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Reverse Harem Romance Coming Soon!

Hey Angels!

Wanted to tease a book that’s coming soon!

I’m a stripper… but I don’t do that.
I don’t sell myself. At best, I’m renting a view.
Until my father’s gambling debts are too high.
I can’t let anything happen to my family.
Even if it means selling my body.

Enter three filthy billionaires who want a private dance.
I know they’ll want more. And I’ll have to give it to them.

Dirty, sexy twins and their demanding boss all control me now.
My body is theirs. I dance for them. First their eyes take me in.
Then, their hands are all over my body. They’re going to devour me.

More than anything… I crave them. I want them to own me completely.

Can I save my soul? Or will I surrender it to these three alpha billionaires.

** This is a standalone reverse harem story. It contains steamy scenes and of course a happily ever after. **

coming soon!!!

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The Room Upstairs

Hello there Angels,

I guess I pulled an Alexis Angel yesterday leaving everyone on a cliffhanger. First off, speaking of Alexis and Lana, raise your hand if you got slightly turned on a little bit when she was explaining her story about how her and Lana and IT Guy started to have their threesome which devolved into just her and Lana. I mean those two have been through so much together that having sex seems like just the perfect thing for them to do haha. And, the things that each of them said that the other did to them really made me kind of hot just thinking about it.

So all during that time I have these images of these perfect goddesses licking and sucking each other and Alexis’ ex-dude is getting his dick sucked. I don’t know. Lets just say I gave my vibrator an intense workout and ended up all sweaty.

So that all leads me to being uncontrollably horny that night in the club. And Alexis says she saw me get up and begin to walk away as I gave those dudes a naughty grin. I don’t really even remember that to be honest. It’s like each of my nerves all over my body was tingling and my head was all dizzy from lust. Lust that was caused by my colleagues, mind you.

So this club is pretty crowded, and I was just looking for a quiet spot. I remember that. And the dudes get up off their chair and they follow me. We’re on the dance floor and both of their bodies are pressed up against me even though I want to go somewhere private. But I can feel their cocks straining against me, one dude is rubbing it along my ass crack and all of a sudden I’m very glad I wore something very thin so I could feel every inch of him.

I’m acting like a total slut at this point in the middle of the dance floor, but thankfully so is everyone else. It’s also pretty dark but still I know that if I do something really wild people are going to stop and watch.

I think Alexis realized this too because she and Lana come up to the three of us and she puts her hands around me and asks if I’m wanting to go somewhere with more privacy with my guys.

All of a sudden this night is now all about me. I nod and Alexis uses her executive voice and look (the kind that she uses during business meetings when she’s acting like the woman in charge) and asks one of my guys if he knows a place we can go. He doesn’t, but the other dude says we can go upstairs to the manager’s office. The manager is his brother and that’s how they got the VIP table in the first place – because of family connections.

I nod and Alexis and Lana nod too. The guys ask where they’re going and Lana is all serious when she says that they’re coming to make sure I’m okay. I know they’re doing it so I’m safe but we all know what’s going to happen upstairs. And the fact that they might be watching me makes me…excited.

I’ll have more tomorrow, Angels!


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Two In The Mouth

Hello there Angels!

I haven’t posted in a while but when Alexis gets me to post, she sure knows the right ones to pick. 

So I’ll admit, I was feeling really pretty horny on this night in question. It had been building for a while but hearing about how Alexis and Lana just gave into their lust and went after each other with IT Guy really got my motor running. All I could think about was sweaty bodies and cumming. It got so bad that by the time it was time to go out that Friday night I spent at least fifteen minutes determining whether to just not wear panties that night. See, I knew I was going to get fucked. I wanted that cock inside me – and I wasn’t going to be that particularly coy for whoever the lucky guy was. I had an itch and I needed it scratched – hard. 

So when we got to the VIP booth, and there were two guys openly ogling my legs and staring at my tits all I could think of was “jackpot”. They were okay looking guys and I immediately sat between them. They each put a hand around me and scooted in closer during our conversation to the point where I was just sort of nestled into them.

To be honest, I wasn’t really worried that much. We all basically knew the same people in our circle and I actually knew where they worked. Being much more comfortable, I started to take the conversation to a much more sexual level. They had been flirting with me before but I took it to a whole new level when I asked them, “So you ever been with the same girl at the same time before?”

This brought them up short. I looked at each of them with what I hoped were smoky and sultry eyes and all their game suddenly disappeared. I was loving it. 

“Would you like to try?” I asked. 

Again, there was silence. I was running the show here. I decided that I would take it one step farther and see how much they’d give up. 

“As long as I can have your dicks in my mouth at the same time. Is that a dealbreaker?”

Big big pause. 

And then both of them say something to the effect of no that’s not a deal breaker. 

I bring my hand down to each guys lap and grab their at their crotch. They each have something decent they’re working with. Okay I can do this. 

Now the only question is where?

Hmm, I guess I’m coming back tomorrow to keep this going!



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Secret Baby Peek

Helllooooo Angels!

I love secret baby romance so much. The raw emotion pulls me in like nothing else. When Natalie and I were writing, this chapter had us holding each other from all the emotion.

Touchdown, Baby is available now, free in Angel Access, and is on sale for just $2.99 for a limited time! Grab it before it goes up to $4.99, or get it free if you’re an Angel Access member 🙂

Hope you like this chapter below – chapter 6!


I’m still shaking. It’s even worse than I thought it would be, trying to pretend that I don’t know Brady for who he is—the man who basically killed my sister. The man who brought a huge blessing to my family with Liam’s birth but a huge curse when Lucy died.

How the hell can I keep this up?

I slump down in my desk chair then lean forward to set all my photos upright again. Did he see the resemblance…that Liam is his Mini Me? Probably not.

Somehow, I don’t think his powers of perception are all that finely honed.

I run my fingertip down the photo of me and Lucy at graduation. Thank God he didn’t see that one. I’d need to be more careful.

For a moment I let myself think about what would happen if Brady knew he was Liam’s dad. It could make life pretty easy for Liam—a dad who was a pro football player could give him anything he wanted.

But I promised Lucy.

I touch her face, so carefree and laughing in the photo. “I miss you, Lucy,” I say. “And I’ll keep my promise not to tell Brady about Liam.” Then I giggle. “Although I guess I have to admit, I can see just a little of what you saw in him.”

I find myself thinking about Brady’s eyes, his muscles, and how my skin tingled just from brushing my arm against him. I shake my head.

Stop right there, Izzie, I think to myself. He broke Lucy’s heart, even if he never knew it. He’s bad news.

I sit back in my chair again, swiveling to look out the window and thinking about Lucy. She’d been so happy. I remember the day she told me about Brady Thomas for the first time.

“He’s amazing, Izz,” she told me that day as we sat in Brew Baker’s Café, just off campus. Her eyes had that dreamy look they always got when Lucy was in love, but somehow, this time, they sparkled even more. “Would you believe he’s an orphan like us?”

“That’s a big coincidence,” I said carefully, sipping my mocha. Lucy was always falling madly in love, then falling out of it with a thud a few weeks or months later.

“He was raised by his aunt and uncle,” Lucy continued, then frowned. “But they didn’t treat him so great, not like us with Gigi and Pappy. We were so lucky…” Her voice trailed off.

We both thought about our grandparents—about how warm and loving they’d been, even when they suddenly found themselves with two kids to raise just when they should’ve been thinking about enjoying themselves.

“Anyway,” Lucy continued, “he loves football. No, he, like, lives for football. He’s an amazing player, and he thinks it’ll be his ticket out of his old life.”

Football. Well, at least that was good. Although Lucy had a weakness for football players in general.

Lucy gazed into her mug with a little secretive smile. “I’m totally in love with him,” she confessed. As if this was something new and different.

“C’mon, Luce,” I said, unable to help myself. “If I had a buck for every time I’ve heard you say that, I’d be friggin’ rich.”

“It’s different this time,” she said quietly. “Really different. Real love.” Then she giggled again. “I’ve pretty much been living in his room.”

“Oh my God, Lucy, you’ve been having sex?” I said in a mock-horrified voice.

Heads turned to look at us, and Lucy turned bright red. But then we both collapsed into giggles.

“Well, I hope he’s good,” I said, and Lucy quirked her eyebrow and grinned.

I shake my head, gazing at the photo of Liam on my desk. My mind drifts, moving forward to a month later as Lucy’s sitting on her dorm room bed, wringing her hands, her face anxious.

“Look at it for me, Izzie,” she said, handing me the stick from the home pregnancy test. I take it from her with finicky fingertips—ewww—and look.

“How does this thing work?” I say, twisting the plastic stick.

“A plus or a minus. Plus yes. Minus, no.”

I peer in the little window, then look up and meet Lucy’s eyes. “Plus.”

Lucy slumped onto the bed. “That’s that, then.” She sighed. “Happy Mother’s Day, right?”

I stood there awkwardly, still holding the stick. Then I carefully dropped it into her wastebasket and rubbed my fingers against my jeans. “That’s…what? What’re you gonna do, Luce?”

“I’m keeping the baby,” she said, as if surprised I’d even ask. “Of course. Maybe Brady and I can move in together for real. I can get a job…I’ll have to drop out of school, but who cares?”

She probably wouldn’t. Lucy had never been all that crazy about school, and I thought she’d gone to college just for something to do. And to watch football games.

Lucy was smiling now, hugging herself, forgotten tears drying on her cheeks. “Our own place, maybe one of those campus apartments for married students…” She laughed with delight. “Married…”

I went over and hugged her. She was so happy that it was infectious.

Suddenly I sit up in my chair, thumping my feet angrily onto the floor under my desk. She was happy. And stupid.

Before she even tells him about the baby, Brady tells her that he’s transferring to another school, where he can have a better chance to play.

And it’s pretty clear that it’s not an arrangement for a guy with a wife and a kid on the way, and it’s also clear that he wants to break up with her, so Lucy decides to be noble and doesn’t even tell him she’s pregnant.

“I can’t,” I remember her telling me as we sat on our grandparents’ porch. “If I tell him, he won’t go, and he’ll ruin his chances for a pro career. This is his big break.”

“But, Lucy, it’s his baby,” I argue helplessly, angrily pushing my toes against the worn, splintery porch floor to make the swing move back and forth. The chains holding it up creak in protest. “You at least need to give him the chance to decide.”

“No.” Lucy was adamant. She had the steely, stubborn look in her eyes that meant there was no changing her mind. “He wants to break up with me anyway. I can tell.” Her resolve wavered for a moment, but I watched her take a deep breath, her mouth firm. “It’s better for everyone. I’ll tell him someday, when he’s gone pro.”

What if that day doesn’t come? How will you survive? I thought, but I just couldn’t say anything to her. “So what’re you going to do?”

Lucy gazed around at the porch, the familiar fields, and the yard. “I’ll live here, I guess. I can help Gigi and Pappy. And Gigi will love having a baby in the house again.”

I tipped my head back and focused on the beaded board of the porch ceiling, its paint flaking off. I wasn’t so sure that Gigi would be all that thrilled. “I’ll help you, too,” I finally offered, and Lucy gave me a smile and a sideways hug.

“Everything will be fine,” she reassured me. “And eventually I’ll be a family with Brady and the baby. And you, too, of course,” she added.

I get up from my desk, unable to sit still, bombarded by memories I don’t want to have. How happy she was when the baby, when tiny little Liam, was born, already the spitting image of his dad.

True to Lucy’s word, Brady had gone off to another school and then to a pro career without ever having a clue that he was a baby daddy.

But just two short weeks after Liam was born, I sat next to Lucy in the hospital as she was dying.

Puerperal infection. That’s what Lucy died of. A stupid infection picked up in the hospital, probably because she’d had to have a C-section.

She was fine when she and Liam came home, but then she lost her appetite, she always had the chills, and she complained of a headache. When she started running a fever, Gigi forced her to go to the doctor. But it was too late.

“You’ve got to promise me something, Izzie,” Lucy had said faintly that day in the hospital. She was ghostly pale against her pillow. “If…if I’m not around…”

“You’re going to be fine!” I insisted, almost angrily, as I clutched her hand, but she shook her head.

“Whatever happens,” she said, struggling, “you have to promise not to tell Brady about Liam.”

“Why, Lucy? Why?” I asked, feeling like my heart was already being torn in half. “Liam is his son, and Liam will need him. No matter what.”

Lucy closed her eyes briefly. “No!” she whispered. “There’s no reason now. Liam’s better off with you and Gigi and Pappy. Promise me that you’ll take care of him, of my beautiful boy, and that you won’t tell Brady. Ever.”

I was only sixteen. How could I promise to take care of a baby? But Lucy was my sister, the dearest person to me in the whole world, and I’d do anything she asked.

“I promise,” I said, kissing her. “I’ll always take care of Liam. And I won’t tell Brady.”

“Thank you, Izzie,” Lucy whispered again. I sat there, holding her hand, until she died a few hours later.

I dash my hand angrily across my eyes, wiping away tears. That moment eight years ago still as vivid as when it happened.

God fucking dammit. I promised Lucy. I promised.

And I’d keep my promise. I have a good job, and I can take good care of Liam.

And as far as I’m concerned, Brady Thomas is nothing. Zero. Zilch.

He’s just another muscled, meaty football player. I’ll try to get him to put something in his mouth besides junk food, which is my job, but that’s it.

He caused my sister’s death, even if he never knew it, and I’d be happy if I never had to see him again.

Keep Reading! Touchdown, Baby is available now, free in Angel Access, and is on sale for just $2.99 for a limited time! Grab it before it goes up to $4.99, or get it free if you’re an Angel Access member 🙂

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Crazy Sexy Love

Hey Angels!

So Natalie explained yesterday about the post Alexis-IT Guy situation but I never really talked about the night after I met Mr. Craps and he brought me to sweet delicious climax with his fingers. So that’s my story for today!
Because you got to realize, I still had like a day or so left before all the girls got there and I had just had a taste of what Mr. Craps could do with his hands. I wanted to see what he could do with his mouth. And his cock.
I went upstairs that night and I just kept thinking about how powerful he was. He was so super confident and in charge of everything. He knew exactly what he was doing and who he was doing it to. He didn’t apologize or make any excuses for his behavior. He just saw something he wanted and took it.
I don’t know about you, Angels, but that turns me on super hard.
So the next day when he texted me earlier than expected I was a bit surprised but very, very happy.
He took me to lunch at Lavo, which is an Italian place in the hotel overlooking the Strip and I was melting just being with him.
He had on a dark grey blazer and a light blue shirt and he was actually great at conversing too. Most people I’ve met who are as confident and self-assured as Mr. Craps are all like into themselves and into their devices and way too caught up in what they’re doing – because the thing about them is that they’re always working. They’re always on. They never stop.
Anyways, so after lunch we walked through the casino a bit and then he turns to me and looks at me.
“I’m going to take you up to my room,” he tells me.
“Okay,” I say with a smirk. “What are we gonna do up there?”
“I’ll show you.”
And I’m like wow. Ok.
So we go up to his room. He’s got a suite that’s bigger than mine. That’s a relief. I’d be super disappointed if he had a smaller room than me.
We start to make out and he squeezes my ass.
“Get on the windowsill,” he tells me and I’m like wow. The windowsill is large enough for me to lay down on.
That’s where he starts exploring my body.
First with his hands. I cum at least twice.
Then he takes my clothes off and starts exploring with his tongue. I just go crazy.
By the time he actually puts a condom on and gets on top to fuck me, I’m already a mess. I’m like a lump of flesh on the surface of the windowsill and that’s when the real fun begins.
I think that dude fucked me in at least like ten different positions.
But he never left the windowsill. He said he wanted Las Vegas to watch as we fornicated.
In between orgasms and when I had conscious thought I actually was able to see cars and people going about their lives.
I lost track of time.
By the time we were done, I needed his help to walk.
I looked at the clock as I went to shower. I was covered in sweat and cum. The clock read 8 pm.
We had gone up to his room at 2.
It was insane, Angels.
He told me that he was going to San Francisco the next day and he’d be there for at least three weeks and I should go visit him. I’ve been at Alexis’ neighbor’s place now for the last three days and I haven’t texted him yet.
Mainly because while the sex was fun, it was so freaking intense that it kinda scared me. Like it was almost a visceral experience that I saw my life flash before my eyes, you know?

Anyways, let me know what you think.

Also, you remember during New Years Eve I met those two dudes, Guy 1 and Guy 2?

Well, we didn’t end up quite the way I wanted to…but I wrote about them. If you remember the blog post, then this story I wrote is totally about them. I mean I changed a bunch of the circumstances but the banter between the two guys was just like that. The sex is super dirty and I tried to capture as much of it as possible. It’s a dirty cover too…just the way I like it! You should check it out!


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Getting to Vegas Early!

Hey Angels!

So as you know I got to Vegas a few days earlier than everyone else. I really had nothing to do and I figured what the hell. Go and enjoy a few nights before everyone comes over. I don’t know what exactly I had in mind that I wanted to do but I didn’t want it to be boring.

Plus I had reward points on my card and I decided okay this isn’t a bad way to go spend them. So I checked into the Venetian a few days early and got to my suite. The first night I just ordered room service and worked on my release. I know. That sounds super tame but I wanted to soak up Las Vegas you know? I had a few glasses of wine and some pasta and took a bath and went over my manuscript and then got a good nights sleep after playing with my vibrator and watching some porn on television. Pretty normal night.

The second night, I went to the spa at the hotel and got a spa treatment that left my knees like jelly. It was so luxurious and amazing I couldn’t help but take a nap during the afternoon after I got back.

That night though, I dressed up and went down to the bar at the casino. I had a black wraparound dress that has always worked for me whenever I go out in public by myself looking to get laid. I got myself a drink and sat down to wait.

I didn’t have long. Two guys came up to me and started talking. I talked to them for a few minutes but I wasn’t feeling them and I politely told them I was waiting for a friend. They didn’t get the hint at first but eventually drifted off. Then another guy came up and I was thinking if maybe I was getting the right vibes from him but he got a call and stepped away and never came back.


Finally. Just as I was finishing my drink a guy stepped in. Slightly older. I could see some gray hair in his eyes. He asked me if I wanted another drink. I said sure. I smiled. This guy was definitely what I was looking for.

“Only if you play craps with me,” he said and I smiled. Okay I could do that.

We got a drink and went to the craps table. I wasn’t playing, but I watched him as we won some and lost some. The dealer though had me roll the dice on several occassions and each time I bent over, I could feel his hand on my ass. So…I wiggled it and flexed it a bit for him. I smiled as I did it because he was just so classy.

He had on a nice black suit with spotless black shoes. His watch was expensive. And he had a chiseled face and perfect posture.

The last time I threw the dice he cheered. I didn’t know how to play craps but he won a nice chunk of change and told me we needed to go celebrate.

So we went to a dark and sensuous champagne bar. We were seated in a booth that gave a lot of privacy.

He had his arm around me and was caressing my outer thighs where my dress rode up.

“I should reward you,” he whispered as we drank our champagne some time later. I mean we were talking about other stuff but this came in conversation.

“I mean for winning you a lot of money I don’t think I should blow you,” I teased. I don’t know why I said that but he grinned.

“But I can do this,” he said, and his strong hands immediately went up my thighs and settled on the fabric of my thong right above the entrance to my pussy.

He had some big, strong hands. And he found my clit as he went under my thong and began to rub me in circles. I almost dropped the champagne flute and put my head back as he began to knead at my pussy and before I knew it….I was cumming in the restaurant.

Now it was dark in there and it was also 1 am but there were some people. But the private nature of the booth meant that we got away with it. Also the fact that it was in public was insanely hot!

Have you guys ever done anything in public Angels?

Anyways, Craps Man told me he was in town for one more night. I straightened up a bit after he gave me one more quick orgasm and then we walked to my elevator since were staying on separate sections of the hotel. We made plans to meet up the next night. And I went upstairs and slept the sleep of the dead, totally satisfied.

Today’s new release is a suspenseful page turner from Lana. I totally think y’all will enjoy it! Check it out!


Her solider - a military contemporary romance to read online by Alexis Angel

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The Liz K. Lorde Author Interview

Alright Angels!
The author interview for Liz Lorde is below!
We’ve explained what happens here. Before any author joins our crew, Alexis hazes the shit out of them with her interview. I went through it. Paige went through it. Natalie went through it. Lana goes through it daily. And now its Liz.
Although, to be fair, Liz was a great sport and able to stay on message much better than any of us. Although there were a few noticeable slip ups. Brought a chuckle to everyone.

Alexis: Hey Liz! You’re on the line with Paige, Daphne, Natalie and Lana. How are you today, babe?
Liz: Good, Alexis. How are you?
Alexis: I’m meh. You know. It’s a Monday.
Liz: Well, I’m sure I can find a way to cheer you up, dear.
Alexis: Well, tell us a bit about yourself, Liz.
Liz: Sure. I’m 33 years old. I live in Florida. I’m not married….hmm what else would you like to know?
Lana: When did you first start to write?
Liz: I published my first book on December of 2015. I haven’t really stopped since then.
Alexis: And you still publish on Amazon?
Liz: Yes I do. But I don’t write fast enough for Amazon at times. Also I like to write darker books. More romantic suspense and crime.
Alexis: Have you ever committed a crime?
Liz: When I was a little girl I once took some candy from a grocery store and began to eat it before we got to the cash register.
Alexis: So you write sorta dirty I see?
Liz: I love a good sex scene. I think the sex is an emotional payoff for the characters during their twists and turns in the story.
Alexis: Is this all from experience?
Liz: Some of it.
Alexis: Has anyone ever held your arms back as they fucked you doggiestyle on a bed? So you were just hanging as they thrusted?
Liz: Oh wow. No. No they haven’t.
Lana: What about choked you during sex? Like right as you’re about to cum?
Liz: Erotic asphyxiation? No, they haven’t.
Natalie: Have you ever had a guy cum into a glass and then mix it in with something and drink it? Letting some of it fall out of your mouth? And he sees you and gets hard again?
Liz: Nope.
Daphne: What about two guys? Have two guys ever done you at the same time?
Liz: Oh. Yeah. All the time.
Alexis: (Falling out of her chair) Wait. What?
Liz: Yeah. I have two boyfriends.
Alexis: They know about each other?
Liz: Yeah. We’ve been together for 6 months now. We have sex maybe two or three times a week.
Alexis: Do they throw you around like a rag doll?
Liz: I guess. But they’re very sweet actually.
Daphne: So when we wrote Triple Threat…you actually had that experience?
Liz: Well, not with three guys. I want to use a sex toy while I’m with them to simulate three. But with a real third man, I think they’d get jealous.
Alexis: Wait…they’re not jealous about each other but for a third guy they would be?
Liz: Yeah. Go figure.
Alexis: Wow. Ok. So you’re gonna fit right in, Liz.
Liz: Thanks!
Lana: Oh Liz! Do you usually write menage?
Liz: Actually, I prefer MF.
Alexis: (laughing) Well, let’s see if we can’t change that!

Liz has a new book out today on the store! And check out her book with me from yesterday!


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Welcome to our newest author – Liz K. Lorde!

Yay I am on a roll. First I got to introduce Paige and now I get to introduce my dear friend, Liz!

I want to introduce Liz K. Lorde to the store! Liz has written with me in the past and we published a book today that we had worked on before. I’ve been trying to convince Liz to make the jump over to the store for a while now and finally a few days ago she agreed!

But we were already processing Paige so we had to time this to come afterwards. We know the drill right, angels?

Ask your questions. I’m introducing today. And then we’ll go over the author interview tomorrow. And then Liz will answer questions after that!

Also thanks to Liz. With her book that we wrote we’re back in the Featured Books section. Whew!


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The Paise Teller Interview!

So before any author begins working with Naughty Angel Publishing, Alexis does an interview to make sure that their values align with ours. That’s the technical reason. The actual reason is probably to haze them a little bit before they sign on. I went through it. Natalie went through it. I’m sure Lana goes through it every day – dealing with this curious creature we know and love that’s Alexis Angel.

Only this time…Paige seemed to be prepared and turn the tables on Alexis herself.

So without further ado, we give you the Paige Teller interview.

