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“sluttiest thing you ever did”

Howdy Angels!

It’s Lana and hey, Aiden posted the cover for the series he and I are working on in his blog post. Alexis rambled like Alexis rambles (haha, and we love her for it) and I was like, hey, I shall also share a story with the Angels today.

So I was browsing through reddit today. I’m not a huge fan of reddit really but occasionally I’ll end up there when someones shares a link and I poke around.

So yeah I’m on reddit and people are posting the sluttiest thing they ever did.

Now granted this is general population. Well, sorta. But I mean it isn’t like it is romance authors posting it. It’s normal human beings lol.

But I was like…

Not sure if they’re really tame or Alexis and I are just big sluts.

I mean, lol, if you read the emails back in the day, you know that Alexis half the time ended up with a book boyfriend rather than an actual man whenever something came up. And I had a very brief period in my marriage where I was getting spanked but it wasn’t enough (lol, dear god, yeah, I know how that sounds).

But still I’ve done some pretty slutty stuff. I was proud and I was like lol nope I’m not sharing here.

But then I got to thinking. What’s the filthiest thing I have done?

And I remembered that when I first started writing romance, particularly dark romance, there was a story I always thought I should tell. But like romance novels and real life can be so different, but I wanted to kinda tell my true blue actual losing my virginity story.

Because I lost my virginity to my dad’s best friend.

Yup. Lol I swear Alexis and the other Angel authors and I live the strangest lives.

So yeah that’s probably the sluttiest thing I ever did. I mean sure I’ve committed some sex acts that probably still aren’t legal in some states but that was the biggest taboo I ever crossed.

But I’m happy to have Aiden be my stepbrother… though I think I’ll like it better if I get to call him daddy.

And, no, I haven’t yet.

We’re not really rushing things or slowing them down, but getting to know each other makes me feel like that whole biological clock fear I had was for nothing. I want a real relationship right now, and it’s ok if we’re not getting married tomorrow if we’re still in the fun, getting to know each other part.

So yeah, ‘fess up, Angels.

Tell us what the sluttiest thing you’ve ever done is!

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Voting Coming For Next Stories!

​Hey Angels,

Hope your week is going ok.

Today I got a cold brew coffee with no pumpkin cream and I was really proud.

Except the reason I didn’t get the sugar was because Lana and I went out late last night and bought lofthouse cookies, those really soft ones? God they were so good and I ate THREE so I was like I’ll be good and not order sugary coffee.

But like then I remembered it was cold and today, even though fires are making my sinuses crazy, the weather/air outside is pleasantly chill. Which. Uhm. So that’s too cold still though for cold coffee. 

So I’m going to have to run to Starbucks again before the big store pitch session. 

All the authors – some in person and some on conference call – had this big meeting over the weekend to talk about everything we are putting out for the rest of the year and next. 

We wanted to talk about what kinds of series, and standalones, and who wanted to write with who, etc. 

It was all a lot of stickers and charts and spreadsheets, but I swear it is super important to bringing you the best books ever. And I’m SO EXCITED for the pitch session.

I’m going to share a bunch of the pitches tomorrow from all our authors and I want you to vote on which you’re most excited for!!!

And yes, thank you to everyone who said they would read more blog posts. Because all of us love talking to readers on the blog and more blogging is coming. lol I think we’ve all been busy trying to write books for the store and I’m handling all the emails right now, so one of the things we talked about in the meeting is that we need to make sure everyone gets a chance to hang out with the Angels. After all, you all said you’d be happy to read more blog posts!

Running the store is really important to me. To us all. We love being able to offer a real place – uncensored, un-bannable, no matter who tries to bring us down, and unstoppable, created to really give romance readers a place they enjoy to call home and read and hang out with friends.

So thank you for being a part of it!

Now before I start crying and running the rest of my Too Faced mascara down my cheeks (it’s not better than sex if it runs LOL and it costs so much) I want to tell you about today’s new additions to the store!!!

Two sexy new releases were added to the store today and on blog Aiden did a cover reveal for the sexy series he and Lana are working on on his blog for today!

>> Click here for the cover reveal of After School Stepbrother by Lana Angel and Aiden Forbes! <<

New in Angel Access, we have the fabulous start to a new world at Angel Books, and that world?

It’s called Pleasure. Mhmm, yummy, yummy. 

Caroline Angel is writing a series about a small town where reverse harem / menage / polyandry is an accepted part of the small town charm. It all starts with this first story – just $1.99 for sale, or FREE in Angel Access.

