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An Excerpt from “Caught”

Hey Angels! Check out my excerpt from Caught, which is a romantic comedy that’s debuting today! These two hate each other, but secretly love each other. They just haven’t figured that out yet as they’re having sex. See how it manifests itself!


I stare at her and a little shiver goes down my spine as she stares back. Her ocean blue eyes staring right back at mine. Her eyes are the first thing you notice when look at her. Her golden blonde hair making it pop out even more. Her red dress casually draped around her chest, she looks gorgeous as a queen but has the comfortable elegance and confidence of a goddess. I wonder what would it feel like to have her skin next to mine. I wonder what her lips tastes like. I wonder what would it take to have her breathing down my neck. If she wasn’t so goddamn difficult, I would almost consider liking her! Almost.
Angelina rolls her eyes at me, “You are such a creep,” she says. Whoa, what a feisty little vixen I have here. She turns away from me but without thinking, my hand automatically shoots up and grabs her.
“Hey! What are you doing?” her eyes are confused and her tone accusing. I push her towards a room behind us. It’s one of those VIP lounge areas, fortunately for us, it’s completely empty. I can sense that she is getting impatient with me.
“What the actual fuck are you doing?” she snaps at me. My eyes focus on those red lips of her. It seems like they are whispering to me to kiss them, tempting me to get a taste, just one kiss.
“Hey!” she says.
I lean down towards her and lock her lips with mine. It’s just as sweet as I imagined it to be. To my surprise, the vixen kissed me back. We stay like that for a moment, I can sense a hint of hunger building up inside me as I gently bit her lower lip.
She pulls away and whispers, “You are such a jerk.”
“Hmm? But I can sense you want me too,” I give her one of my signature smirks.
“Oh please!” she scoffs at me. I pay no attention to her and begin kissing the length of her neck. I can tell she likes it as she quickly gives me a moan of pleasure. I let out a little laugh as I lick the skin right below her jaw.
“Fuck you,” she curses me, “You’re not even that good.”
“Oh yeah?” I answer back. My hands reach for the zipper of her dress. I slowly pull it down as my lips move from her neck down to her collarbone. Angelina lets out another soft moan. Not that good, huh? I smirk to myself. She wants it and we both know it.
“How about this?” My left hand reaches to grab her ass while my right fingers slipped down the fabric covering her left breast, “Do you like this then?” My tongue slowly licks the exposed nipple. She gives me a little shiver. I continue to lick it, my tongue moving in circular motions, savoring every little taste of her. Her hands move to my shoulders, gripping it tight as I begin to suck on her.
“I fucking hate you,” she says to me, “I told you that you’re not even that good,” she lets out another moan, “I’ve had men better than you.”
I feel a fire burning inside me as she said the last sentence. Better than me huh? I will need to show her then.
“Shut your stubborn mouth,” I stop sucking and snap at her.
Angelina gives me laugh, “Oh, did I hurt you?” her right hand moves down my chest slowly, “Did I hurt you here?” she suddenly grabs my cock. “Oh somebody’s pretty hard.” She continues to grip it, I can feel myself getting harder, even the very thought of her hands groping my dick is enough to get my heart pumping.
“Hmm,” she murmurs, “I wonder what to do with this,” she unzips my pants, revealing a long and hard throbbing cock, ready to fuck her brains out. She goes down on me and places her lips on the tip of my dick. She moans as she kisses it and slowly puts the whole cock in her mouth, every inch of it. I can’t help but moan, her warm mouth wetting and sucking my cock.
“You’re such a bitch,” I say as I push her away.
She seems unfazed by this and wipes the dripping saliva from the corner of her mouth. “I know baby,” she tells me playfully.
I can’t take this anymore. I grab her by the waist and push her against the wall. I grip her left leg and she latches it on to my waist.
“Get off me,” her blue eyes glared at me. I can’t. I can’t help it. She’s a fucking bitch but she tastes so fucking good.
“No.” I growl at her. My other hand lifts up her dress and grabs her already soaked pussy. I move the thong that barely covered her folds and inserted two fingers into her dripping hole.
“OHH!” Angelina lets out a loud moan, “I fucking hate you,” she says to me.
“I know baby,” I smirk at her and with one shove, I push my cock inside of her. It goes in easily, seeing how fucking wet she is. She lets out louder moan.
I shush her, “Shut up, someone might hear us.”
“Like you care,” she continues to snap at me, “You’re such an asshole.”


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  1. Oh my gosh, hot doesn’t begin to describe what I’ve read so far. Well, my Kindle is getting fuller and fuller. I might have to buy another Kindle just for my Angel books 🙂 It would be worth it too.

  2. I am not sure what I expected but that was no it. Wow. Hate sex huh. Disnt even know that was a thing.

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