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Black Friday!

I’ll keep it quick babes because I’m shopping too lol!!!

Save big at the store – use coupon code KBKDRZVN for 50% off anything in the store!!!

4 thoughts on “Black Friday!

  1. Well I did no Black Friday shopping (no one to shop with) but I killed it cyber Mon. Now only Christmas cards left.

  2. Did the BLOGs stop for December or am I just not getting them??
    Miss being able to live vicariously through your lives/antics….
    Hope all is well and that you all are just busy with life and work.
    An early Merry Christmas (or the Best of the Season – if you’re so inclined)…..

  3. Are the Angels not writing the blog any more? I do not remember reading anything about the blog being discontinued.

    1. Good question! It’s been radio silence for weeks. Are books being added to the store?

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