We also have a new release – just $2.99 for a NEW Filthy Fantasy collection. This time, the novella Kim Vs. Stepbrother by yours truly, Alexis Angel, is included, and then there’s 3 exclusive new stepbrother stories.

All. Featuring. Stepbrothers!

Happy Reading Angels!

Also I remember that I said I couldn’t wait to tell you what happened before but in well, lol, classic me style… cliffhanger! Because this post is getting sooper long and I need hot coffee before today’s pitch session!

Hugs, kisses, and so much love to you babes

xoxoxo Alexis

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I wouldn’t mind being Lana’s stepbrother

Hey Angels.

You like my blog post title?

It’s true. I wouldn’t mind being Lana’s stepbrother.

But since I’m not her stepbrother, I’ll take the very exciting reality instead of writing a new series with her.

We’re working on a stepbrother series. Wanna see our cover? Cara got it over last night and I couldn’t wait to show it off.

And I am loving hearing the Angels miss hearing from other authors. I’m definitely rounding up the crew and we’re getting back to blogging soon. We had this big meeting with Alexis about what we’re publishing the rest of the year, and next year, and I think everybody is really excited for the series and the standalones we’re developing.

Like Lana and I writing about a very filthy stepbrother. You might say he’s a villainous asshole. That’s true, too. We’re having a lot of fun with the story.

So here’s the cover, let me know what you think?

Coming soon!
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Hey Angels… Let me introduce myself

So, you may or may not have heard of me before. I’m Cara Angel…

See, the Angels let me take on the name when I became the cover designer the store.

I’ve been working with Paige to do some website and social media stuff, too.

I’m a reader and I’ve always a huge fan of Alexis, and when she started writing with other authors, I read their books and discovered even more books to love.

I wanted to take a chance to introduce myself and tell you that I’ve been working on a lot of hot covers for the store, as well as planning to add some cool features to the website.

But who cares about all that admin stuff? LOL no one!!! Except me, but, well, I’m a nerd for that sort of thing.

Today I wanted to share with you what a typical conversation with Alexis is about covers for the store.

Alexis: Hey babe so remember that reverse harem I told you about?

Cara: Yeah!! Three dudes right?

Alexis: Well, actually… I started writing and lol it is hotter with five.

Cara: OK! I just need to start over…

Alexis: Wait, don’t!!!

Cara: I don’t actually delete my photoshop files —


Lana: Shush, woman, listen to Cara.

Cara: Yeah I can try and make that cover work for something else, I’m sure that –

Natalie: Cara OMG!!! That would be perfect for this story that Daph and I are working on.

Cara: Awesome!

Alexis: See, told you not to delete the file.


Alexis: Kidding. But also Gage wrote another series, he needs eight covers, can you have those in this week?

Cara: … Sure.

Alexis: Oh, and we have a new author coming to the store.

Cara: Awesome!

Alexis: They need 10 new covers next week.

Cara: Wow, that’s amazing.

Alexis: I don’t know what stuff they need, let me go find my notes…

So, does Alexis keep it interesting?

LOL, no doubt. But I love working with her and with all our fabulous authors! I think I’ve never been happier with any job EVER because, holy shit, these ladies (and gentlemen) want the filthiest and funniest stuff that could ever be designed. I so went to school for this haha!

So Alexis said it was ok for me to do a little contest for the project I’m working on. I want to get some teasers together for some of each authors’ greatest hits, as we’re putting together author pages on the store.

Can you pick an author from the store, and one of their books, and drop a teaser in the comments?

Every teaser quote that gets made into a pretty, shiny teaser will be rewarded with a $5 gift card for the Naughty Angel store!

Only 5 teasers per author will be chosen in this contest – and if this goes well, we’ll do another one!

Thanks for all your help, Angels.

And thank me for letting you design covers for your favorite authors!

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Hey Angels

This is a quick post today because I am so hungry. Seriously we have like no food in the fridge. It’s not like we’re broke or anything but that we’re just all so busy that we haven’t gone to the grocery store to buy food to make it. I mean there is like pasta and rice and beans in the pantry and we have a bunch of meat but its all frozen. And every time I’m like I’m going to cook something there is something that comes up and takes all the motivation away. Like oh I need salt. Yeah we have no salt in the apartment either. We also don’t have any sugar in the apartment unless you count sugar as sex then we get enough of that I guess haha. 

