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Writer Conference. But Not Store Friendly!

Whoa. So to be clear, the writer conference was full of friendly and awesome people. lol, but I didn’t realized because, the last few times I went to Vegas, I didn’t have this issue… didn’t run into it…
But Vegas doesn’t give a fuck if you want wifi. It’s slower that shit and you’re never connecting to anything.
I couldn’t get emails out. Could barely get anything into Angel Access and then it wasn’t updated, and, see above, no emails!!!
Everyone who works on the damn store was AT the conference so it was like, well, fuck.
And when I got back, I’m really sorry I didn’t update sooner but I got so. little. sleep. See, I went to all these panels. I took notes. I met lots of awesome writers. Then, I stayed up all night to network and like hang out with the awesome writers…
And I got like zero sleep! About an hour or two every day.
All the smoking in Vegas – none of it by me, mind you, but I consumed a lot of nicorette, and then the constant busy nature of everything, and I was just totally exhausted.
I slept for 20 hours when we got back. I know Lana did, too, even though she’s making a sorta late lunch right now. I appreciate her making us salads right now because we lived on McDonalds!!!
We were SO SO SO busy!
Vivien and I, in a state of vodka and enthusiasm, even wrote some new stories while we were in Vegas. The editors are almost done with them and holy crap I’m excited for when the covers are done.
But the cover designer came with us, too, and we’re actually about to go to Starbucks. We need coffee in the woooooooorst way, babes!! Aiden came and basically woke us up earlier. He brought a first cup of coffee for everyone but I need more!
Cara’s all excited by the way because like there’s photoshop for iPad now. Anyone use it? She’s been talking about it non frigging stop and I’m just so excited for her too because she said covers will be faster and better, and she’s already fast and fantastic, so this may be magic.
I wanted to say all these amazing things about how much I loved meeting great writers, being inspired, etc. But right now I’m just mentally getting my brain back together. More this week.
But we have like SEVERAL books that are in Angel Access and we’ll start up with new releases again very soon. Aiden’s also going to post on the blog, a working excerpt of what he and Lana have been writing, a bully stepbrother dark story!!!
Look for the email today for all the links babes!
I missed you all so much Angels!!!

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Breaking News! Guess I’m not over Winebar, lol.

Go ahead, raise your hand if you’re surprised. lol. no hands?

​Yo, my Angels! Guess I’m just in a silly mood today.

But it is a good mood!

Daphne & Liz have been, like, all evil cackling this morning because there are only THREE more episodes left in One Love to Give… yeah!!! 

It was their take on the classic soap operas and romances they grew up reading/stole from their mom’s bookshelves. 

Except it will have a definite ending, you know, because they need to be able to keep their readers from going crazy. 

No amnesia storylines just yet, please. (And if that’s in the final episodes LOL it better be good. But I’m sure it’s not… RIGHT??? oh god…)

Anyhow, episode eight is live today. 

It’s twice as long as the other episodes but, hey, I just finished reading it. And, yeah, I’m so glad it was. Loved it!!!

Check it out – $1.99 for sale or FREE in Angel Access, it’s below.

But also.


He’s been on my mind. I guess, and lol revel at the immaturity here, but I’ve got a deeper point. Ya see, he’s been on my mind for the obvious reasons (I’m just totally not over him nor do I really want to be at this point). But also because… the store is so harmonious and things are coming together so well…

I miss the fire.

Now, I totally don’t want to start fighting with the authors. lol. I don’t want to fight with Winebar ever.

But I was re-reading this review on Boardroom Bride and I was just like. Yeah. 


Yet another great read from Alexis. I could really feel the WineBar/Alexis aspect in this book – whether this was intentional or not – from reading Alexis’ NL’s.
Two very strong characters in their own right being in direct competition with each other.
They have to deal with the shady corporations behind their businesses and are made to do some unbelievable things to keep investors happy.
However some of the things they come up with aren’t that much of a stretch considering the undeniable chemistry Elsa and Tanner have towards each other.
They were once an unstoppable force in business and in the bedroom but a shady business partner put an end to all manner of their relationships.
One minute they’re at each other’s throats but are then forced together (by the big-wigs), and they’re passion ignites once again.
Convincing everyone of their recent reconciliation proves harder than they thought with a pushy reporter who is going to take a little more to convince, even after seeing a steamy sex tape.
Love the attraction that Elsa and Tanner have and the caring and compassionate nature towards each other even when neither one expected it from the other.
The story is very realistic with the bickering and the making up and the worry or concern for each other’s feelings.
The characters were very believable and I enjoyed it so much I didn’t want it to end.

