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Asking Out

Hey there Angels!

Okay so thanks again for all your comments and emails. I guess I’m Naughty Natalie now haha. Anyways, the reason I keep asking is because I want to know what you’d do in the situation. Because there are a bunch of situations like the ones I’m describing and it’s important to set the context for the story I’m about to tell you soon one of these days.

So yesterday I was talking about how the brushing happened with Community and his friend. Now I thought Joyce’s two sons were hard up for me, but Community’s friend, who I’m gonna call Jock was just beyond anything I could ever have expected.

I mean, I just brushed across his dick a bit because the space was so tight. But what does he do?

He knocks on my door the next day. And asks if I want to go swimming sometime.

Now Angels, I know you’re probably like, it’s winter. What is he talking about. But there’s actually a W Hotel close by and they have an indoor pool and hot tub and lounge area part of their Bliss Spa experience and Jock is asking if I want to go there.

So, this guy is not related to Joyce in any way. And he’s hot as sin. And 19 years old.

It seems so dirty to. Does anyone feel me?

But I’m not ready to give it up yet. And I know that it’s still pretty wrong since Joyce is my friend and what if Jock tells Community and his brother and they get upset.

So I’m not sure what to do so I tell him I’ll think about it and I take his phone number.

I ask Joyce to have some wine with me across the street at a winebar that Alexis usually used to go to and I tell Joyce about Jock knocking on my door and tell her the whole story. I don’t mention accidentally brushing up against his dick but I do say that he was pretty into me.

So first off, cheers to all the Angels who were saying that Joyce probably noticed because the first thing she says is that she’s been so amused how her two sons can’t get enough of me and how Jock was just devouring me with her eyes. I’m a bit flustered because I don’t know what to say but Joyce Is just laughing it off. We’re about the same age almost – Joyce is maybe a few years older than me but she had kids super early in life.

She seems to not mind at all that I’m dressed all slutty around her kids and against I think its because she dresses pretty sexy too. And she is all for me going swimming with Jock. I mean lets be real. He’s going to see my in a tiny black bikini. I’m going to ask him to rub lotion on me. And tell him to go lower until he’s cupping my ass. Then I’m going to rub my ass against his dick and pretend to be all innocent. That’s what you do when you go swimming with someone right?

Share your thoughts with me Angels!

3 thoughts on “Asking Out

  1. At least Jock had the nerve to ask you out. Go enjoy yourself.

  2. I agree with Margaret’s comments – he saw what he wanted and was brave. Besides, the way I see it, you only live once and you are doing nothing wrong.

  3. It will open the door for the other 2 guys to step up too. Jock at least isn’t related to your friend so, he’s the safer bet. However this goes down you can bet Jock will be telling the other 2 as well. I’m feeling a possible 4some or at least a 3 some coming out of this sitch.

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