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Aloha Angels – More Summer Lovin’!!!

Hey babes

So yeah uhm sorry for the garbage fire mess that was yesterday.

Gage and I did a conference call this morning and got the first episode of Summer Flame ready for release. It’s been added to Angel Access or can be purchased for $1.99.

Then I went through my pictures of my phone from last night and tweeted one. Check out this yummy dudes!! They were so talented, as were the lovely ladies too but yeah haha I was most interested in the sweaty, strapping, barely clothed men of course haha!! Check out my tweet here.

Last night was pretty magical. I went to a luau where you get private access to the aquarium and lol when I say you get Lei’d u know what I mean LOL but let’s just say I met a very yummy guy indeed. We’ll call him Jason Mmmmimosa and was very yummy.

I didn’t realize we were seated at the same table until after we got back to the bar and he pulled me onstage with him for the hula lessons. Yeah of course I had to give it a try!!

At the end of the night, they brought up three audience participants – two little girls about five and six – and for some reason they picked me LOL I really was an Aloha Angel.

It was a lot of fun. I learned a lot about Polynesian culture and ate some incredible food.

Afterward, Jason Mimosa asked me if I wanted to come have a drink with him. I told him that I needed to get a few things sorted with work and he was like, that’s not very Aloha of you! I laughed and said fine I’d get my stuff set up quickly and then we’d go for a drink.

It was a fun night of flirting and dancing after I got Rough Taste published (it is live now by the way) and I went back to my hotel solo. I want to go out and have fun but I didn’t want yummy Jason Mimosa to get too much of a taste.

He gave me his number and I’m thinking I’ll go out to lunch with him. Nothing serious. Just good food on a beautiful island.

So I won’t be ready with my jet lag to do a live writing session tomorrow babes but I am thinking my jet lag and such will be over by next Tuesday and I’ll be back in California. If you haven’t already voted on time, let me know.

Basically we’ll have a chat open in the dirty lil’ angels forum chatroom (so make sure you have joined) and then I’l have a google docs link that I post that everyone will be able to join in and watch my words as they happen. I’d like to do this every week. My mom had a fun idea – what if I write some and then you decide what you want to happen next week with a vote??

Aloha Angels – hope ur having a fab Monday!!!

2 thoughts on “Aloha Angels – More Summer Lovin’!!!

  1. Sounds wonderful ! Enjoy your vaca 🌴🍍🍹

  2. Hi Alexis
    I was thinking the same thing with the live writing–letting everyone take a turn to add to the story as you go along. Great minds think alike!!!

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