The book is on sale for $2.99 for a limited time to celebrate my inability to move on from my ex! lol! Click the teaser to grab this hottie.

Buy for for $1.99 or read FREE in Angel Access!

This time, it’s personal.
Really, because it isn’t just relationship danger.
It’s not just mama drama.
Now, Nana’s on the line…

The course of true love just couldn’t run smooth for Eric and Dana.
His too perfect is too close for comfort.
The rags to riches, he’s gotta learn to be normal stuff?
Sure, that was hard.

But everything’s on the line now.
Will they seek comfort in each other?

Make it through everything?

Or was the juice never worth the squeeze?

Rich, broke, whatever, this is still a billionaire romance.
So of course, it had to come down to a ball.
So which will it be? Soon Eric and Dana will realize…
If they’re living in a fairytale, or a nightmare.

Buy for for $1.99 or read FREE in Angel Access!

In case ya missed them, here’s the other books in the series. 

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Accidentally in the spirit!

OMG so I have so many amazing things I want to tell you about the pitch meeting the store authors had yesterday, but oh god!!!

You won’t believe what I did!!!

So I am a natural blonde, but like the shade of my hair isn’t as light as I like, I like to go more platinum every once in a while and really get my barbie vibes going strong lol!!!

But because the scalp is the hottest part when dyeing your hair and that makes the color more intense, if you go like super blonde, that means that part’s bleached almost like, white.

I got my hair redone about a week ago, been doing stuff to it to keep in well-conditioned, etcetera, and my hair’s all shiny and nice.

And then after the meeting last night it was really cold so I was like the building’s hot tub is open year round, let’s get in.

And I had this sample from Ulta of a detoxing shampoo I wanted to use afterward, it’s from Drybar and I’m sure it’s great… but it has charcoal in it.

Charcoal is BLACK AS NIGHT, Angels, and they told me that because the hair on my scalp is “lifted” more aka lighter than the rest of my hair, it essentially has like no pigment.

Which means that it will easily grab pigment.

I didn’t think anything about it, I figured that I would clarify and detoxify from chlorinated water and that would be that, but nope.

After several scrubs and treatments and all this stuff, my hairstylist says the only way to get rid of my like BLACK roots is to have them bleach it there. Which is crazy.

I figured I’ll just be like a sexy witch for halloween this year and then get my hair fixed.

I mean I don’t really have the complexion for black hair and it looks pretty weird but lol it’s kinda like I’m just celebrating Halloween.

Or maybe it’s because I’m reading over some outlines the authors made for the books they’re submitting for the store for the rest of the year and I’m just excited and don’t care as much about my hair LOL!

But I do have a big Halloween party to get ready for and I just realized I spent this whole time telling you about my hair, so pretty soon we’ll have all the authors come and tell you about some books that they’ll be releasing on the store soon and yeah. lol. I’ll tell you what crazy shit I manage to get myself into.

Who’s ready for Halloween Angels?

Tell me your costume!!!

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Voting Coming For Next Stories!

​Hey Angels,

Hope your week is going ok.

Today I got a cold brew coffee with no pumpkin cream and I was really proud.

Except the reason I didn’t get the sugar was because Lana and I went out late last night and bought lofthouse cookies, those really soft ones? God they were so good and I ate THREE so I was like I’ll be good and not order sugary coffee.

But like then I remembered it was cold and today, even though fires are making my sinuses crazy, the weather/air outside is pleasantly chill. Which. Uhm. So that’s too cold still though for cold coffee. 

So I’m going to have to run to Starbucks again before the big store pitch session. 

All the authors – some in person and some on conference call – had this big meeting over the weekend to talk about everything we are putting out for the rest of the year and next. 

We wanted to talk about what kinds of series, and standalones, and who wanted to write with who, etc. 

It was all a lot of stickers and charts and spreadsheets, but I swear it is super important to bringing you the best books ever. And I’m SO EXCITED for the pitch session.

I’m going to share a bunch of the pitches tomorrow from all our authors and I want you to vote on which you’re most excited for!!!

