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Weekend Prep

Hey Angels!

So I think we’re all sufficiently recovered from the New Year.

So I’ve been doing the okay I need to find strength through not jumping into bed with the first guy I see thing after IT Guy and I broke up and when the stuff with WineBar was like okay we need to have a serious conversation.

But you know what? I was so focused on finding clarity through denying myself my urges that I forgot something. That in giving into my basest desires sometimes I’ve found clarity just as much.

I know this sounds really woo woo but being with Lana actually helped clear that up for me. If something feels good, we should totally do it! I dunno why we don’t. I guess its centuries of repressing our desires. But sometimes you need to think with the pleasure center of your brain and give in to animal temptations. That’s what Lana taught me.

So going forward, I’m not looking for a relationship. That’s my New Year’s resolution. If one happens, then great I’m going to be focused on making it work. I’m not going to sabotage it. I’m going to be all in. But I’m not going to hold back and cross my legs and throw away the key either. If someone wants to come over for a taste I’m going to do what I feel like doing and that’s going to be what I want to do at that moment in time.

So that meant this weekend Lana and I are going to go out on the town.

Haha Lana said yesterday she needs to relax this weekend! No she can’t! She can relax in February! Right now we have to go to clubs!

We’re gonna hit some clubs and hang out. The plan is simple. And I dunno if Lana is gonna back out in the last minute but it’s okay if she does because Daphne will be right there too. She’s staying over for a bit in the hopes that we’re going to do something kinky because Daphne is super duper fucking kinky it turns out. The freakier the better for her.

Anyways so our plan is going to be to go find a single guy and then both do him together. But we want to also use him to make the other person cum harder. So if he’s like fucking Lana then I’ll be stroking her clit so that she can lean back and just feel good, you know? We think its gonna be a good plan but Lana is sorta nervous because she’s only imagined doing stuff like this and not really ever really done it.

Anyways, so that’s the plan for going out tonight. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Stay safe Angels!


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Let’s Start Strong, Together!

Hey Angels,

Thank you all for your all comments and emails about your “word” to focus on for the year. It has been really heartening to see those, and your goals, for the new year!

I want us all to support each other.

If you’re looking to lose weight and/or build an exercise/eating healthy habit, then remember to make those good choices today!

If you’re looking to find love, then put your heart out there, and don’t settle!

If you’re looking to read a lot of books – lol we got hundreds of emails about reading goals alone – then hey y’all, get to it! Always happy to support a reader! It sounds silly, but creating an actual reading list has helped me. My mom has a spiral notebook she writes all her series that she’s reading in, and she puts a check next to the books as she reads them. Simple, but it works!

If you’re working, going to school, and that’s where your goals are, then I support that hustle! Keep working hard for what you believe in and you can achieve it.

I’m so grateful for all the Angels, who not only support me , but each other!

Let’s all support each other in 2020!

I’m setting some new writing goals and I know our cover designer is setting some goals, too, lol, to keep up with all our stories!

So, one more thing… I am serious about something else this year. I really want to keep dating and getting to know Aiden.

I think I don’t want to rush into a relationship yet.

I’ve always been in relationships and I never thought my marriage would end. I don’t want to end what I feel is supposed to be forever, and that’s how I feel about marriage.

So I’m not rushing into it. I’m taking it slow enough to be sure.

But it’s not like me to just “play the field” or whatever you want to call it. Dating non-exclusively seems odd to me. And while the fun I have with Alexis or with other guys might be just that – fun – I’m not used to being in non-serious relationship type stuff.

But Aiden does seem like someone I could be serious about. I think I just need to be sure that, after spending nearly a decade with a man and having that end, that the instant it feels good, I don’t just jump in.

We need to know more about each other than… I guess, the good stuff. I have to know that he’s not someone I care about when it is easy, but he’s someone I care about when things get real, or hard. Everything’s easy and fun at the beginning, just like in friendships, but you have to see who sticks through.

And Aiden’s not a problem here. I mean, I know he’s been a bit of a manslut in the past – no judgement. What I mean to say is… there’s not a problem, but if there was one, it is that I think I’m still wounded and not ready to commit again. I think that I want more space to understand who I am and to be able to love deeply and take care of someone the way my momma raised me to be. It isn’t just a piece of paper, to me, when you marry someone. It is about being lifelong partners.

And I want that.

But I’m not ready to be anyone’s lifelong partner yet. I need to be more present and mindful in my own life. To explore what I want and to be able to be alone with myself. Know who I am.

Then I can love someone else.

Sorry, didn’t mean to get all heavy. But it is heavy, and serious. If you’ve lost your spouse and you’re going on, still, stay strong. My heart and my prayers are with you.

