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Hey Angels!

Okay so Braveheart is looking down at us and he’s looking at Daphne and Lana and the three of us. Lana and I are having a good time and overall the lust level in this room is off the charts. I’ve cum a few dozen times and I’m like okay where in my purse did I put my condoms. But then I remembered that I thought I was gonna fuck Lana so maybe I forgot to bring condoms and only then do I realize that I always need to travel with three things: 1. Cell phone, 2. ID, 3. Condoms

I don’t even need a credit card lol because dudes can buy me anything or I can just unbutton an extra button on my blouse and maybe maybe find someone willing to extend me credit or not give me a ticket. More on the not give me a ticket later lol.

Anyways so Braveheart is like “I want to cum on you.”

And I’m like…already dude? We just sucked your dick for a little bit.

And then I realize wait, these dudes are like normal guys. They’re not living in an Alexis Angel novel. They couldn’t really hang with the people in our books who go for 10 rounds and then are ready to cum and they fill up a barrel.

Daphne is basically like a rag doll now and White Shirt and Black Shirt look at Braveheart and I get a wicked idea.

I’m like, “Why don’t you cum on all of us?”

And Braveheart looks like he’s gonna blow his load right there.

I lean back and I stroke my pussy a little bit and show him what I want him to do with my eyes and he gets the hint.

Two minutes later, he’s hungrily lapping and sucking at my pussy. I’m going back to paradise and I think Lana is sucking on my tits lol.

Daphne is making mewling and purring noises on the other side and I think she’s forgotten where she is. That’s one of the reasons she asked me to please write this part of the blog is because she says she was aware that Lana and I were there but she had no idea what we were doing when or how long we were there or who was there with us after a while. She said it was more like she was an animal that was feeling good and tingly and having orgasms but she had no idea who or what was going on.

I know the feeling. Have you ever cum so much that you get like sex brain where you’re like just zoning out? That was Daphne. I was getting there too especially because a combination of Lana playing with my nips and Braveheart sucking my clit I think I came like three times in a row. When he got up, I couldn’t feel my toes and my right leg was twitching.

Lana lay down and I returned the favor to her and Braveheart went down on her. She was super wet from all this and I think she yelled out real fast maybe within 30 seconds and came hard.

A few more orgasms, this time with more patience, and I looked at Braveheart and asked him.

“Are you ready for your present?”

He smiled and I smiled.

This was gonna be so dirty.

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The Deed

Hey Angels!

The last time we left we were talking about Braveheart and how we was coming over to us to fuck us. Lana and I had like wickedness and lust in our eyes and I mean I think basically it was all so pent up that we were both trembling.

We both look up at Braveheart and he’s got his shirt off and pretty soon his cock is out and I don’t waste any time. I take it in my tiny little hands and I start to stroke it looking up at him and blinking.

Lana starts pawing at me and I give his cock a few preparatory sucks and then turn over to her.

Lana and I start making out. I can hear Daphne on the couch yelling out and moaning as the dudes are thrusting into her.

It doesn’t take long for me to get undressed. Or Lana. (We were wearing a surprisingly small number of clothes in retrospect lol) and Lana is squirming and wrapping her legs around me as we keep sucking and licking each other.

I can see that Braveheart is enjoying the two of us so we give him more of a show. I make a point to suck and lick Lana’s pussy while he holds her hands down and she licks his cock. Lana cums all over my mouth and then I go up to kiss her.

Braveheart and Lana both lick my pussy and I cum maybe three times and I’m like omg this is what I was talking about. Where has this delightful, dirty sex been the last few months. How could I do without my sweet releases lol.

I can see Daphne getting fucked by both dudes now and I’m impressed. She’s taking their cocks and is having the time of her life. She must have had a real strong itch lol.

Braveheart wants some service at this point so Lana and I begin to suck his cock together. We break off every few minutes to make out as we’re licking his cock – just like we learned from watching porn as we grew up. Braveheart is all like “yeah that’s so good oh man” and whatever. I’m not really listening to him I’m more enjoying the act of performing oral sex with my best friend by my side.

