to break up, but I think we need to slow down.” IT Guys wraps his fingers around my upper arms gently but firmly.

I pull away.

“I don’t think I’m ready to move backwards in our lane,” I tell him. “And I need to move forward with me.”

“Oh,” IT Guy says.

“I’m not saying I never want to see you again. I’m not burning anything you left at my place,” I said with a big grin.

He laughs. “Same, I’m not doing that.”

“I love you…but I’m not in love with you. This has been a very special part of my life,” I tell him.

Grab my purse, walk out the door, come tell Lana everything? Yes, yes I did.

She didn’t say anything at first. We grabbed more coffee and got back to work. We’re about to head out for Taco Tuesday after I get the newsletter out.

Uhm… so am I crazy? I thought I love you was going to feel differently?

Am I so crazy for wanting my own Happily Ever After?

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WTF, single??!!

Ok babes first up, I wanna say I never intended the single joke to sound like something sooper epic had bombed in my life…other than what was already happening in my last blog post.

And uhmm I can barely catch my breath for the rest of the story.

Like ok I meant single like oooh like my box set and because I’m not married. Also because just after the talk vs. no talk fiasco I realized we aren’t really like ultra committed. We love each other. We love spending time with each other. But the universe…and the fact that SF isn’t really that big of a city I suppose…seems intent on reminding me of someone else…

So yeah I’m in the bathroom and Lana’s like, “Sister????”

“uhm yeah I mean I went to that cookout and met his family, no sister I met.”

“The nerve,” Lana says but there’s something in her voice. I can tell she thinks something else is going on but not so much the Winebar is lying again thing. And yeah I wanna believe that too but how could I be so sure?

It’s giving me this need to drink like the sugariest booze I can and not feel the rest of the night! I take a deep breath instead.

IT Guy texts me. this dude your ex?

Fuck. I text back. yep

IT Guy says nothing back and I want to throw my phone. I know I’m being dramatic but omg this is dramatic!!!

“Let’s go back out there,” I tell Lana.

She gives me this look. She kinda knows me better than I know me, and tells me later that she just felt like she knew what would happen next. I wish I did!!

So I walk back out, attempting to be chill.

I see Winebar where he was, the girl he was with looking so confused, and IT Guy has gone to the table with Nat and Daph and Aiden.

I walk up to Winebar and his eyes are super wide. “Look at this!” he says with more urgency than I’ve ever heard when he wasn’t about to like cum on my tits. This was serious.

I look at this phone though I’m not sure what he’s planning to show me.

Then I recognize his dad…the girl standing there…and a woman who looks like she’s obviously that girl’s mom. “Sorry Brenda,” he says to the girl. “This is Alexis. Alexis, this really is my sister. My dad has another woman…another life. It’s…”

I think my brain is about to explode.

“I wanted to tell you a long time ago but things have been, well, crazy,” he continues.

“Stop talking,” I say, almost in a whisper.


“I want to say you must realize you ghosted when I thought you were cheating this whole time but…yeah, that is a lot.” I think about my parents and like I can’t even imagine if I had to find out my dad had some surprise other family.

“I have no excuse. I just miss you, baby,” Winebar says.

I look at him. I don’t want to say anything out loud. My brain is deep frying all my thoughts. “I have to get back,” I say, finally.

The rest of the night at dinner I have fun, but my brain keeps repeating his words over and over again.

At the end of the night, IT Guy drops me off and barely looks at me, but I can’t blame him really.

Lana grabs a big bottle of Dom and Nat and Daph and I sit in the living room and talk about anything except what happened at dinner.

Aiden and Lana said goodbye at one point and I’m like Lana, let’s discuss. She giggles profusely and she’s like ok I gave him my panties again.

“What????” I ask her.

She keeps giggling. “I didn’t babe but like I need to distract you. You saw a ghost tonight.”

“God, he’s like perfect,” Natalie adds.

Daphne smacks Natalie.

I start laughing.

I wake up in full Alice Cooper eyes the next day with a pounding headache and text IT Guy: Sorry about last night.

I delete the second sentence because it’s too much, but I’d typed… “I don’t know what I want.”

Sure, maybe … IDK if Winebar’s thing changes anything. I kinda feel bad for him in general and think he probably needs someone to talk to. But yeah no one says that has to be me.

So I’ve never felt more single. I’m Alexis Angel the contemporary romance author looking for love…but now that I’ve found way too much of it, I think maybe I need to start drinking again lol!

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Alexis Sandwich!

Happy Friday and Happy Grand Re-Opening!

