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Bar Car

Hey Angels!

So I know we’ve been gone for a while and Natalie is chomping at the bit to talk about what she and Jock Sr. have been up to lol. 

Daphne is wanting to talk about this guy she met the night we all got cummed on lol. 

And Lana and I have been getting into some pretty depraved and sticky adventures. I think what’s happened is that I’ve corrupted Lana. Because the other day she was talking about how she used to be this good girl looking for love and now she’s a depraved sex fiend looking to cum lolol. But I was a bit worried and I was like awww babe what’s going on why are you sad and Lana was like back in the day she was going on dates and stuff looking to settle down. 

“And now things are going great and I’m definitely having more mind altering sex but at the end of the day, they all leave,” she says to me. “They don’t really stick around if my legs aren’t spread.”

But what about when we both bang a guy together? That’s what I asked. 

“Then they want to date you, but they don’t usually stay with me, because you’re just more glamorous than me.”

I don’t know what to say to that. I mean I think Lana is plenty glamorous but then Lana is like, “I’m more like the girl next door who you’re friends with. You’re the cheerleader guys want to fuck.”

Again, not sure what to say to that at all so I suggested that maybe we go out and have a few drinks and forget about it. 

I mean there’s more to the story of course and I’ll go into it tomorrow but I wanted to stop here because I’m really worried about Lana, Angels. How can I help her?

5 thoughts on “Bar Car

  1. Oh Lana, I’m so sorry you are feeling so down. I guess there aren’t really words to make you feel better but you truly need to accept you for who you are and quit worrying about other people. I’ve always thought that you can’t be happy in any kind of relationship unless you are happy with you. Quit trying so hard to be that girl who everyone wants to stick with and just be happy with who you are. Your friends and all of Angels love you just the way you are and I wish you true happiness.

  2. Ok, I’ve been gone for a while myself. Someone please refresh my memory on where Lana and Aiden stand? I thought they were off pretending to be “friends first” and that he had basically guaranteed he’d stay and settle down and such? So why is Alexis corrupting her?

  3. Lana I’m so sorry to hear that you feel that way. What happened between you and Aiden? I thought you two were going to have something special? He really seemed to care about you for you.

  4. yes,one minute Aiden is or maybe and now all is about Alexis and I just don’t see it.

  5. I agree with other andels** what happened with Adien? You can tell he like you and you like him then all the sudden Alexis are having sex and been naughty angel that you are 😁
    I’m sorry to hear you so down Lana. Maybe you could give Adien a chance? All this is my thoughts. Do what YOU want to do👍

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