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Angels Take Care of Their Own

Prayers to all those affected by Hurricane Dorian

Hey Angels.
I never want my drama or anything to overshine our Angels, and many Angels are in the path of Hurricane Dorian. I’ve been emailing many of you to check in and see if you are ok, but I also want to put out a general call for prayers for everyone affected by the hurricane.
There’s something else. We could never do this on Amazon, but we can now and all the authors have agreed.
Lana and Aiden are releasing Summer Temptation – all four episodes in one – today and all proceeds for today’s sales on this book will go to Hurricane Dorian support.
Angels, let us know – should we donate the proceeds to the Red Cross or to the International Medical Corps?
Our hearts and prayers go out to the Angels in need. Please take care of yourselves and your families and do your best to stay out of harm’s way as this devastating storm continues to affect so many lives.
We’ll get back to other things soon Angels but for now I ask you to join us in prayer and help us decide where to send the aid.
Alexis and all the Angel authors

2 thoughts on “Angels Take Care of Their Own

  1. I’m purchasing the set, thanks for being so caring. IMC gives a larger percent of donations to those in need so I vote for them.

  2. I purchased the set as well even though I’m a member of Angel Access. I vote for IMC as well.

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