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And we’re back!

Hey Angels!

Sorry we’ve had a bit of radio silence for like a bit of time there as we were avoiding catastrophe.

We’ve been trying to regroup after a bit of an internal issue that came up.

It took about three weeks to resolve and involved me flying back to Indiana to see Lana and get her to come back to California.

Because Lana was pretty sure she was going to quit NAP and I had to sort of drop everything and go get her back. In the end it took me and Natalie and Daphne to convince her that she shouldn’t leave.

It’s not like anything bad happened. But after Thanksgiving we came back to California and no one was around, except like….

Ok wait. Am I seriously going to tell this story right now?

I’m going to tell it in the morning.

Just know that we’re back.

And I’ll have the full story tomorrow. And sorry!

8 thoughts on “And we’re back!

  1. I can’t wait to hear the story. Have really missed everyone. Yes Lana, that includes you sweetie. Love you guys!!!!

  2. Dang. I was just thinking of you all. I hope everything has been ironed out.

  3. Was wondering what happened to all of you. Hopefully everyone is doing better now. God bless!

  4. Hope you guys got everything ironed out and okay. Hope Lana is okay. Thinking about you guys and checked the blog the other day thinking I might have missed an email about a new post.

  5. Glad you’re all back

  6. I am so glad your back. I hope all is good with everyone. You all have been missed (you to Lana).

  7. Bienvenidos todos!
    Feliz Navidad y Prospero ano Nuevo.

  8. I’ve missed ya and so happy you were able to get Lana back to California. She is such an integral part of the Angels and would have most assuredly been missed.

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