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Maintenance! and Winebar!

Hey Angels!

Paige Teller here. In addition to the writing I do, you may know that I handle the IT stuff as well. And lol no matter how you felt about IT Guy, he did a good job with a few things on the store.

But even he said I was better.

LOL! No choosing sides here but hey, I decided in light of this fact that I would add Winebar to Angel Access 😉

Also if the store is a little slow this week, we’re doing some maintenance. There shouldn’t be any time when the site is down at all but it is going a little slow because of a few things – one is because we have so many books lol and that’s only gonna get worse hahahaha and two is because we have some rather large images on the store that need resizing.

Three is that we get a lot of traffic.

When it all comes down to it, running a store is expensive, lol, but Alexis loves the store more than anything and all the authors here feel the same way. We’re all pitching in.

Would you mind, lovely Angels, helping out if you can, too?

If you’ve noticed ANYTHING that is broken – book not in Angel Access, weird symbols in the blurbs, pages that go slow, etc, like anything, please let me know.

And if there’s anything that you think makes the store less than amazing – like if there’s a category you wish we had or something, etc, let me know. Please load up the comments here and we’ll be bringing in to the next Angel Authors meeting!

Hope you’re having a great week Angels!

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AngelAccess Trailer!

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Hey Angels!

Check out our new fantastic trailer for AngelAccess. Three guesses who put it together!


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The waitlist to join AngelAccess is right here:


Or click here!


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Something big is happening…

Hey Angels!

So I’ve been working on something that all of the other have been wanting for some time and it’s taking place this weekend. This is going to hopefully change your reading life completely.

I just need another few days but we’re going to be running tests on the store this weekend to see if it comes alive properly. Which means not so many deals will be offered and not too many sales. The biggest reason is that everyone who isn’t writing is going to be involved in testing changes being made to the store. I can’t wait to share some of the company meetings we have had on this – involving lots of coffee and women sitting around a circle talking it out.

The reason this is important is because one of the things that really draws me to Naughty Angel Publishing is our commitment to find a way to ensure that whatever fantasies you have are provided for you at an affordable price. That’s our mission. That’s our goal. To help provide you with stories and entertainment in a way that allows you to go about your day with a more positive step.

That’s what we work towards. It’s a work in progress, but it’s our overarching goal. We’re not some big corporation looking to create market segments. We’re a group of people who just wants to write dirty words and get them out to people who want to read them.

That’s why our Saturday and Sunday revolves around improvements and our weekdays revolve around writing.

That’s why I was, with good conscience, able to quit my job and hand in my two weeks notice this Friday. Because this is so much more fulfilling.

Because of readers like you.

At the end of the day, you guys are the whole reason we’re here.

So….there’s only one thing left to say.

Thank you.


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An Excerpt from “Caught”

Hey Angels! Check out my excerpt from Caught, which is a romantic comedy that’s debuting today! These two hate each other, but secretly love each other. They just haven’t figured that out yet as they’re having sex. See how it manifests itself!