Ok babes so I have missed you so much! I have been deep, deep behind the scenes trying to make the best contemporary romance novel / ebook store on the whole internet well, the best. Trying to make it fast, and pretty, and easier to use. Trying to get all the releases organized and covers ordered and get our emails and blogs set up.
Woo, life was different when I needed to write and do some social media.
Now I’m like behind the moment I wake up and start breathing lol. Ok so yeah I know I breathe while sleeping but you know what I mean!
So it is hard enough getting the site updated and figuring out what books are coming to the store when, writing my chapters, editing others.
I mean you can totally understand me telling IT Guy, hey, I need to let off steam. I always intended to have the Talk with him in private like as soon as I thought about it but this (last weekend) was fully intended to be letting off steam and not about having any serious talk AT ALL but babes.
Ever think maybe life says lol, middle finger, I do what I want?
I do because it all started with Natalie and Daphne inviting Aiden. Lana’s like uh yeah sure.
So then Lana’s like taking extra time to get ready and says she’ll meet us there.
Now I’m not one to leave my bestie behind but she was like, Lex, I keep looking at my outfit and thinking I’m trying too hard, or my makeup and think I am not trying hard enough. I’m going to moisturize and get some frizz outta my hair and meet you there when I finally feel like I can breathe without needing to do it into a paper bag. Hard to argue with that logic, amirite?
So I head out with Nat and Daph and Aiden and IT Guy, we get a big ol’ Uber and climb in.
I’m like, ok, so the store is going live tonight with it’s big Grand Re-Opening.
(I didn’t know Paige would text me almost immediately and be like hey we can’t go live yet.)
But she did. I was like god I have to go back. Paige calls me and tells me she’s going to figure this out but even if I came back I couldn’t help.
I’m like…ok.
Remember that part about how I am supposed to be relaxing?
Yeah not so much.
So we go to Hakkasan which is like if Terminator were an Asian restaurant but like so much cooler. All blue lights and sexy music and long leather menus with stuff I don’t know how to pronounce but like to eat lol.
And I sit down with IT Guy at the bar, and I need to go pee so I tell him to order me a lychee martini (they’re addictively good) and I remember how when I went here with WineBar, he used to eat my lychee.
Well speak of the devil…
I turn to go to the bathroom and I’m checking some texts from Paige about making the Daily Book Bargains category show the newest books first when a wall of man and I collide.
A man I haven’t seen a while with a woman who’s face I can’t easily forget.
WineBar, and that girl from FaceTime…the one I saw.
“Alexis, you,” he starts.
I raise my eyebrows and start to shuffle away.
“You haven’t met my sister,” he finishes.
My heart flutters.
But even so the dude straight up disappeared.
“No, I haven’t,” I say and give her a smile.
“Lovely meeting you,” his sister says.
And I’m like ready to panic, and I see Lana walk in.
IT Guy sees her and gets up with some drinks, heading towards our table.
Now I’m still standing verrrrry close to WineBar and IT Guy cuddles up real close and I think for a second if I need to write a tech bro versus wall street bro MFM rom com but then Lana just grabs me.
We rush off to the bathroom.
“I needed to deconstruct that Alexis sandwich,” Lana says.
And I can’t help but laugh.
How do these things happen to me????

So we have a new box set out today and it’s Single…For Now! Kinda like me, huh?

lol. It’s free in Angel Access!

We’ll be adding a whole lotta books to the store this weekend and all next week for a big Grand Re-Opening and we’ll be doing giveaways!

Stay tuned!

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Store Reopens Friday!

Hey Angels!

Finally it comes… the big update with…

  • Wishlist!
  • Faster store!
  • And of course, more books (lol)

I know you’ve been waiting a while for these things and like babes they are coming!

When we come back we’ll have a special sale and we’re adding a bunch of new books to Angel Access, too! We’ll be doing giveaways and all sorts of fun stuff.

And I’ll be telling you about what’s going on with me and IT Guy and… all sorts of things lol!

There were so many comments and emails about the Talk with IT Guy. Some said absolutely do it. Others not so much.

What’s a girl to do?

Well if ur Alexis Angel then you use that time to write and get the store ready to upgrade lol but also… we sorta had the talk. Parts of it. More on Friday babes.

So after today you may be able to see the store at points but it will be undergoing some biiiiig changes so things may be wonky. I’d recommend not trying to buy or download anything during that time. Feel free to email if you have some problem.

Can’t wait to see you on the other side!

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Forum Back! New Releases!

Hey Angels

Sorry that it has been way too silent. I’ve been responding to emails but today I can finally send out a NL aaaand we have a new release!!

Liz and I have been working on an amnesia/secret baby/second chance kinda thing I think you will like.

The forum is back…after a whole lot of back and forth, we definitely secured not just the update we needed but continued ability to be as dirty as we want! I always want the Angels to have a place to be free…and filthy lol!!!

