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Angels I need you to weigh in…

Is this backfat? Is it being bent over? Is it appropriate for a cover?


Should take you there

6 thoughts on “Angels I need you to weigh in…

  1. In the real world it is fine, not fat. On a book cover you might want to air brush it off. If you want a real picture of back fat let me know. I’ll send a pic of my back. 😉

  2. Definitely not back fat. To me it looks natural. Air brushing may be the way,however, do not over do it.

  3. I don’t consider it back fat, I really do believe it’s the position the girl is being held in (bent over). I like that the cover is being kept real and natural, it’s perfect just the way it is.

    1. Leave it be

    2. I agree. Real & natural is best!

  4. I think it is sexy. Very sexy. Leave it. Yes be inclusive but it’s sexy. I didn’t even notice it until it was pointed out.

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