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Angel Prayer Network For This Sunday…

Hey Angels!

Every Sunday the prayer requests will come in based on what people filled out the last week!

So this Sunday, please, if you pray, say a prayer for the following folk:

  1. Please pray for Sonja Ramsey who is dealing with a struggling plumbing business in Memphis. And who just discovered their biological aunt last year and hopes to find out more about their biological family and birth certificate this year.
  2. Please pray for Cljinx1 whose 4 year old son is gonna go in for tonsil and adenoid surgery soon. She also suffers from daily migraines. And she also asks us to pray for the safety of her husband who is a police officer.
  3. Please pray for Rae who has had a rough time with her family and growing up and is trying to get her life together in the world.
  4. Please pray for Cheryl. She lost her job in January. She had her foster dog had end stage liver failure in January too. Diagnosed with endometrial cancer on 2/5/19 and I am having a complete hysterectomy on 2/20/19. 2019 has not been kind to her.


If you would like to have prayers for anything, please fill out this form and we’ll tell the Angels about them on Sundays!

5 thoughts on “Angel Prayer Network For This Sunday…

  1. All the angels are always in my prayers thoughts. Will say extra special prayers for them and light candles at home for them.

  2. I have each of you in my prayers. I believe and know personally that prayers do work. They have literally saved my life more than once. Please believe in your heart that God is with you and will take care of you, without any doubt. God will also help you to know and be comforted by prayers said for each of you. Blessings

    1. Thank you

  3. Prayers said for each one of you.

  4. Sending loving thoughts and healing energy to each and every one!

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