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Back to life… sorta?!

I think I caught something in Vegas.

And it’s not just the Angels – and Lana was drooling over her keyboard yesterday, trying to work, but definitely sick. 

A lot of people who were at the writing conference got sick. So, that’s not great. 

But at least after a full day of me mandating everyone rest, I think that we’re all starting the day off that much fresher and more ready to get up and go!

And with a really loud sneeze, I forgot what I was about to say on that topic. Lana insists that she’s fine and should work but I think she’s exhausted. I changed the wifi password at the apartment. She’ll probably murder me when she realizes that but at least it will keep her from doing too much haha.

So remember how I had no internet worth anything in Vegas?

I also sent Winebar a text and it never went to delivered, much less seen. So I make coffee this morning (I don’t feel up to going to Starbucks! That’s how little energy I have, jeez.) and I go back to look at that text and it has the red exclamation mark that means it didn’t go through.

I go to cancel it/delete it, whatever, because it involved me saying I was in Vegas and…lol…I’m not anymore.

Of course it goes through, and shockingly, I see the three dots!

I type back about how I’m back now and the reception was so bad.

The three dots go away and my heart sinks. Like, pre-coffee, this is a lot to handle.

But then he calls. I’m literally grinding coffee and hey a girl doesn’t want to be too desperate so I let it ring for a bit, get the grind finished, and then pick up.

He’s all, hey Lex, with that smooth voice that knows how to pull me in. 

But then we chat about the store. About how he’s been doing – he’s getting out of the bar business and he wants to be able to do something else. It’s nice to chat, but something weird is going on.

And I realize… he actually just wanted to talk to me. He’s not angling for anything. Whoa. Another world, you know?

I tell him it was good to hear from him, and he says the same. It’s all very congenial and adult and I’m proud of myself. 

I had mentioned that we got sick in Vegas, and by the time we got off the phone call, a door dasher has arrived with a lifetime supply of soup lol. I thank Winebar and tell him he could have come over himself with the soup. He’s all like, then you’d know I did it just to see you.

I pause for a moment to taste the words.

That’s true, I tell him… and I want to be like, and I want to see you. Although if I’m contagious, lol, that’s probably not the best thing. 

He tells me to get some rest.

I’m all, thanks, I will, and I hang up fast so as to not say anything else in my affected state.

But speaking of IT Guy, he texted me in Vegas and told me he’s got a new girlfriend. His words included, not anything serious, but if you saw her over, I didn’t want you to find out that way.

That’s sweet. 

Or maybe it is like, hey, I moved on. But I don’t think he’s really so wildly immature that he was trying something else. 

So I told Lana I’d do the grocery shopping and the cooking today because she’s obviously far sicker than I am. It was even more obvious she didn’t feel well when she didn’t protest. But since Winebar sent all this soup over, lol, I don’t have to. 

I’m gonna feed Lana and make sure she doesn’t attempt to work herself to death!

We all need to get better in time for Thanksgiving. I’m super excited for this year. Well, lol, I love Thanksgiving every year.

What’s your fave side dish? I know it’s so bad but I love mashed potatoes. Like I try not to eat carbs but I will honestly eat my weight in mashed potatoes LOL!!!

7 thoughts on “Back to life… sorta?!

  1. Hope you all get better soon. I too was sick last week not fun at all. I also enjoy eating mashed potatoes I think I enjoy it more then the Turkey 😁 ha ha
    Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍗🥧🥔

  2. I keep tellin’ ya — give the guy a chance! BTW, is Winebar in San Francisco now? I thought he was living in NY.

  3. Aw look at you two sounding all grown up & mature, lol. Just a conversation with no hidden agenda? 👏
    Hopefully him getting out of the bar business means you could see him more often & get to know each other again.
    Always team Winebar, holding out hope 🤗

    Wishing everyone a speedy recovery, getting sick this time of year is the worst.

    1. P.S Are we going to have to change his name now that he wants to do something different? That would be totally weird, lol.

  4. Winebar aka Mr Maturing – soup was thoughtful. Hope you all feel better soon.

  5. So happy to here that you had fun in Vegas! So sorry you sick!🤢 I’m glad you and Winebar a talking again! My favorite holiday side is my own recipe! Brussel sprouts sauted with portabello mushrooms and bacon bits. Then baked with parm cheese on top! I know, way to take something healthy and make it not! Lol

  6. Well first of all I want Schellie’s Brussel sprouts! Sorry your all sick hope you feel better. Hopefully Winebar is getting his act together and things would work out for you two.

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