Anyways, whenever one of our parents visits one of the things we do is go grocery shopping and not because they’re buying it lol but because it just seems like such a wonderful thing to do with your parents. 

Although Lana’s mom or my mom is always like are you eating right or getting enough to eat and I’m like yes yes don’t worry. 

And we are. Its just that sometimes food consists of Carls Jr or In N Out or Hawaiian Barbecue lol. Or sometimes its salads too or poke. 

But my new favorite is Panera with the bowls they have. 

Anyways so that means there is very little snacking in this apartment. 

Breakfast consists of Starbucks but we never get a chance to snack and other times we’re like all starving. 

And once I start to starve its like Lana is starving too. 

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Want this hot boss to give you a hard time?

Hey Angels!

On the blog today, I wanted to give you a preview of my new release on the store today, Hard Bargain!

When I go down the third floor – one floor below mine, now – Kylie is at her new desk. The promotion is effective from today. She’s a vision. Long wavy her, the blond so dark some call it light brown, hangs over her shoulders. She hasn’t seen me yet, but I know without her looking at me that her eyes are the color of chocolate. Once you’ve seen them, you can’t forget. A splash of freckles on her nose makes her look younger than her twenty-eight years.

I walk to her desk, and she looks up at me. When she sees it’s me, she smiles. It spreads across her face like a sunrise, and I smile back at her. She’s beautiful, but it’s not just a perfectly sculpted face that gets me. She’s fucking hot. She has one of those classic hourglass figures with large breasts, an impossibly small waist and an ass that you can hold onto while you fuck.

And I’ve thought it about. God, help me, I’ve thought about fucking Kylie Jordan. There’s something about her that’s irresistible. When she’s not smiling her lips are in a permanent pout. I can imagine what it would be like having those lips close over my cock, those big brown doe eyes staring up at me.

It won’t be just a fantasy much longer. There are things I know about Kylie. Things she has no idea I’m aware of. Things that she’ll live to regret if I have anything to say about it. It’s almost a shame that someone as fucking gorgeous as she is will have to go down in flames in the end. But at least I’ll enjoy myself making it happen.

I shake off the dark thoughts and clear my throat, giving her a disarming smile that she has no reason to think is anything but sincere.

“What can I do for you, Mr. Wagner?” she asks.

She called me Mr. Wagner in the interview, too. I fucking love that. I want her calling me that while I’m hammering her from behind, but in an effort to keep up the friendly boss act, I shake my head.

“Call me Wes, please.”

She smiles again.

“And I want you to come to the meeting room with me. I’ve got some paperwork for you to fill out.”

She nods and gets up. I watch her move. When she walks around her table, she rolls her wide hips, and I turn away, so I don’t stare.

She follows me to the meeting room. I wait for her, let her walk in first, but I don’t close the door behind us. I know my limits. I don’t want to lock myself in a room with her, not today. She’s got a spell over me with her rolling hips and her fuckable mouth, and I don’t want to risk being alone with her. Not yet.

I’m a professional, but God, the way she moves has me hanging on by a thread right now.

“What did you need to talk about?” she asks when I tell her she can sit down. I sit down, too.

“We need to handle the paperwork,” I say. “And then you’re officially my new project manager.”

She smiles widely.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” she says.

I smile, too. She looks so genuinely happy. It’s almost childlike. I have to hand it to her. She’s good. If I didn’t already know what I do, I’d never suspect she’s anything but authentic.

“Your talents were wasted down at reception,” I say. I don’t know why she was hired as a receptionist in the first place. She should be so much more with her MBA backing her. Now is the chance I know she’s waited for to prove herself.

“Thank you so much for the opportunity,” she says.

I shake my head. “You deserve it.”

She nods. I push the new contract toward her, and she starts reading it. It gives me time to stare at her without her knowing. It’s like poker. You have to know who you’re playing against, find their tells.

Her skin is like porcelain, smooth and blemish free. I want to reach out and touch her. I don’t.

Her blouse is a royal blue, and it makes her skin look paler. It’s perfectly modest, but it’s made of a thin, flowing material, and it traces her ample breasts. They rise and fall as she breathes.

She looks up at me, and I force my eyes to hers.

“I signed it,” she says.

I smile at her.

“Then that’s it,” I say. I hold my hand out to her and she shakes it. Her skin is soft when she touches me, warm, her fingers delicate.