And yes, thank you to everyone who said they would read more blog posts. Because all of us love talking to readers on the blog and more blogging is coming. lol I think we’ve all been busy trying to write books for the store and I’m handling all the emails right now, so one of the things we talked about in the meeting is that we need to make sure everyone gets a chance to hang out with the Angels. After all, you all said you’d be happy to read more blog posts!

Running the store is really important to me. To us all. We love being able to offer a real place – uncensored, un-bannable, no matter who tries to bring us down, and unstoppable, created to really give romance readers a place they enjoy to call home and read and hang out with friends.

So thank you for being a part of it!

Now before I start crying and running the rest of my Too Faced mascara down my cheeks (it’s not better than sex if it runs LOL and it costs so much) I want to tell you about today’s new additions to the store!!!

Two sexy new releases were added to the store today and on blog Aiden did a cover reveal for the sexy series he and Lana are working on on his blog for today!

>> Click here for the cover reveal of After School Stepbrother by Lana Angel and Aiden Forbes! <<

New in Angel Access, we have the fabulous start to a new world at Angel Books, and that world?

It’s called Pleasure. Mhmm, yummy, yummy. 

Caroline Angel is writing a series about a small town where reverse harem / menage / polyandry is an accepted part of the small town charm. It all starts with this first story – just $1.99 for sale, or FREE in Angel Access.

We also have a new release – just $2.99 for a NEW Filthy Fantasy collection. This time, the novella Kim Vs. Stepbrother by yours truly, Alexis Angel, is included, and then there’s 3 exclusive new stepbrother stories.

All. Featuring. Stepbrothers!

Happy Reading Angels!

Also I remember that I said I couldn’t wait to tell you what happened before but in well, lol, classic me style… cliffhanger! Because this post is getting sooper long and I need hot coffee before today’s pitch session!

Hugs, kisses, and so much love to you babes

xoxoxo Alexis

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Hey Angels

This is a quick post today because I am so hungry. Seriously we have like no food in the fridge. It’s not like we’re broke or anything but that we’re just all so busy that we haven’t gone to the grocery store to buy food to make it. I mean there is like pasta and rice and beans in the pantry and we have a bunch of meat but its all frozen. And every time I’m like I’m going to cook something there is something that comes up and takes all the motivation away. Like oh I need salt. Yeah we have no salt in the apartment either. We also don’t have any sugar in the apartment unless you count sugar as sex then we get enough of that I guess haha. 

Anyways, whenever one of our parents visits one of the things we do is go grocery shopping and not because they’re buying it lol but because it just seems like such a wonderful thing to do with your parents. 

Although Lana’s mom or my mom is always like are you eating right or getting enough to eat and I’m like yes yes don’t worry. 

And we are. Its just that sometimes food consists of Carls Jr or In N Out or Hawaiian Barbecue lol. Or sometimes its salads too or poke. 

But my new favorite is Panera with the bowls they have. 

Anyways so that means there is very little snacking in this apartment. 

Breakfast consists of Starbucks but we never get a chance to snack and other times we’re like all starving. 

And once I start to starve its like Lana is starving too. 

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Blowjobs on the brain

Hey Angels!

Ok so I know other authors are like clamoring to write on the blog but I had some really crazy daydreams yesterday and when I was sleeping last night the daydreams turned into crazy real dreams too and I was like ok hmm I need to share with the Angels. 

So in my daydream I’m like on my knees in like a maroon thong (the kind you can get from VS that don’t leave the VPL you know even if they’re not as tiny but they do look tiny but they also look smooth). And I have this black bra on and I’m on my knees in an office. And I’m like sucking Winebar’s cock. 

Like he’s holding my head and I’m giving him this really sloppy blowjob and he’s like oh yeah. But then I look up at him with like these really slutty eyes and I’m like you know I’ve fucked other guys after you. And he’s like taking his hands and just thrusting his cock into my mouth. And then I keep sucking and slurping and angels this is how vivid this thing is I can remember feeling how like my spit is falling from my mouth and it’s dripping onto my thighs. 

Also like my mouth is all wet from the blowjob and I stroke his cock and then I take a hand and stroke his balls and he’s grunting like an animal. 

And then he just comes. 

Like the amount of cum is like insane when he comes in my dream. Like the volumes you seen in porn, maybe more. Not like “oh pop I shot a small load and you can’t see it”. 


