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Being there for Lana

Hey there, Angels!

I’ve heard you’ve been asking about me and my relationship with Lana. You’re all curious, right? 

I went to her house and asked her to have breakfast with me. It was a surprise, so when she opened the door, she wanted to run back in and almost closed the door to my face. 

I smiled and handed her the roses in my hands. I didn’t really care about what she looked like in the morning with her hair looking like a bird’s nest. I like her for who she is and not for what she looks like. She’s very gorgeous. 

She didn’t want to go out, so I ended up cooking breakfast for her. I asked about her days without me, and she answered like her usual. But it looked to me as if she had an internal debate. 

I didn’t want to force her to tell me things because I respect her. But the curiosity was killing me, and I wanted to hear it from her no matter what. 

In the end, she spilled the beans. 

“It’s like this… uh, I’ve been struggling with different sides of my nature. I mean, I’m not a playgirl. But I have the urge to have fun with Alexis, to be just like her? Is that bad?” she asked. 

I could see the doubt and worry on her face. 

“I’m supposed to be a serious person, and I’m looking for the one… but…” she added as she bit her lips. 

My eyes followed the movement of her mouth, but I fought the urge to do something. 

I smiled at her and decided to be the guy that I thought I would never be. I was even surprised by my decision. 

I grabbed her hands. “I’m here for you, Lana. I’ll always be. If you need to talk, then, you can tell me.” 

She stayed silent as she looked at me, surprised. It seemed that she didn’t expect my answer. 

But I think I made the right decision. What do you think, Angels?

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Never had a woman do that to me before

Hey Angels, Aiden Forbes here.

The fires in California have made the air quality so shit that I told Lana I needed to protect her precious lungs and we headed up to the Pacific Northwest.

I rented a cabin in Oregon for us for the weekend in this nice remote area that I think me and 4 other people have heard of.

Gage and I went out there one time with a few of our boys for a bachelor party that was mostly beer and fishing, but I knew it was too damn beautiful not to to go back to.

And why go alone? I wanna take Lana everywhere.

So she was really surprised. I called Alexis beforehand and told her I was kidnapping Lana. I should probably be worried that Alexis was like, cool, and helped me right away with few details, but this woman is her best friend and hey we’ve all read The Virgin Market and Stolen and all of Lana’s dark and twisty reads, we know what she likes, right?

So yeah we head to the PNW for a secluded cabin weekend and I bring our laptops, a few articles of clothing, an excessive amount of wine to some but just enough to me, and cozy blankets and stuff.

When I present Lana with the bag, she cocks her head to the side and goes, hmm, yeah. She’s thinking of something and won’t tell me what.

But when we get to the cabin that night, I realize that Lana was totally planner dinner. The conversation that night basically went, this is so romantic and now I am going to cook for you.

Lana is the first woman to ever cook for me. Especially since she roasted vegetables and a whole chicken and made this gravy that I swear to god is proof of heaven.

No woman has ever done that for me before, and it was kind of amazing that night. We looked at the stars, drank a little too much wine, and fell asleep with her in my arms. She fell asleep, and I watched her for a while, but I did get tired and felt so at peace holding her.

Not very “spooky” but hey, Halloween was during the week.

For Halloween, Lana dressed up like Buffy and I was a vampire. Not sure what that means for our future, but, hey, that could go either way. We didn’t plan these costumes in advance.

Tonight, I’m taking her to the movies to see the new Terminator. Lana’s a huge fan and she’s enjoyed all of them despite the hate the franchise gets every time they release a new movie. Arnold’s in it and Linda Hamilton is a total badass and I’m excited.

I’m just wondering now what the polite and proper way is to tell a woman that she’s ruined all other food for you, and that you want her to cook for you again.

Seriously, the morning we left, she made biscuits and sausage gravy.

I didn’t realize how fucking good food could be, honestly. I’ve eaten at some fine dining establishments that I don’t give two shits if I ever go to again because Lana’s food was so good.

We spent some time that weekend talking about a series we’re working on together. And I just can’t believe how great it is to just spend time with Lana.

We’re lucky to have her in our lives, Angels.

How was your Halloween? Did you have a good weekend?

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I wouldn’t mind being Lana’s stepbrother

Hey Angels.

You like my blog post title?

It’s true. I wouldn’t mind being Lana’s stepbrother.

But since I’m not her stepbrother, I’ll take the very exciting reality instead of writing a new series with her.

We’re working on a stepbrother series. Wanna see our cover? Cara got it over last night and I couldn’t wait to show it off.

And I am loving hearing the Angels miss hearing from other authors. I’m definitely rounding up the crew and we’re getting back to blogging soon. We had this big meeting with Alexis about what we’re publishing the rest of the year, and next year, and I think everybody is really excited for the series and the standalones we’re developing.

Like Lana and I writing about a very filthy stepbrother. You might say he’s a villainous asshole. That’s true, too. We’re having a lot of fun with the story.