So there will be more updates coming to the store. It will be faster and prettier and easier to use than ever. Sorry it is taking so long babes!

Missed u all so much, thanks to everyone who reached out and was like wtf where are you LOL sorry sometimes when things are updating we can’t send NL or post on the blog or publish or it might break shit and that’s no fun!

I think through next week there will still be updates but there are going to be so many new books coming babes that I just can’t wait for you to see everything!!!

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It’s Time to Have the Talk

I hear you babes! After what happened with that last wild week I knew I totally needed to talk to IT Guy.

The talk. As in… where is this relationship going?

What do we want?

Where is this going?

I mean let’s be real. We said I love you but we’ve been like having amazing sex and going out all the time.

But assuming a relationship like NEVER goes well for anyones babes. We have to have the talk.

The big C word.

Hey not that one… 


Like obviously I want to have a happily ever after… eventually.

And when you meet the one aren’t you supposed to know.

Don’t throw rocks at me but like ok I have only had that feeling once before. 

We’re talking the more than sparks feeling. The ohmigod this man, only this man forever feelings.

Things are special with IT Guy. I mean I didn’t save myself for marriage. I’m using my dating years for like dating but I don’t want to be alone.

But I don’t want to rush into anything.

And things haven’t been like “we talked about it being serious and it is serious” serious.

Part of me thinks I should be like worried IT Guy will be like I don’t want to be serious and committed and I take it back.

But I think I should worry about that… but I’m not?

Like I kind of will be happy either way?

I don’t know. Maybe that’s not it. It’s hard to put my finger on. 

I know I love IT Guy. It’s just… there’s something lingering in my brain and I don’t know how to put it.

But I definitely need to have the conversation with him. I’m sure he agrees.

So it is time to figure out like the details how.

I’m debating if we should do it in public or privately discuss this?

Is private safer for possibly hard conversation topics?

Is private worse because the greater chance of bow chicka wow wow sexy times when I look into his eyes and emotions are running strong?

I mean I can see the argument going either way Angels for doing public or private. I think it should probably be in private and with all the things going into this, I think I’ll actually try not to turn it into sex so we can be like clearheaded you know?

What do you think Angels?

And like what’s going on with me????????? Shouldn’t I just know what I want???

Should I use more question marks????? LOL help an Angel out 😉

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I’m not getting in Lana’s panties yet

Hello Angels. Love hearing you say you want to see a guy’s perspective.

I’m happy to bring it, baby.

So first off, no, I didn’t fuck a very drunk Lana.

When I spread her thighs, she’ll be drunk on nothing but lust.

I’ve taken up a little challenge though.

I’m not going to have sex for the next 30 days.

Not with Lana.

Not with anyone.

I am a fucking player.

Gorgeous women want me all the time. For a night. For more.

But Lana?

I respect her.

I fucking want her.

But a queen like her? 

I have to earn her.

Step one is stop thinking with just my cock.

Step two is to get to really know her.

Alexis told you, Lana and I have been writing a book together.

Not fucking and wanting to fuck Lana is definitely making my chapters hotter.

The woman has an eye (and good fingers) for story.

I want to work with her.

And I want to have her.

But tell the damn world is like step zero.

Tell the world that I want to be more than one night for Lana.

I think I want to be her goddamn boyfriend. Yeah. 

I want the Angels to know that I don’t want to fuck up a good thing. I won’t let anything bad happen to the store, or Lana.

Maybe we will just be friends.

I’m not going to dive in, sizzle first, then leave everything in ruins.

Not this time.

But yes I did wrap my hands around my cock after I took her panties home.

I’m a fucking man after all.

And she’s pure woman.

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Angel Access Update

So as you know we’ve been doing a lot of updates on the store and while nothing is totally ready yet I wanted to show you this page I put together to help you see two things:

  • All the books in Angel Access
  • The newest books in Angel Access

Go ahead and bookmark these links ASAP (get them on that new page) so you’ll be able to get the most out of your membership.

This page will load far faster than the pretty “grids” that we have on some other pages so that should really help out.

We’re working on things like showing which books in your wishlist (when the wishlist feature is fully live) are in Angel Access, being able to see on the product category pages and search pages which books are Angel Access eligible, and an Angel Access “recommendation engine” so you’ll always have not just the best books but know where to go next.

I do it all for you Angels and I want it to be the best it can be, so can you let me know if this page helps you and tell me what features – whether they are the ones I mentioned or not – would help you get the most of out of Angel Access?

>> Check out the page here <<

And yes more books are coming today but I wanted to get this page ready for you and let u know about it first!!!

Angel Access Eligible Books