The level of cum is like intense. He cums all over my tits and then my bra is like wet after all the cum that soaks it. Some of it goes in my mouth but I also miss and it coats my face. It hits my tummy and coats it and starts dripping down my body. 

His cock eventually stops spurting cum and it starts to drip a bit and it falls on my thighs. And And the cum feels like hot on my skin. 

I mean in my daydream I even feel cum on my hair. And we all know like the whole thing like cum on my face but please spare the hair, right?

So like over and over in this dream Winebar cums really hard the moment I’m like honest with him and I’m like oh I lived my own life and I did dirty things with other guys and that’s when he cums so hard. 

Anyways I don’t know what to make of this recurring daydream and night dream. I wrote a couple scenes about it too and I’m like slathering to give someone a blowjob lol. But alas there are like no guys I can just give a blowjob too. Nor do I want to. I just don’t know how to get the out of my head either. I’ve like masturbated twice and came really hard thinking about it but yeah, I have blowjobs and getting cummed on in my brain. 

With that little dose of wholesomeness I leave you today! Have a great day!

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Uh oh…

Hey Angels!

Oops! I may have made a huge mistake. 

Yesterday I was doing some updates to the store. IT Guy isn’t really in the picture right now so a lot of the stuff to update the store is on me because like we’re not ready to pay for it yet. So I was doing that but I was doing it with a glass of wine. And then someone knocked on the door. 

And I went to go open it and it was FedEx because they delivered this package to me. It was this really slutty looking bikini that I got from this store that advertises on Instagram. But guess what? The delivery time was like 3 months or some crazy thing like that. I had bought this back when IT Guy was still in the picture and I was going to wear it and then do a little dance for him and suck his cock lol. 

But anyways so it here and I decide to try it on and look at myself in the mirror. And one thing leads to another and I get another glass of wine and I’m feeling good and this bikini is seriously really scandalous. 

So I go call Lana to come to my room and check it out and she’s like ya there are some countries you probably would get arrested if you wear that. Also if you sneeze your boobs might pop out and I’m like that’s perfect then because that’s exactly what I was going for. Then Lana is like okay but if you like walk in this fashion I can like see everything there’s nothing left to the imagination and I’m like oh how is that and I try. 

We’re obviously just goofing off and having fun and I’m doing poses. 

And then I spill my glass of wine on my computer so Lana shrieks and yells and goes to get a towel but it’s not enough time so I whip off my bikini and use it to clean up my keyboard. 

Thankfully there’s nothing that got damaged on my computer but now I’m like naked sort of and I look at what happened and somehow I may have deleted yesterday’s blog post. Also I made like an entire selection of books like 99 cents but I don’t know which ones without going through them bit by bit and seeing what price they are and what price they used to be. Like the price doesn’t even show up on the book sometimes but it does during check out. And some other books are randomly free. 

So I’m like oh no what are we gonna do and Lana is laughing because I’m like hunched over my computer sorta without any clothes on and she’s like why don’t you just keep the books as they are because its a funny story. Also you got red wine all over your light blue bikini does it need to be dry cleaned? If people find it they get a nice little bonus. 

So I was like yeah okay that’s a great idea. 

So if you find them Angels, enjoy!

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Bringing it all together

Ok Angels so I’ve kept you hanging long enough and now its time to finish this story…I think. I mean as Alexis Angel cliffhangers go, this one isn’t as bad as the time I was telling you guys something else and then I totally forgot and moved on to something and then only got back to it like three weeks later. 

Anyways so Natalie and I look at each other and we look at Lana and Natalie actually was like aww babe if you want us to stay because you want us to watch out for you, sure we’ll stay. 

And Lana gets this really nasty look on her face and she’s like hell no I don’t need you to watch out for me, I want you to watch and enjoy Natalie. 

And Anya is like oooh not so innocent I as I thought. 

And the dude who is about to get seriously lucky is like…

“Uhmm, listen ladies,”

And we all turn to him. I mean seriously we kinda all forgot about him because we were more involved with who was gonna have sex with who and who was staying and who was leaving and like I was thinking like is it rude to check my phone while they’re doing it or do I have to sit and watch the whole thing? I mean even good movies at the theater I check my phone – I know you’re not supposed to do that but I can’t help it I have a store and I wanna see what people say and do so sue me lol.

