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I’m not getting in Lana’s panties yet

Hello Angels. Love hearing you say you want to see a guy’s perspective.

I’m happy to bring it, baby.

So first off, no, I didn’t fuck a very drunk Lana.

When I spread her thighs, she’ll be drunk on nothing but lust.

I’ve taken up a little challenge though.

I’m not going to have sex for the next 30 days.

Not with Lana.

Not with anyone.

I am a fucking player.

Gorgeous women want me all the time. For a night. For more.

But Lana?

I respect her.

I fucking want her.

But a queen like her? 

I have to earn her.

Step one is stop thinking with just my cock.

Step two is to get to really know her.

Alexis told you, Lana and I have been writing a book together.

Not fucking and wanting to fuck Lana is definitely making my chapters hotter.

The woman has an eye (and good fingers) for story.

I want to work with her.

And I want to have her.

But tell the damn world is like step zero.

Tell the world that I want to be more than one night for Lana.

I think I want to be her goddamn boyfriend. Yeah. 

I want the Angels to know that I don’t want to fuck up a good thing. I won’t let anything bad happen to the store, or Lana.

Maybe we will just be friends.

I’m not going to dive in, sizzle first, then leave everything in ruins.

Not this time.

But yes I did wrap my hands around my cock after I took her panties home.

I’m a fucking man after all.

And she’s pure woman.