When she stands, I can’t help but look at her body. She’s wearing slacks tight enough that they look painted on. I’m drawn to the apex of her thighs where the slacks are smooth over her pussy. My cock throbs hard and insistent in my pants. It hits me hard. I want to fuck her so badly. I don’t know where it came from – I’m not an animal for God’s sake. I pride myself on my control in every situation. But I want to take this woman.

I can’t stand up now without her seeing my erection. It strains against my pants, wild and trapped. It wants out. It wants to fuck.

When I look at her eyes again they’re large. Her lips are parted, and she swallows. I don’t know what she’s thinking, but I swear she’s thinking dirty thoughts, too.

The atmosphere is electric around us. I look at Kylie’s lips, and we’re caught in a spell where time stands still. I can close the distance, now, and kiss her. I want to push my tongue into her mouth. I want to taste her. My cock throbs in my pants. Despite the lust the churns inside me, I manage a hard smile.

“I suggest you go settle into your new desk, Miss Jordan,” I say.

“Call me Kylie, please,” she says, mimicking what I said to her. Fuck, if her sassy attitude doesn’t make my cock even harder. I nod.

She smiles at me and leaves the meeting room. I slump in the chair. My cock is so hard it aches. I consider going to the men’s room and jacking off, relieving myself, but I don’t. I stroke myself with one finger and my cock twitches.

I wait until it’s gone down enough to be able to get up. When I walk to my office, I’m irritated. I want to fuck. I want to fuck Kylie. She’s so fucking hot it’s almost a sin. Hot and pure and so seemingly innocent.

Can I really ruin that?

Fuck, yes, I can. I didn’t expect my reaction to her to be so intense. I don’t need to let my lust cloud my judgment. I need to keep my head in the game and only think about her in that way in relation to my endgame. To winning. To coming out on top like I always do.

But I want to see her naked. I want to lick her and kiss her and suck her.

I want to fuck her.

Almost as much as I want to fuck her over.

– from Hard Bargain by Vivien Vale
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Blowjobs on the brain

Hey Angels!

Ok so I know other authors are like clamoring to write on the blog but I had some really crazy daydreams yesterday and when I was sleeping last night the daydreams turned into crazy real dreams too and I was like ok hmm I need to share with the Angels. 

So in my daydream I’m like on my knees in like a maroon thong (the kind you can get from VS that don’t leave the VPL you know even if they’re not as tiny but they do look tiny but they also look smooth). And I have this black bra on and I’m on my knees in an office. And I’m like sucking Winebar’s cock. 

Like he’s holding my head and I’m giving him this really sloppy blowjob and he’s like oh yeah. But then I look up at him with like these really slutty eyes and I’m like you know I’ve fucked other guys after you. And he’s like taking his hands and just thrusting his cock into my mouth. And then I keep sucking and slurping and angels this is how vivid this thing is I can remember feeling how like my spit is falling from my mouth and it’s dripping onto my thighs. 

Also like my mouth is all wet from the blowjob and I stroke his cock and then I take a hand and stroke his balls and he’s grunting like an animal. 

And then he just comes. 

Like the amount of cum is like insane when he comes in my dream. Like the volumes you seen in porn, maybe more. Not like “oh pop I shot a small load and you can’t see it”. 


The level of cum is like intense. He cums all over my tits and then my bra is like wet after all the cum that soaks it. Some of it goes in my mouth but I also miss and it coats my face. It hits my tummy and coats it and starts dripping down my body. 

His cock eventually stops spurting cum and it starts to drip a bit and it falls on my thighs. And And the cum feels like hot on my skin. 

I mean in my daydream I even feel cum on my hair. And we all know like the whole thing like cum on my face but please spare the hair, right?

So like over and over in this dream Winebar cums really hard the moment I’m like honest with him and I’m like oh I lived my own life and I did dirty things with other guys and that’s when he cums so hard. 

Anyways I don’t know what to make of this recurring daydream and night dream. I wrote a couple scenes about it too and I’m like slathering to give someone a blowjob lol. But alas there are like no guys I can just give a blowjob too. Nor do I want to. I just don’t know how to get the out of my head either. I’ve like masturbated twice and came really hard thinking about it but yeah, I have blowjobs and getting cummed on in my brain. 

With that little dose of wholesomeness I leave you today! Have a great day!

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Uh oh…

Hey Angels!

Oops! I may have made a huge mistake. 

Yesterday I was doing some updates to the store. IT Guy isn’t really in the picture right now so a lot of the stuff to update the store is on me because like we’re not ready to pay for it yet. So I was doing that but I was doing it with a glass of wine. And then someone knocked on the door. 