Anyways we turn to the guy and he’s like, “Can it just be me and Anya? I’m a bit intimidated with like all these hot girls and two of them are gonna keep their clothes on and watch me.”

What the fuck?

Like this dude if he played his cards right could probably have fucked all of us? Well…not me because I’m on a celibacy kick and I’m not vaping either and I’m weaning myself off Nicorette lozenges too. So today I’ve been putting Ice Breakers in my mouth because they have the same minty flavor and I don’t need the nicotine as much. Also caffeine. I’ve been drinking Trenta Ice White Teas that are unsweetened and lite on the ice from Starbucks. I drink like two of those a day. 

Anyways Natalie is like feeling really bad and she’s like oh no Mr. Rando. We don’t want to intimidate you. Anya needs to get laid and we wanna make sure Lana has a threesome. 

Rando is like, “Yeah, no you’re gonna sit there with your clothes on and look at us.”

Natalie is like “Do you want us to like just wear our underwear or get naked?”

Rando is like “No! I’m super intimidated because I’m a pussy!”

Ok, well he didn’t exactly say that but I’m paraphrasing. 

So then Anya is like “Ok get out of my house because I totally don’t wanna have sex with you now. What about you Lana do you wanna have sex with him?”

Lana shakes her head and the decision is final. Rando leaves, totally confused. 

And what do we do?

We watch Love Actually because we had been talking about the movie all night. And then we go to sleep and the next day the power is back so I tell the Angels I’m going to blog about it and then I start writing. 

But the last three days I’ve been telling you this, something crazy has been happening. It’s not the earthquake or the big fire, but I’ll tell you tomorrow!

Talk to you soon!

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Ok ok so I’ve kept you in suspense for long enough I guess so I should finish the story. 

So Lana looks at Anya like oh my god what the hell and is like just standing there. 

I’m like so excited because Lana is gonna be in a threesome and I’m like jumping up and down. 

Right so don’t get me wrong because I know we got some comments like oh Alexis wasn’t asked hmmm. But it’s okay. I’m enjoying my time of like being a nun and not having sex. I’d rather like impart advice to less slutty friends. I’m like the Elder Stateswoman of the United States of Sluttica or something lol. 

Anyways so I’m like “Go Lana go go go do it”

And Anya is like come join us and she takes Rando and takes her to her room. And Lana is like uhm why me? Don’t you wanna fuck like Natalie or Alexis instead and Anya is like a player because you know what she says?

She’s like, “No, you have that innocent look to you. It’ll be fun to corrupt you” 

I’m like super excited here. 

But first, Lana? Innocent? Oh please. If she only knew lol. 

Anyways so me and Natalie are pushing Lana to the door and Lana is like ok I’m not sure about this. 

And we’re like no you can do it. Don’t you think Anya is pretty? 

And she’s like yeah she’s okay but my first time with a girl is like this? Are you guys gonna sit and watch or something?

And Natalie is like no of course not and I’m like no we’ll just listen from this side of the door you know, like we’ll totally respect your privacy and all. 

And Lana is like gee thanks guys. 

So finally she’s like okay let me finish this glass of wine and I’m going in. 

The thing is like Anya and Rando have already started going at it and the door is still open. 

So haha we get to the door to the bedroom and see Rando has already taken his shirt off and is like licking and kissing Anya and she has his hand in his pants and she’s getting him ready. 

Then Anya turns to us and is like Alexis and Natalie do you want to watch?

And I’m like wow this is so insane. What kind of porno did I step into. 

Like Anya was always sort of a wild child but she got married while in college and this is her first time in the world so I guess she’s making up for lost time. 

So we just stand there, and it’s not Lana who doesn’t know what to do but now me and Natalie are standing there going like okay this is pretty hot but can we really do this?

Like if I’m like no its cool we’ll go outside and watch Westworld while you’re in here would Lana or Anya be offended? I mean I don’t really care about Rando’s ego but I don’t wanna hurt my friends feelings. 

Also, like if we stay and watch will that mean that Lana gets all self conscious?

So then Lana turns to us and is like yeah Alexis and Natalie, I’ll be a lot more comfortable if you stay and watch. 

So I look at Natalie and I say to her, “We’ll have to continue this story tomorrow”

haha that’s not what I said. But stay tuned to hear what we ended up doing. More to come tomorrow!

What would you do in this situation, Angels?