I stare at her and a little shiver goes down my spine as she stares back. Her ocean blue eyes staring right back at mine. Her eyes are the first thing you notice when look at her. Her golden blonde hair making it pop out even more. Her red dress casually draped around her chest, she looks gorgeous as a queen but has the comfortable elegance and confidence of a goddess. I wonder what would it feel like to have her skin next to mine. I wonder what her lips tastes like. I wonder what would it take to have her breathing down my neck. If she wasn’t so goddamn difficult, I would almost consider liking her! Almost.
Angelina rolls her eyes at me, “You are such a creep,” she says. Whoa, what a feisty little vixen I have here. She turns away from me but without thinking, my hand automatically shoots up and grabs her.
“Hey! What are you doing?” her eyes are confused and her tone accusing. I push her towards a room behind us. It’s one of those VIP lounge areas, fortunately for us, it’s completely empty. I can sense that she is getting impatient with me.
“What the actual fuck are you doing?” she snaps at me. My eyes focus on those red lips of her. It seems like they are whispering to me to kiss them, tempting me to get a taste, just one kiss.
“Hey!” she says.
I lean down towards her and lock her lips with mine. It’s just as sweet as I imagined it to be. To my surprise, the vixen kissed me back. We stay like that for a moment, I can sense a hint of hunger building up inside me as I gently bit her lower lip.
She pulls away and whispers, “You are such a jerk.”
“Hmm? But I can sense you want me too,” I give her one of my signature smirks.
“Oh please!” she scoffs at me. I pay no attention to her and begin kissing the length of her neck. I can tell she likes it as she quickly gives me a moan of pleasure. I let out a little laugh as I lick the skin right below her jaw.
“Fuck you,” she curses me, “You’re not even that good.”
“Oh yeah?” I answer back. My hands reach for the zipper of her dress. I slowly pull it down as my lips move from her neck down to her collarbone. Angelina lets out another soft moan. Not that good, huh? I smirk to myself. She wants it and we both know it.
“How about this?” My left hand reaches to grab her ass while my right fingers slipped down the fabric covering her left breast, “Do you like this then?” My tongue slowly licks the exposed nipple. She gives me a little shiver. I continue to lick it, my tongue moving in circular motions, savoring every little taste of her. Her hands move to my shoulders, gripping it tight as I begin to suck on her.
“I fucking hate you,” she says to me, “I told you that you’re not even that good,” she lets out another moan, “I’ve had men better than you.”
I feel a fire burning inside me as she said the last sentence. Better than me huh? I will need to show her then.
“Shut your stubborn mouth,” I stop sucking and snap at her.
Angelina gives me laugh, “Oh, did I hurt you?” her right hand moves down my chest slowly, “Did I hurt you here?” she suddenly grabs my cock. “Oh somebody’s pretty hard.” She continues to grip it, I can feel myself getting harder, even the very thought of her hands groping my dick is enough to get my heart pumping.
“Hmm,” she murmurs, “I wonder what to do with this,” she unzips my pants, revealing a long and hard throbbing cock, ready to fuck her brains out. She goes down on me and places her lips on the tip of my dick. She moans as she kisses it and slowly puts the whole cock in her mouth, every inch of it. I can’t help but moan, her warm mouth wetting and sucking my cock.
“You’re such a bitch,” I say as I push her away.
She seems unfazed by this and wipes the dripping saliva from the corner of her mouth. “I know baby,” she tells me playfully.
I can’t take this anymore. I grab her by the waist and push her against the wall. I grip her left leg and she latches it on to my waist.
“Get off me,” her blue eyes glared at me. I can’t. I can’t help it. She’s a fucking bitch but she tastes so fucking good.
“No.” I growl at her. My other hand lifts up her dress and grabs her already soaked pussy. I move the thong that barely covered her folds and inserted two fingers into her dripping hole.
“OHH!” Angelina lets out a loud moan, “I fucking hate you,” she says to me.
“I know baby,” I smirk at her and with one shove, I push my cock inside of her. It goes in easily, seeing how fucking wet she is. She lets out louder moan.
I shush her, “Shut up, someone might hear us.”
“Like you care,” she continues to snap at me, “You’re such an asshole.”


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So something crazy…

Hey Angels!

So do I have a story for you!
Basically, I’ve been telling a lot of my friends that I’m now a full fledged writer because hey I have two books published. One by myself and one with Daphne. Anyways, so I keep in touch with my old high school English Lit teacher and I shared the good news. I told her that I am now a contemporary romance writer and I write for a lot of contemporary romance readers. My English teacher was rightly proud and considering she reads romance a lot too, came onto and looked up my work as well as my blog post and interviews.

In case you’re reading, Hey Mrs. C!!

So all is well, right? Sure, I guess. Except then my English teacher ran into my mom in the grocery store yesterday. And she’s gushing about how proud she is that I’m an author now and my mom is asking what she’s talking about. And so my English teacher shows my mom this website and is telling her that Paige Teller is her daughter. And my mom keeps reading.

So then yesterday evening I’m at the gym and I get 14 calls from my mom. I thought something was wrong so I call her back after the gym.

“Are you okay?” I asked. “Did someone die?”
“No,” my mom replied. “Except I’m going to kill you.”

What happened is that my mom went through the naughty angel store and just got offended completely. Thank God she didn’t go to Dirty Lil’ Angels. Although I’m still trying to get on there myself. But she was looking through all the books and then my interview and the posts about me and is completely disgusted.

“Paige, how can you be like that loose woman Alexis?” my mom asked me. “Have you seen the way she talks? So vulgar.”

I didn’t have any comment. Instead I asked my mom to take a read through of some of Alexis’ books.

