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Angel Prayer Network Prayer Requests

Hey Angels!

I’m interrupting our Vegas stories to bring in some prayer requests!

So one of the things we decided in Vegas was to do prayer requests on Saturday so that people who go to church on Sunday can put it in their list too. Not that everyone goes to church on Sundays but to get those Angels that do.

Anyways, it seems like a weird thing to talk about while in Vegas, but we had a meeting in our schedule to do just that!

Anyways, here are some of our recent prayer requests.

  1. Please pray for Margaret who has mental and physical health issues for which medication and other things takes up a lot of their paychecks.
  2. Please pray for Jenny whose family farm has been flooded recently and they’ve lost a lot of cattle – some of which is still trapped by water.
  3. Please pray for Debbie who just recently lost her job. She has small amount of savings but doesn’t know how easy it will be to get another job without some of the skills that people are asking for.
  4. Please pray for Johnathan. His wife is an Angel, Mary, and she went into the hospital because of a stroke and he was reading her emails to her and found about the Prayer Network and decided to send us a request.
  5. Please pray for Christina who is battling cancer and is waiting for social security and disability checks to kick in.

Your prayers are with us Angels.

If you would like to submit a prayer request, please use this link:

6 thoughts on “Angel Prayer Network Prayer Requests

  1. I would like all Angels to know I pray for all the Angels daily. I mentally say prayers for everyone in this awesome group. I just say extra prayers for Angels who ask for prayers.

  2. Prayers, love, gentle (((hugs))), and positive vibes being sent to all those in need xx

  3. Hugs and prayers

  4. Prayers for all, may God answer all your prayers if it is his will. We all need help sometimes.. I will be praying for you all and God bless and keep you

  5. I have made a copy of the list and will add these Angels to my daily prayers along with their families. Thank you so much for sharing the needs of our friends/Angel Family so that we can send special prayers for all.

  6. Prayers for all, including their families. I will make a copy of this post so I don’t miss anyone, thank you for sharing their needs.

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