And then I’m like wondering who of us is gonna fuck him first and what the other person could do in the meantime when Black Shirt Dude is like oh my god I’m going to cum.

And White Shirt Dude, as he’s fucking Daphne looks over at us and he’s like whoa.

And then Braveheart says something but I’m not gonna tell you today. I’m gonna tell you tomorrow lol!

Stay horny Angels!


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Semi Dark Room Secrets

Hey Angels!

So yeah before I left you with the bombshell that Lana and I were looking at Daphne starting to get it on with two strapping young men lol. I’ve always wanted to say ‘strapping young men’ lol.

Anyways, I’m torn between looking at the lust on Lana’s face and what’s happening in front of me where White Shirt Dude’s cock literally slaps Daphne in the face (gently) and she teases it with her tongue. They’re groaning and moaning and it all sounds pretty lewd Angels. No lie I’m like pretty sure that my thong is pretty wet at this point and I’m so so so horny haha. 

“Yeah, lets join in, Lana,” I say huskily because I can’t really move. Daphne is now naked and these dudes are running their hands over her. She flashes us a wicked wicked look and its so naughty that my knees are almost buckling. She bends over and wriggles her ass at BlackShirt Dude and he’s fingering her pussy and her mouth is contorting in this lust induced haze that I’m like omg this is insane. 

Lana can’t help it but she’s running her hands up and down my thighs and I can tell she’s horny too. 

Let me paint this picture for you if will. Daphne is bent over a sofa now in a darkened room giving a lip smacking blowjob to one dude as the other dude is getting her pussy ready to put his cock into her. He puts on a condom and he’s moving it around getting her pussy all primed. Lana and I are dressed like sluts sitting on the sofa across from them and Lana is running her hands up and down my spread out thighs and hovering over the fabric covering my pussy, teasing me into a frenzy. 

It’s something out of a crazy Naughty Angel Publishing book. 

But here’s what happens that’s not out of the book. 

The door bursts open at that point. Now its semi-dark in here, and you can’t really see well at first glance and you need a moment to get your eyes adjusted. But your nose will tell you that the room smells like sex lol. 

Anyways the door bursts open and everyone sort of stops. 

And it’s the dude I was talking to downstairs. 

Cue the dramatic music lol. 

Now normally this is where I’d leave you in a cliffhanger hahahaha. But not today. Because the very first words out of his mouth are:

“They said that you guys were up here. I figured you all were doing something fun!”

I can’t help but smile. I’m so impressed! He didn’t even run away! We’re gonna call him Braveheart because of that because he did also have a sort of English accent. Anyways, Lana looks at me and then looks at him and she has an evil grin on her face. 

“You want to join us?” she asks. “You need to do the both us together though.”

Braveheart just smiles. “I should lock the door then,” he says and he locks the door preventing any other bursting of door from happening. 

Then he walks towards us and I look at Lana. 

We’re really gonna do this again? I ask with my eyes. 

She just reaches over and gives me a long, succulent kiss. 

And then we look up at Braveheart and his sandy colored brown hair. 

This is gonna be good. 

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What happened upstairs…

Hey Angels!

So I’m taking over today because Daphne is getting ready to publish and because I had like a birds eye view of what was happening while Daphne was…well you’ll find out. 

So where were we…

Oh yeah.

Anyways, so we take an elevator to go up to this floor and it’s mainly offices. And I can tell the horniness has really taken over Daphne Dawn. It’s totally affected me and Lana as well. I can feel her pull herself closer to me and I think I even fondle her ass as we walk up. We’ve forgotten about the two dudes who are in the VIP section that we were talking to because we’re about to go see something really hot you know?

So we get to the room and it has this amazing seating arrangement with these plush couches. But better than anything it’s literally got a view of the entire dance floor. 

Without further ado, Daphne takes the hand of both guys and goes to the window overlooking the dance floor and I’m thinking oh my god I’m in an Alexis book lol. 

