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An Excerpt From Double Date: An MFM Friends To Lovers Menage Romance

Hey Angels! I wanted to drop an excerpt from Double Date! We had a recent business meeting and decided to put more content on the blog to give people more stuff to read! So without further ado babes, I give you an excerpt from Double Date!

“Well everything is more fun with beer,” I hear Joey say. Man, wait until we play the game I’m about to suggest. I grab some beers from the fridge and then run back to the living room.
“Come on you guys,” I sit on the floor and hand them more beers. They sit across from me, cross-legged, and the deck of cards laying nicely on the floor.
“So, what’s the game?” Joey asks.
“Strip. Poker.” I grin.
“What’s strip poker?” Meghan asks. Oh, how sweet.
“It’s like poker but way more interesting,” I explain, “We can play 5-card draw, and whoever gets the worst hand has to strip one piece of clothing. First player that ends up naked is the loser.”
Joey’s eyes twinkle and Meghan seems shocked. “Hell no,” she laughs.
“Oh come on Meg,” I insist, “It’s only the three of us here. It’s not like you’re stripping in front of a crowd. We’ve been friends since forever. Let’s do something a little bit more exciting.”
“Interesting,” Joey says.
“Anyway,” I continue, “The rules are simple. Again, whoever has the worst hand has to strip off one piece of clothing. Glasses and rings don’t count as clothes.”
“Okay, let’s play,” Joey smirks.
Meghan shakes her head but she’s clearly finding this amusing, “I can’t believe you guys.”
“Come on Meghan,” Joey says, “It’s going to be fun. Why don’t Graham and I do a trial game first and then you decide if you want to join in or not?”
“Fine,” Meghan says.
I shuffle the deck of cards in my hand. This is going to be good. Joey wants to play this as much as I do. I heard this game from a buddy I constantly drink with. They did this once with a bunch of chicks and it turned out to be fucking wild! Man, I can’t wait!
I finish shuffling the cards and set it on the center. Joey takes five cards and I take five as well. Joey’s laughing. Even I can’t believe he agreed to this. I guess he isn’t that much of a dork.
“Whatchu got?” I ask Joey, a grin starting to appear on my face.
“Full house,” he says and lays down his cards, a smug look on his face.
Ha! I lay down my cards and say, “Straight flush kiddo. Take it off! Take it off!”
“Shit,” Joey curses. He takes off one sock. I look at Meghan. She seems to be enjoying it.
“Okay, second round,” I say. We draw five more cards each. I raise my eyebrow at Joey.
“Straight,” he says and lays down his cards.
“Fuck,” I mutter. I take off my sweater as Meghan laughs.
“Want to join in Meg?” Joey asks her.
“Fine, fine, I’ll join,” she answers. I scoot over to make space for her.
This is going to be fun.


To read more of this silly, heartwarming, but still sticky romance surrounding friends falling in love, check out my book below!



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  1. It sounds like a great start to a fun read. I’m going to have to check it out. Thanks Natalie.

  2. sounds great

  3. Oh I can’t wait to read the rest of that. Sounds fun!

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