And I went to go open it and it was FedEx because they delivered this package to me. It was this really slutty looking bikini that I got from this store that advertises on Instagram. But guess what? The delivery time was like 3 months or some crazy thing like that. I had bought this back when IT Guy was still in the picture and I was going to wear it and then do a little dance for him and suck his cock lol. 

But anyways so it here and I decide to try it on and look at myself in the mirror. And one thing leads to another and I get another glass of wine and I’m feeling good and this bikini is seriously really scandalous. 

So I go call Lana to come to my room and check it out and she’s like ya there are some countries you probably would get arrested if you wear that. Also if you sneeze your boobs might pop out and I’m like that’s perfect then because that’s exactly what I was going for. Then Lana is like okay but if you like walk in this fashion I can like see everything there’s nothing left to the imagination and I’m like oh how is that and I try. 

We’re obviously just goofing off and having fun and I’m doing poses. 

And then I spill my glass of wine on my computer so Lana shrieks and yells and goes to get a towel but it’s not enough time so I whip off my bikini and use it to clean up my keyboard. 

Thankfully there’s nothing that got damaged on my computer but now I’m like naked sort of and I look at what happened and somehow I may have deleted yesterday’s blog post. Also I made like an entire selection of books like 99 cents but I don’t know which ones without going through them bit by bit and seeing what price they are and what price they used to be. Like the price doesn’t even show up on the book sometimes but it does during check out. And some other books are randomly free. 

So I’m like oh no what are we gonna do and Lana is laughing because I’m like hunched over my computer sorta without any clothes on and she’s like why don’t you just keep the books as they are because its a funny story. Also you got red wine all over your light blue bikini does it need to be dry cleaned? If people find it they get a nice little bonus. 

So I was like yeah okay that’s a great idea. 

So if you find them Angels, enjoy!

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Getting my halo

Hello, Angels!

Sophie Moore here!

Today’s my turn to post on the blog, and wow, do I have a lot of pressure on me to be as good as Alexis, Lana – Aiden!

Don’t mind me internally screaming over here, haha!!

Seriously though, I’m so grateful to be included on the Naughty Angel Publishing store, and now the blog as well.

I am really passionate about telling stories. I’ve been a big fan of all the authors here at the store for a long time, but when I wrote in to Alexis and told her I’d finished a book, would she publish me, I was pretty much thinking two things.

One, when will I stop freaking out! It was so exciting, finishing my first book and looking to get published with my favorite authors…

And two, that I would never, ever, get to be on the Naughty Angels.

But then Alexis emailed me back.

She was like WOW! You go, girl! Congrats on finishing your book. … 

Actually, I asked Alexis, and she told me that I could share what she wrote in her email.

And today I do want to share that with you, because I can’t believe that now I’m releasing my own series and I have books on this store!

I’m so grateful for all the comments, emails, and reviews that I see on the store because I know we’re a community of romance readers like no other.

Thank you all, Angels, for letting me write for you. 

Now here’s the email Alexis sent me that changed my life forever! 

From: Alexis Angel
Re: A Reverse Harem Romance Submission

Hey Sophie,

Wow! Congrats on finishing your first book.

It can be so difficult to write a book, and you have. I’m so proud of you girl!

So I want you to know that I’m really thrilled that you reached out to me. I can tell you really understand what we try to do at Naughty Angel Publishing – be a contemporary romance reader’s favorite place in the world. Disneyland with dicks sounds pretty bad, but really, we want a place where women can be the naughty angels they are. Dirty, filthy, free, and fun-loving, with stories they love to read. Authors who want to write stories for them.

And I read your book. It’s really good.

I’d be happy to add you into the communication group with our cover designer and our editors, and get your book ready to publish. I think Helping Hands is an amazing story. We haven’t done as much biker stuff, but I’d love to do more. I also know you mentioned you had more stories. Our readers do enjoy “insta-lust” and slow burn so both kinds of ideas are great.

I look forward to seeing you do so much more.

I’m truly humbled every day by the amazing Angels that have been loyal to me from the moment we “met” – they read my stories, follow my journey, and they are there for me whenever I need them. Imagine what it’s like to have a hundred thousand best friends.

That’s what it’s like being a Naughty Angel.

We have some amazing authors at the store.

And I want you to be one.

Consider this the invitation to get your halo dirty!

Will you be a Naughty Angel Author?

Hugs and kisses and lots of love

xo Alexis