Let me explain a little bit about my mom. She’s Southern Baptist and has a very strict set of rules about what is right and what isn’t. But I asked my mom to read some books. I sent her Head Hunter, Sevensome, DILF, and 12 Days.

That was yesterday. My mom has since then discovered that she has a really great affinity for reverse harem. Now she’s asking me if I have a friends and family discount so she can buy everything in the store. She’s even telling my dad about it and he just ignores her and lets her do whatever she wants to.

Anyways. Hi Mom!! LOL.

Moral of the story I think is not to knock something till you try it. And with that I give you guys my latest work with Daphne Dawn…Double Play.

I hope you enjoy it. Daphne and I started writing this a while ago and finished but because I wasn’t releasing my first book yet we held off on it. Then the thing with my mom happened and we figured this would be a good time to release it. Because who doesn’t like MMF?

Stay safe Angels!

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Hello Angels! Time to Answer Your Questions!

Hey Angels!

Thank you for the warmest of welcomes the last few days! Just a quick note, my new email that they set me up at is I’m still getting set up with Facebook pages and the like but it’s happening slowly! I’ve never published anything before so this is a really big culture shock for me. It’s overwhelming at times. There’s so much more to being an author than just writing I’m realizing. But it’s fun. With Daphne (who has guided me a lot) and Lana, Natalie and Alexis, I’m having a blast!

So we have some questions I’m going to answer. And now that I’m finally on the site I’m going to redo my author bio with the answers to some of your questions!

Lets start!

So someone said I remind them of Alexis. I’ll take that as a compliment.

Someone else said they’re about to go find their honey and spend the afternoon in a most enjoyable Angels way. I’m hoping they got laid really hard. Like the thrusting was so hard that the bed moved haha. That’s a fantastic way to spend a lazy Sunday. Because….that’s what I did. Except it wasn’t my ex-boyfriend. It was his best friend.

Yes, I’m having a bit of an affair with my ex’s friend. But it’s okay because my ex and I are broken up for several weeks now and I was getting horny. We don’t have any kids together and we never really moved in. But it’s so dirty. He pulls my hair back and is like “does Trevor know I’m here fucking you” and I’m like no and it feels exciting and dirty. I can’t describe it.

Anyways, questions. So I got a question if I use real life experiences or bucket list items for my sex scenes.

I’m using real life experiences for my sex scenes always. Here’s what I think. I can’t really write about it properly yet because I’m not a good enough writer to imagine it. The only exception is for menage. I don’t have as much experience with two or three or more dudes to write that. But the undressing, sucking cock, having the guy go down on me, or just talk is all from experiences.

So when did I want to be a writer?

I think I wanted to be a writer ever since I was in college. I got pressured to go into computer science because that’s what would pay bills and not English literature like I wanted. But after working in IT for several years it wasn’t as fulfilling. I am still doing it because I just had one book published but my goal is to quit and be a full time writer eventually.

How old am I? I am 28 years old. I’ll be 29 in August.

What’s my favorite food. I’m going to have to say anything from Whataburger.

So what got me into writing dirty? Well, I’ve always been very sexual. I used to masturbate a lot when I was 11 or 12 and never stopped. Eventually I wanted to save some of the ideas that were going through my head and I always liked writing so I put the two together and voila – that’s how I started.

When did I lose my v-card. Pretty late in life. I was 22 and the guy I lost it to was 25. We dated for a year after that but eventually he had to move away.

Have I tried the dirty with the boyfriend(now ex) of mine. I do but I’ll be honest. He can’t keep up with me. I want it constantly when I’m with him and he just does not. He does like 5 minutes of thrusting and it’s good but it’s over too fast. I didn’t always cum with him either. I had to take care of myself but he wasn’t always the best lover. He did other stuff that was good though and it made up for it but more and more I think I need a sexually compatible person.

A dirty nickname for myself is a question.

I’ll go with Filthy Angel. The girls here all call me IT Angel (and trust me I see a million places to improve the store) but Filthy Angel sounds more fun!

What kink do I like the most? I am a big fan of girl on girl. I’ve had a bunch of experiences with one other girl and a guy and nothing turns me on sometimes like another girl.

What kind of romance I do I like writing? I enjoy contemporary romance as long as there is no cheating and there is a Happily Ever After. Seriously the sex doesn’t matter unless there’s a solid and sweet ending to it.


And finally, you can find my books here: