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Hey Angels!

So the sale is still going and I added Triple Threat to Angel Access today. Lana was going to help get a new book published on the store but she ended up needing to take care of some tax meeting for Naughty Angel and she’s like freaking out and I told her, don’t worry, we’ll get our new releases together soon 🙂

Our May was C R A Z YYYY babes. How was yours? I hope this sweet sale helps you out – we’re extending it a liittttle longer so you can get your read on.

Have a great weekend :***

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MAJOR Updates Coming – And A SALE!!!

Hey, so two things.

One: If you weren’t able to get Filthy and Forever yesterday, the error has been fixed. Paige and IT Guy were doing updates today, and they are going to run through next week… I know, cue the gasp. We’ll try to keep everything together.

Two, I’ve added Lisa Vs. Outlaw into Angel Access babes so check it out!!

Okay and not just two things because in honor of the wonkiness that ensued today and how horribly late my post is (so sorry) Alexis and I agree we should do a SALE!

calliemayday is the coupon to use! If you have at least $2.99 in your cart then you’ll see THIRTY PERCENT OFF your books!!! This is my way of saying oops, I love you, and grab some reads, babes 🙂

Psst, coupon isn’t valid on Angel Access.

Happy reading!!

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What Lana REALLY Needs.

Hi there Angels,

It’s Callie Stone. You might have read my debut story, Beauty and the Beat, here at Naughty Angel. Or not. I won’t cry… much… LOL!

So I came on board at a crazy time for the other Angel authors and I was like, cool. I really need to get my next book sorted! I’m going to write a sequel to Beauty and the Beat (new characters but at Angel Records) but I realized I had this other story I wanted to tell. A contemporary romance still, but a bad boy second chance romance about a man on the wrong side of the tracks. The heroine’s family is like he’s no good for you! But they end up together. I love this story. So naturally of course I want you to love it.

But hey, that’s enough about me for now!

I said LANA was important here, right??

So I saw a lot of comments today about how Lana deserves a day off. I couldn’t agree more! She needs to go out and have some fun. I told her I’d get my account set up for the blog. I’d get my book out today AND get it into Angel Access. Why not?

Lana has been working super hard getting so much together.

Daphne offered to help, but I know she’s working hard on Max Bet Episode 4, so I was like, no, no, after our big company call today.

Alexis called us all in and told us a bunch of things that were coming to update the store to make it faster and to get us back to releasing more than a book a day. So there’s going to be exclusive Angel Access series (several of them) coming and there’s also new authors coming and new books for sale coming up, like so much stuff!

I’m really excited and I hope you are, too.

Now… if you don’t mind me talking a little bit more about myself, I’m going to introduce myself!

So my bio:

No one would have ever guessed that Callie Stone was a big time groupie, but there’s no other way around it. She loves the music industry, and for a long time that met hanging around bans. She started a small PR firm focused on indie bands, and once it got so big that she had three assistants, Callie realized she had enough stories that she needed to start telling her own.

And yeah, that’s my story. That’s why you’ll usually get musician/rock star stories from me.

I mean the last you heard from me was my crazy antics in Vegas, haha, and I promise you that I haven’t gotten any tamer, k?

I have a lot more stories to tell. Like how tonight, I’m taking Lana out!

I mean of course the plan is for us to dance with men and not just each other… but I’m guessing, based on totally scientific evidence from Vegas, that if we dance with each other first, we won’t have to pay for any of our drinks.

I’m about to go grab Lana – look for FILTHY & FOREVER on the store and in Angel Access and tomorrow I’ll have an update of our big Wednesday out (lol because why not, it’s hump day!)


Love you Angels!