I’m ready for the weekend already. I’m going to curl up with my reading list, a warm cup of coffee, and spend some time with myself.

What are your weekend plans, Angels?

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Lana cums back lol

Hey Angels!

So we’re doing New Years Day festivities with black eyed peas and stuff but I wanted to drop a line to kinda bring everything together what I was talking about this whole week so I can go into New Years Eve stories lol. 

So anyways, all of us girls knocked on Lana’s moms door and she opened and she was obviously overcome when we were like hey chica what’s the deal why did you disappear?

So she got really scared at first and then told us to come in. Her mom was at work. 

So we all go in and sit down and Lana takes some time and starts to cry. 

She tells me this:

“Alexis, I really really loved the time we spent together when we were together. You’re obviously a very skilled and amazing lover and I had a great time. And I sorta want to do it again with you but I also really like Aiden so I didn’t wanna hurt your feelings or anything and didn’t know what to do.”

So okay maybe I’m embellishing a little when Lana said I’m a very skilled and amazing lover lol. But anyways, I ask, “Wait, so its just physical for you?”

Lana nods her head. “I don’t wanna date you or be your girlfriend or anything but in time I might want that. I might want more from Aiden and I didn’t know how to tell you.”

And I’m like blown away. Because that’s the exact same thing I wanted. Like you know sometimes I may not want like to do anything but cuddle with Lana and we get each other off and have fun but that’s all it is. But I was worried Lana wanted like a real relationship. But I’m not ready to be the dude in that relationship you know? 

So Lana is like worried and I’m like babe, that’s all I want too. And she’s like really? And I’m like yes. And all of a sudden she’s like oh wow this is the best of both worlds then. And I’m like ya it really opens up a whole new world. Like we can go out and find the same guy and share him together! That can be our thing! And Lana is like uhmm ok. And then Daphne is like yeah you guys should go do it right now. 

But Lana is like no I’m hungry. And I was hungry too. So we instead just went to Bob Evans which was pretty good and a big Midwest thing so shoutout to Bob Evans. Also Steak N’ Shake. That’s pretty good too when you want to be super naughty and not care about what you’re eating lol. 

Anyways, we came home to California like two days later after hanging out with Lana’s mom and giving her a makeover and drinking like 10 bottles of wine lol. 

Tomorrow I’m gonna talk about New Years resolutions! Make sure you drop yours in the comments. I wanna make sure all the Angels support each other. 

Happy New Year Angels!

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Happy New Year!

Hey Angels! Thank you all for sharing your words for the year in the comments and in your emails!

I of course share Lana’s sentiments. I think the period of time when I wasn’t ready to share the store or my story was like the darkest time in my life, and you all have made me my strongest!

I am setting goals with Lana tonight- and the store authors are having a big party. Talking about the future, enjoying champagne. It’s not exactly low key but it is for me because I don’t intend to leave my panties in some Wall Street Bro’s limo. See how I have matured?

To close out the year, I want to offer a big sale to all the Angels- use coupon code auldlangsyne for 25% off books!!!

what are you doing for New Year’s? Tell me your goals/resolutions too!

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I love the Angels

Hey Angels!

I know that Alexis is telling our wild story, but I wanted to butt in today and say that I would NEVER really leave the Angels.

I know that I’ve written books without the Angel last name.

I know I have had times when I was slower to respond.

but never in my heart could I ever actually leave the Angels.

Your support and your care has been a blessing from the moment I started writing for you, and it is a treasure to have such friends and such a family.

As we look forward to a near year, and close a previous one, I want to share “word” for the year. If you haven’t heard of this, it is when you pick a word as your focus for the coming year.

And mine is gratitude. I have an enormous amount of thanks to give to you and to God for being able to share love and stories with the Angels.

What’s your word for 2020?

And what are your New Year’s plans?

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Indiana Here We Cum LOL

Hey Angels!

So in our story now it’s like December 6 and Lana is nowhere to be found and you know what? All of us are like frantic. 

I mean this is a family. We’re a tribe. When something happens to one of us it affects all of us. We view the readers as the same. 

We’re all part of a family here. 

Anyways, so we decided we’re gonna go visit Lana in Indiana and force the issue. 

This is where it starts to get a bit cray cray because we’re like thinking ok its gonna be Paige and Liz and Natalie and Daphne and me. 

So okay that’s five girls and we book our flight using American Airlines from LAX. 

Now guess how many pieces of luggage we end up with?

We each end up taking two checked bags and a carry on in addition to a purse. We needed like two Uber XL’s to take us to the airport lol because first off we didn’t know how long we’d be gone for. 

Secondly its cold as fuck in Indiana right now and we were like okay we have to look fabulous and so that requires luggage. 