She starts making out with one of the dudes, I’m going to call him Black Shirt. The other guy is wearing a White Shirt and he starts rubbing her ass. I’m just sitting on a stool looking at them and I watch with an open mouth as both of the dudes takes off Daphne’s blouse and she’s got this really cute nude colored bra on. 

She’s wearing these tight leather pants and they take that off her and I’m like agape at the sexy underwear Daphne is sporting. In a moment, their shirts are off and Lana and I look at each other because these dudes are pretty amazing. 

Now they’re all three pushed together and I’m starting to get so wet because I see Daphne get on her knees and unbuckle Black Shirt. White Shirt can’t wait and in like two minutes both these guys have their pants down and are taking their feet out of them. 

They obviously have no problem performing for an audience which is so much better than other guys that we’ve encountered, you know?

One thing is they’re not wearing any boxer briefs. They both have boxers. White Shirt (whose shirt is off now) is actually  wearing cute boxers with a giant M&M on it and I’m like cooing in a mix of lust and aww being like omg that’s amazing. 

And that’s when she takes White Shirt’s boxers down and uses her hands to pull down Black Shirt’s boxers too. 

Two hard cocks pointing right at her, she wastes no time lol. She starts going down on Black Shirt Dude and starts jerking off White Shirt Dude. I’m like totally riveted as I watch her give head, Angels because she’s a pro. Every few licks she switches over to the next dude and she definitely knows what she’s doing. 

That’s when Lana turns to me and she’s got like a fire in her eyes. 

“Wanna join in?” she asks. 

Yeah, I know. Like who would have predicted this a year ago huh? Sweet lil Lana. 

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The Room Upstairs

Hello there Angels,

I guess I pulled an Alexis Angel yesterday leaving everyone on a cliffhanger. First off, speaking of Alexis and Lana, raise your hand if you got slightly turned on a little bit when she was explaining her story about how her and Lana and IT Guy started to have their threesome which devolved into just her and Lana. I mean those two have been through so much together that having sex seems like just the perfect thing for them to do haha. And, the things that each of them said that the other did to them really made me kind of hot just thinking about it.

So all during that time I have these images of these perfect goddesses licking and sucking each other and Alexis’ ex-dude is getting his dick sucked. I don’t know. Lets just say I gave my vibrator an intense workout and ended up all sweaty.

So that all leads me to being uncontrollably horny that night in the club. And Alexis says she saw me get up and begin to walk away as I gave those dudes a naughty grin. I don’t really even remember that to be honest. It’s like each of my nerves all over my body was tingling and my head was all dizzy from lust. Lust that was caused by my colleagues, mind you.

So this club is pretty crowded, and I was just looking for a quiet spot. I remember that. And the dudes get up off their chair and they follow me. We’re on the dance floor and both of their bodies are pressed up against me even though I want to go somewhere private. But I can feel their cocks straining against me, one dude is rubbing it along my ass crack and all of a sudden I’m very glad I wore something very thin so I could feel every inch of him.

I’m acting like a total slut at this point in the middle of the dance floor, but thankfully so is everyone else. It’s also pretty dark but still I know that if I do something really wild people are going to stop and watch.

I think Alexis realized this too because she and Lana come up to the three of us and she puts her hands around me and asks if I’m wanting to go somewhere with more privacy with my guys.

All of a sudden this night is now all about me. I nod and Alexis uses her executive voice and look (the kind that she uses during business meetings when she’s acting like the woman in charge) and asks one of my guys if he knows a place we can go. He doesn’t, but the other dude says we can go upstairs to the manager’s office. The manager is his brother and that’s how they got the VIP table in the first place – because of family connections.

I nod and Alexis and Lana nod too. The guys ask where they’re going and Lana is all serious when she says that they’re coming to make sure I’m okay. I know they’re doing it so I’m safe but we all know what’s going to happen upstairs. And the fact that they might be watching me makes me…excited.

I’ll have more tomorrow, Angels!


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Two In The Mouth

Hello there Angels!

I haven’t posted in a while but when Alexis gets me to post, she sure knows the right ones to pick. 

