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Alexis Angel is a Goddess

Ok, so Alexis doesn’t read other author’s blog posts. Lana told me so.

But just in case I had to throw that headline out there, because, hey she’s going to email everyone about this.

So, babes, last minute, I realized that I was going to be able to get into this big writing conference I wanted to, so I have been taking care of business for that, and the book I thought I was releasing today wasn’t ready.

Thing is, I told ya already that I’m going to be writing all-male POV. BUT… this one does have female POV because I wrote it before I made that decision. There’s a charming Irish alcoholic writer though, so it has that going for it.

Hope you enjoy Lucky Neighbor and I will see you next week.

I’m heading to Vegas!

I got a bunch of the other authors on the store tickets too for the big author conference we are going to.

So I smell some from Vegas blog posts coming.

If you’re into that sorta thing, baby.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Writing in the male-only POV

Hey Angels,

Thanks for tuning into thoughts of Gage. I wanted to drop a note on the blog here and talk with you lovely ladies because something’s been on my mind.

I used to write only in the male POV, all my chapters, and I gave writing female POV a try, too. I loved it.

What can I say, I love being inside a woman.

But, yeah. See, you Angels welcomed me with open arms/wings and I was so happy to write here. Still am.

So I have decided to go back to writing filthy alpha males that are dirty and downright honest with their readers.

I wanted to ask you what you like most about writing that’s in the male POV, and what gets you excited?

For me I love writing the sex scenes so a woman can see how a real man thinks about his woman.

Let me know, baby, and maybe the next book, I’m talking to you.