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Angel Prayer Network – New Prayers

Hey Angels!

We have new prayers that have come in! As always, if you want to submit a prayer request, then just click the link here or go to

  1. Please pray for Carrie in Ohio. Her husband recently lost her job after a factory closed and she’s not sure how they’re going to make ends meet next month with three kids to take care of too and a mortgage to pay. She has trouble sleeping every night because she’s worried and has started looking for jobs also but hasn’t found anything yet with her skills.
  2. Please pray for Bonnie and her daughter. Bonnie just discovered her 37 year old daughter has cancer recently. Her daughter has three kids and the doctors did a biopsy of the enlarged mass and they sent it to the Mayo Clinic for further study.
  3. Please pray for Jen who has been having chest pains recently and shortness of breath. She’s getting tired easily and gets light headed and it scares her so much.
  4. Please pray for Marianne in Texas who has been fighting with debt collectors every day. She has unpaid credit card bills from when her husband was sick and is tired of getting calls every day. She just wants it to be over.
  5. Please pray for Roe. She has a big exam on Friday and really needs a good grade to pass her class at UVA.
  6. Please join Mary in praying for all our men and women in uniform who are away from home in harm’s way helping to protect us. Mary is a mother and last week’s prayer requests have given her hope and made her feel less alone when she’s thinking about her daughter who is in the military.


That’s it for this week’s prayers Angels! Please join all of us at Naughty Angel Publishing to pray for these people. There are no atheists in foxholes.

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  1. Everyone in this group are always in my prayers.

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