Alexis: Hey Paige, you’re on the line with Lana Angel. And also Daphne and Natalie!
Paige: Heyyyy girls! How y’all doing?
Alexis: Good. So this is just an informal interview to make sure everything is squared away and we’re a good fit.
Paige: Right. You don’t want someone who writes sweet and innocent stories on your dirty word site, huh?
Alexis: Well…actually…
Paige: I want to write filthy.
Alexis: Wow…so…
Paige: I want to write about cocks cumming all over my face. Like covering me with cum. And lots of them. The more the merrier. I want to write about getting fucked hard by three guys. Getting passed around like a rag doll while I don’t even know whose fucking me.
Alexis: Like you…or your characters?
Paige: I would love to have five guys fuck me at once, but I can only find one right now and that’s not all the time. We’re on again and off again.
Alexis: So how much do you write?
Paige: Give me a bottle of whiskey and a vibrator and I can write all day. I’ll only come up for air to eat.
Alexis: Wow
Paige: And then I want to take what I write and read it. Reading hot romance gets me so horny.
Alexis: Ya…me too
Paige: I used to write stuff and read it and go to a bar and pick up guys. I’d get on the mechanical bull and ride it and then do shots of Jameson. And then I’d go dance with my girlfriends. Usually I’d take a guy home and fuck his brains out.
Alexis: Oh my God
Paige: I’m looking for a guy that will defile me when we’re in the bedroom. Or wherever we have sex. And then treat me like a princess when we’re in public. But I want him to do the nastiest things to me.
Alexis: Ya that’s the dream
Paige: I want to write raunchy. I love dirty. After I get off this interview I’m gonna go get myself off because I’m thinking of everything I want to do.
Daphne: Paige, dear…
Paige: Oh no. Alexis said to have a few drinks before the interview! Am I going too far?
Alexis: Paige…you’re…
Paige: Oh god. Did I go overboard?
Natalie: Is that how you really think? What you just said.
Paige: (pausing)…yes.
Alexis: Paige…you’re…
Alexis: perfect.

So keep asking your questions. We’re going to update Paige’s bio and she’ll answer all the questions on tomorrow’s post!

In the meantime, as we were getting ready for her launch she, Lana and Natalie put a collection in the Filthy Fantasies collection all about domination and control. Check it out!


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Introducing Paige Teller – Our Newest Author!

Hey Angels!

During the company meeting of onboarding Paige I was the one that wanted to introduce our newest author because I think its so amazing that we have a store where we are now getting new authors to join. There’s a lot of legal paperwork and a lot of coordination but when they put their first book out, it’s an amazing experience. It makes me so happy I joined up with Alexis and Lana.

But enough about me. I’d like to introduce you to Paige Teller!

Paige joins us writing steamy contemporary romance and this is literally the first time she’s published anything. She has a lot of manuscripts that are either close to done or done but they’ve been sitting in her desktop gathering digital dust because she didn’t want to publish on her own and she didn’t know how to go about getting her words into print. But she loved to write.

Paige lives in Austin and how we met her was the funniest thing actually.

So Paige has a day job that she’s looking to quit. In her day job she’s a customer service manager for technical issues that happen for a web hosting company. And she just so happened to get a call from Alexis when the site went down back in November.

After dealing with Alexis, Paige started to ask about the site seeing that there were romance books being sold. Alexis started to talk about it, and somehow got Paige to talk to her outside of the normal working call. They started talking more and more and within hours Paige wanted to be a Naughty Angel.

Then the process started of Alexis introducing us to her. Paige had a lot of books written but they needed some polishing so for the last two weeks I’ve been working with her on that. She’s an amazingly sweet girl and we’re going to write some really dirty stuff together because Paige writes some really dirty stuff in general. I’m so excited!

So like I said, Paige lives in Austin. She’s got an on again and off again boyfriend who works in oil and gas. She’s looking to move. I’m trying to get her to move to where I am but she’s got other ideas. I’ve given her a login and account on the site and she’s going to be posting soon on the blog and in DLA!

Other than that, I thought the rollout of Paige would happen over the weekend. So here’s what I propose!

Drop your questions for Paige here in the comments! Tomorrow, I have the author interview that Alexis does with each authoer (God, do you remember mine?) and it’s funny too and we can post it. And then on Sunday Paige will answer all your questions about what kind of contemporary romance she writes and the kinds of novels she likes to read and everything you can think of. No question will be unanswered!

And then we have a few more surprises coming!

Please join me in welcoming Paige Teller!

Oh…you can find Paige’s newest release here! Just click the cover!