So here’s the cover, let me know what you think?

Coming soon!
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Romance for Romance Authors

Hey Angels,

So I think when Alexis said she was choosing not to pursue the seeking out of the love of her life, more than a little bit of that thought was inspired by her thinking she needed to help someone else find the love of theirs.

And that someone is me.

Now, hey, on more than one occasion, I’ve been called too cocky. As a contemporary romance author, particularly of alpha male insta-love romance, I was like, fuck yeah, that’s a compliment.

But I should know after writing enough books, when you meet the one, you have to straighten up and act right, as my Mom would say.

So I guess Alexis’s big master plan isn’t for me to find the love of my life… so much as win her.

It started out with flirtation with Lana. One interview on the blog. Now, I’m all eyes on Lana Angel?

And Alexis told me last night what she told everyone in the emails.

While Lana and I were out on a date Lana wasn’t calling a date.

While Lana was writing yesterday’s blog post and totally admitting that she’s into me (yeah, baby, Alexis doesn’t read other authors’ posts but I do). And that she’s not sure if I’m ready.

Alexis goes and writes in the email about how I haven’t been out with any other chick.

How I have all eyes on Lana.

At first I wanted to tease her. Lana’s right about that.

But then she started to become my friend. The person I loved writing with. The person I wanted to be able to talk to about anything. I really care about her and it made me think hard about what the last year or so has been like.

So I did what any romance author would do and started writing a series about it. So yeah, I’m working on that. And I’m working on a next series with Lana, too.

So, yeah, I’m going to blog here more frequently and I’ll be releasing my story in Angel Access soon… I hope I’m not the only one who reads it, Angels. I’m going to be honest. It’s going to be raw.

But most of all, it’s going to be the story of how two romance authors fall in love with each other.

You’ve read the blurbs, and you know what I’m about to say.

Lana Angel’s gonna be mine.

She’s my baby, she just doesn’t realize it yet.

But yeah, she’s not some random chick whose name I won’t remember in the morning. I don’t really do relationships so much. I can bring the charm.

But I want to like get a dog and an apartment and a happily ever after with Lana. You know, book shit?

Let me tell you about last night.

Last night, we spent the entire night talking about our series and getting to know each other.

At the end of the night, I took her back home, getting out of our Uber, and kissing her goodnight. 

Thing was that it was our first kiss. So I sat down to write that chapter and realized that I, a romance author, didn’t have words for how it felt to kiss Lana. 

I know I love her. Because the moments our lips touched, it was like I was alive for the first time. 

The scent of her hair made me keep my eyes closed a second longer to savor it. 

And when I opened my eyes, the sight of her made my heart beat so fucking hard I thought she could hear it.

Ok, so maybe I did have the words, but I’m just not to the chapter in my book yet.

But I asked her to write with me today and I’m about to head over with lunch. I know that when autumn comes, Lana loves a good soup.

So I got her some. But I realize that Lana likes to eat healthy and this is probably all processed and shit. Full of sodium and fat and all kinds of crap.

Hopefully she still likes it, I went to Boudin’s so it is good clam chowder and San Francisco sourdough (that’s where it started) and I thought, we shouldn’t go to a cafe in the middle of the city, I want to take her to Fisherman’s Wharf and we’ll sit out and look at the birds around the Wharf at the balcony of Boudin’s… and afterwards we can go to this campy but so SF bar, Gold Dust, and sing some karaoke, play some darts…

And Lana and I can stop being so fucking melodramatic and keep doing what works. Have fun. Write together. Enjoy it each other.

Falling in love is even better than it is in the books.

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I’m not getting in Lana’s panties yet

Hello Angels. Love hearing you say you want to see a guy’s perspective.

I’m happy to bring it, baby.

So first off, no, I didn’t fuck a very drunk Lana.

When I spread her thighs, she’ll be drunk on nothing but lust.

I’ve taken up a little challenge though.

I’m not going to have sex for the next 30 days.

Not with Lana.

Not with anyone.

I am a fucking player.

Gorgeous women want me all the time. For a night. For more.

But Lana?

I respect her.

I fucking want her.

But a queen like her? 

I have to earn her.

Step one is stop thinking with just my cock.

Step two is to get to really know her.

Alexis told you, Lana and I have been writing a book together.

Not fucking and wanting to fuck Lana is definitely making my chapters hotter.

The woman has an eye (and good fingers) for story.

I want to work with her.

And I want to have her.

But tell the damn world is like step zero.

Tell the world that I want to be more than one night for Lana.

I think I want to be her goddamn boyfriend. Yeah. 

I want the Angels to know that I don’t want to fuck up a good thing. I won’t let anything bad happen to the store, or Lana.

Maybe we will just be friends.

I’m not going to dive in, sizzle first, then leave everything in ruins.

Not this time.

But yes I did wrap my hands around my cock after I took her panties home.

I’m a fucking man after all.

And she’s pure woman.