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Angel Prayer Network

Hey Angels!

Books in AngelAccess today: Isabella vs. Investors, Helping Hands, Friends in Both Ends, Secret Sins, Her Soldier and Double Gamed!

We only have one prayer request today!

Please join me in praying for Kendall whose husband just got injured at his job. They are waiting to see whether he will still be able to work but they aren’t sure whether he will qualify for disability.

We had a few people who sent in requests saying they were praying that the store was still up, but we are so we didn’t put that up.

Hope your weekend is going well. Enjoying the last of it here!

2 thoughts on “Angel Prayer Network

  1. Kendall, may you and your husband weather this storm that God has thrown at you, and come out of it into the warmth and sunshine of His love.

    My prayer is for your hubbie’s complete recovery, with no damage (financial or otherwise) to your life.

  2. Y’all are the best and thank you for passing on the prayer request from Kendall. I sure do pray that her husband is okay to return to work and if not that he will be eligible for disability.

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