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Being there for Lana

Hey there, Angels!

I’ve heard you’ve been asking about me and my relationship with Lana. You’re all curious, right? 

I went to her house and asked her to have breakfast with me. It was a surprise, so when she opened the door, she wanted to run back in and almost closed the door to my face. 

I smiled and handed her the roses in my hands. I didn’t really care about what she looked like in the morning with her hair looking like a bird’s nest. I like her for who she is and not for what she looks like. She’s very gorgeous. 

She didn’t want to go out, so I ended up cooking breakfast for her. I asked about her days without me, and she answered like her usual. But it looked to me as if she had an internal debate. 

I didn’t want to force her to tell me things because I respect her. But the curiosity was killing me, and I wanted to hear it from her no matter what. 

In the end, she spilled the beans. 

“It’s like this… uh, I’ve been struggling with different sides of my nature. I mean, I’m not a playgirl. But I have the urge to have fun with Alexis, to be just like her? Is that bad?” she asked. 

I could see the doubt and worry on her face. 

“I’m supposed to be a serious person, and I’m looking for the one… but…” she added as she bit her lips. 

My eyes followed the movement of her mouth, but I fought the urge to do something. 

I smiled at her and decided to be the guy that I thought I would never be. I was even surprised by my decision. 

I grabbed her hands. “I’m here for you, Lana. I’ll always be. If you need to talk, then, you can tell me.” 

She stayed silent as she looked at me, surprised. It seemed that she didn’t expect my answer. 

But I think I made the right decision. What do you think, Angels?

8 thoughts on “Being there for Lana

  1. I think it was a great decision, especially since you are good with it! If you were having doubts or wishing you hadn’t encouraged her being open and honest with you, I mean, c’mon. Lots of guys, once they heard her confession would have wished they swallowed their words! But since you’re good with it, or, at least, it seems your good with it, I have a feeling you’ve moved miles forward in your relationship. I think that’s the kinda guy Lana is looking for, one who has her back—no matter how crazy her choices may seem. Or, maybe you were a little piqued? Maybe her description of her playing got you a bit excited? 😉 I think maybe you’re Mr. Choice 2….

  2. Don’t ever change, you’re one of the good guys.

  3. Definitely the right answer!

  4. You did answer Lana the right way Aiden. I believe you two are soul mates.

  5. Aiden has 6our answer was great! I know it surprised you too. I fill like you two are meet to be together!

  6. Lana keeps saying she wants someone that loves her for her. Then she goes all Alexis,who is constantly getting surprised by turn off from guys she has really liked. It is fun to go crazy but,if at some point u want,what u have said u want,have fun but do not loose this wonderful man,that is u Aidan. I find sometimes,please do not shoot me,people that are unhappy,want company. Ya know what I mean. Lana,u seem to idolize Alexis, why? Examine that we all want what looks fun but can get very old and repetitive. I know I am going to get some hate replies and sorry but just my feelings and reading so many of Alexis’s past posts.

  7. I don’t think her EX was supportive of her and did not approve of Alexis and thought she was a bad influence. If you can support her in her decisions and friendship then you two can make it work.

  8. Oh Aiden, I think you handled the moment perfectly, I know I would have appreciated it. Sometimes we just want to talk, not for someone to fix anything or to fight any battles. We just want someone who will listen with no judgement or action. So glad that Lana has you no matter how far your relationship goes or where it ends.

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