So I’ll admit, I was feeling really pretty horny on this night in question. It had been building for a while but hearing about how Alexis and Lana just gave into their lust and went after each other with IT Guy really got my motor running. All I could think about was sweaty bodies and cumming. It got so bad that by the time it was time to go out that Friday night I spent at least fifteen minutes determining whether to just not wear panties that night. See, I knew I was going to get fucked. I wanted that cock inside me – and I wasn’t going to be that particularly coy for whoever the lucky guy was. I had an itch and I needed it scratched – hard. 

So when we got to the VIP booth, and there were two guys openly ogling my legs and staring at my tits all I could think of was “jackpot”. They were okay looking guys and I immediately sat between them. They each put a hand around me and scooted in closer during our conversation to the point where I was just sort of nestled into them.

To be honest, I wasn’t really worried that much. We all basically knew the same people in our circle and I actually knew where they worked. Being much more comfortable, I started to take the conversation to a much more sexual level. They had been flirting with me before but I took it to a whole new level when I asked them, “So you ever been with the same girl at the same time before?”

This brought them up short. I looked at each of them with what I hoped were smoky and sultry eyes and all their game suddenly disappeared. I was loving it. 

“Would you like to try?” I asked. 

Again, there was silence. I was running the show here. I decided that I would take it one step farther and see how much they’d give up. 

“As long as I can have your dicks in my mouth at the same time. Is that a dealbreaker?”

Big big pause. 

And then both of them say something to the effect of no that’s not a deal breaker. 

I bring my hand down to each guys lap and grab their at their crotch. They each have something decent they’re working with. Okay I can do this. 

Now the only question is where?

Hmm, I guess I’m coming back tomorrow to keep this going!



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Coupons for the Angels!

Hey Angels,

It’s Vivien Vale – sorry I’ve been all quiet but lol is it bad to admit that other than writing, I haven’t really been up to much?! Well, it’s the truth!!!

So I added Hard & Fast into Angel Access today – so it is free if you’re a subscriber – but if you’re not, for a limited time, you can use coupon code dollaroffhardfast to get a dollar off the price, so that you’re getting a deal, too.

Hope you’re having a Happy Friday! You know Happy Hour starts at Naughty Angel Publishing pretttttty soon, hard and fast, so I’m off to do something interesting so that I can tell you about it. lol. What are your weekend plans?

xo Viv

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Dirty Daphne

Hey Angels,

So ahem. Yesterday we may have veered off track a bit as I was talking more about the fantasy that I had and wanted to live out rather than the situation that was transpiring in front of us during that night in the club at the VIP section. 

Anyways what I had wanted to do was give everyone an indication of why I was so gung ho about Lana and I finding and settling on the right dude. Because you know if she’s not into the guy and we’re making out then that wrong guy cumming all over us is going to be weird and not cool you know? 

So it had to be a guy that she was into. Otherwise this whole thing is a bust you know?

The problem is that Lana is with this guy and I’m looking at him and I don’t really see him being strong enough to handle two of us you know? Like sometimes you get a vibe from a dude that he can’t handle you if you get crazy. Anyways I think he would blow his load in his pants if he saw Lana and I make out. And especially if he saw me in my silver thong that I’m wearing he’d go ballistic. I mean not too many dudes can take me in my silver thong, that’s just from experience. 

Anyways so thankfully Lana’s dude and my dude end up going outside to go get their friend because they needed to wave him in or something. He was having some problem with the bouncer. And so I’m like ok this is the best time because when they come back there will be three of them and we can both talk to the same guy and the other two will be able to talk to each other so one person won’t be left in the cold. 

But before I can move over to Lana I see her eyes go big. And I follow her eyes and land on…Daphne. 

Okay so you all know that Daphne is pretty kinky right? Well you don’t know how much. I look over and I see her making out with the guy on her left as the guy on her right is rubbing above her thigh. Like oh my god this is in public. I know we’re in a private booth but still its not entirely hidden from view. 

So the guy on her right is pawing her boobs and the guy on her left is nibbling her ear. 