And so we’re all like okay we need to look really fabulous when we see Lana to make her remember her old life. 

Oh also we got our tickets and I used my points on the corporate card for the store (yes the store has its own corporate card because the store is a small business) and we were able to upgrade our seats to first class so we just drank champagne the entire way looking all fabulous. I’m serious I had these fuck me boots that I knew made me look hot and the flight attendants thought we were on a bachelorette party lol. 

So we land at the airport and we have those movie moments where we’re all walking down the concourse next to each other and l’m like wow there are people looking at us because we look hot (or drunk). I guess drunk because Natalie like trips and falls and so the inner music stops in my head as we get her back up on her heels. 

Anyways so we get to Lana’s mom’s house and I knock. 

And that’s when she opens the door. And sees us. 

Ok enough for today!


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Where In The World Is Lana?

Hey Angels!

So two days ago I may have left you on a cliffhanger because Christmas was upon us and I figured that it was probably best that we not talk about having sex that’s spine tingly because its naughty and taboo during a period of peace and joy and wholesomeness lol.

Anyways, so to start getting back to the filthy we sorta ended up where it was three days that went by and Lana hadn’t come back to her apartment and I was starting to freak out real bad. 

I had messaged her on Day 2 and got no response and I messaged that I Was gonna call the cops when she messaged me and was like no she was okay but she needed to take some time and had gone back home to her mom in Indiana. 

Okay so I was relieved but I was also like oh my god what is going on. 

I mean I kinda figured its because we had fucked you know? So I’m like okay what can I do. But she’s not picking up her phone or anything. 

This is now into December and Paige and Natalie are back and they’re like okay we need to get Lana back because Lana does a lot of stuff for the store and she’s a founding member and there literally is no store unless there’s a Lana Angel. 

So we sit down and try to figure out what could have upset Lana so much. 

And I start the meeting off by having to admit that we may have sort of kind of slept together. 

And everyone is like okay what is wrong with you. Like do you need to go sleep with everything. And I started to cry and stuff and then people were like okay sorry we were just frustrated. 

But one thing is for certain and that’s we needed to get Lana back!

Stay tuned!


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Merry Belated Christmas Eve!

Hey Angels!

This post didn’t publish on December 24th. Not sure why!

Its Christmas Eve!

So this year my parents are coming to our apartment for Christmas but first we’re all going to Christmas Eve service at 2 pm! Lana is visiting her mom and Natalie and Daphne and Paige are in town too so they’re spending Christmas dinner and Christmas Eve festivities with us. Aiden is going to surprise Lana in Indiana (he should have done so by now). 

So anyways I know I was talking about how things went to hell for the store but for today I’m just gonna say Merry Christmas and hope you all celebrate really happily with your family and friends. 

Love you angels so much. You are what makes us wake up and put books out. Thank you so much for your continued support for over a year!

Merry Christmas

Alexis Claus

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WTF Lana?

Hey Angels!

So now you’re all caught up with the beginning of how we had the Great Pause in the store. 

Basically that whole day, it was pretty awkward for Lana and me. I can’t say I blame us. We just did it you know?

And then we didn’t even blame it on alcohol lol because the next morning we woke up and did it again. Life sort of changes when you see your best friend make her orgasm face and you know you made her get there. 

So yeah we kinda stayed out of each others way. 

Also its important to know that IT Guy never texted or did anything. I’m sorta glad I didn’t let him put his cock anywhere inside of us because he never really called or anything. 

So I was writing all day that day afterwards and I guess so was Lana. hahaha I’m not gonna lie I was probably looking at Kendall Jenner’s Instagram feed and Lana was writing. So I got some food from downstairs and I texted Lana when I was downstairs (we have a gourmet grocery at the base of our building that sells already cooked food in prepared meals) and I was like hey you want anything and she said just a yogurt. 

So I brought it up and we sorta sat there eating in silence. And then we kinda looked at each other. 

And we started making out again!

And then we had sex on like the couch again. 

So fun fact about Lana. She’s a squirter 

Anyways I went to sleep on the couch and when I woke up Lana wasn’t there. I figured she went to her room. 

And so I went to my room. 

But the next morning Lana wasn’t there. And her room was empty. 

So I spent the whole day waiting and writing (more like going to the gym and wondering if we were gonna have sex again and watching Netflix) and still no Lana. 

So this is where I fucked up Angels. 

Because when we started doing it with IT Guy it just felt really forbidden and taboo and dirty and wrong and that’s what made it so great. Like it felt good to be nasty. But I didn’t say anything to Lana about it because it was already awkward enough. 

So that’s why I didn’t text her at all either all day. And she never came home. 

So this is the beginning because now I was in the apartment and where was Lana???

More to come!