“That was fast, Alexis,” Lana says to me with a wink. “You think she even got their names?”

I shake my head. 

I mean in my brain I’m focused on one thing. Getting Lana out of her clothes so some dude can cum on us as we make each other cum. But I forgot that Daphne is her own person and she’s as horny as us pretty much. 

Daphne flashes us an evil grin and I see her get up and walk away. The other two guys must have been told something because they immediately follow. 

Tomorrow she’s going to be the one posting. 

Speak soon!


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Hey Angels!

So last we left off we’re in the VIP section of this club and these four guys are sitting there and Daphne is talking to two guys and Lana is talking to one guy and I’m talking to one guy. But Lana and I are supposed to be talking to the same guy.

I know at this point I don’t sound entirely rational. Because like just because we’re talking to different guys doesn’t mean anything because the night is young. So I realize that and so I still sit there talking to my guy being all cool and not freaking out.

The truth is Lana was looking really sexy so I just wanted to get her clothes off. Also I had this whole thing going on in my head where I wanted like a dude to spray us with cum lol. I dunno. That sounds too crazy but I kept having this dream where I’m making out with Lana and she takes off my bra and we’re just in panties and in this nice plush room that’s lit up by candle light and this dude is standing there jerking off as he looks at us.

And we’re just making out and making out some more and he can’t take anymore of the stimulation so he cums like hardcore all over us and it sprays all over us. Like rain?

And then we end up licking it off each other which leads to us licking each other’s pussy and making us cum and that dude just cums again and its like this dirty messy bit of nasty.

Anyways it was like this dream I guess I had on Thursday and I couldn’t get it out of my head. Like it was this recurring fantasy and I needed to get one dude and Lana and re-enact it before I went crazy. Because the one thing I know about my dreams or fantasies is this. The last time I re-enacted it my brain or body or whatever was so tingly and excited and I came so hard that I think I passed out. And I came so many times and so hard that I think I may even have had an aftershock of an orgasm as I was walking. It made no sense but it felt so good so my brain was all about trying to find that pleasure because after fucking Lana and finding out she just wanted to keep it casual I just wanted to pursue as much pleasure as possible lol.

Anyways, I’ll have more tomorrow Angels!


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Hey Angels!

I know its like a day after the weekend ended but whew I think we needed like a breather to get everything back in order before being able to write about it.

So Lana and I went out with Daphne on Friday night and our job was simple. Lana and I were going to find and guy and fuck him together and take turns using him to please ourselves. You know how you sometimes have a back scratcher to get hard to reach spots that you can’t scratch on your back yourself? We were going to use a guy to do that for sex.

So we get all slutted up like normal and I open a bottle of tequila and we do a couple shots and let me just say that when she wants to be nowadays Lana is totally able to be a party girl with the best of them. Like she was doing a shot like a champ. The only place she drew the line was where she was like no babe you’re not gonna Juul which I haven’t vaped in like such a long time so don’t worry I’m being good (except I’m being naughty in other ways haha).

Anyways so we get to this club and it’s pretty packed and so we go to the bar and I’m like counting the minutes and it takes like maybe 90 seconds till these four dudes invite us to their VIP table where they had a bottle of Grey Goose and another bottle of Crown Royal that they were drinking. So we go sit down and we’re talking and they’re talking and I try to give Lana the signal that we should both focus our efforts on this one blonde dude and Lana I think is trying to tell me that we should focus on his friend because before I know it we’ve both angled off and are talking to a guy individually.

So like I really don’t need any one on one time with a dude right now thank you very much. I’ve been through too much and I’m a battle scarred veteran in the game of love and I’m like no way. But also I don’t wanna break this guys heart. I honestly don’t care if we go home with the guy I’m talking to or the guy Lana is talking to as long as we go home with a guy but this guy will be heartbroken if he sees me stop talking to him and his friend walk away with two hot chicks on his arm you know? So I figure out what I’m gonna do and I decide the first thing to do is leave it on a cliffhanger when I write it on the blog haha which I just did.

Find out more tomorrow!